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One Direction's Drug Scandal: Is Smoking Marijuana Considered Shocking Anymore?

By George Percival | 4th June 2014

Being caught with a joint is really nothing new in the world of pop, especially amongst those aggressively seeking a change of image that will subsequently add a semblance of ‘edge’ to their persona. For...

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How *That* Video Will Damage One Direction's Popularity

By Sophie Miskiw | 2nd June 2014

It’s the leaked video that everyone’s been talking about, but will JointGate damage One Direction’s pristine reputation? The boys have carved out a pretty clean cut image for themselves, could Louis and Zayn (now dubbed...

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A New Direction For Louis Tomlinson, Is The Singer About To Buy Doncaster Rovers Football Club?

By Stephanie Chase | 30th May 2014

It has certainly been a busy week for One Direction star Louis Tomlinson. As the storm over ‘that’ leaked video continues, it appears the singer could be on the brink of a new venture, becoming...

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First Weed, Now Racial Slurs: Louis Tomlinson In Hot Water Over N-word Use

By Lauren James | 29th May 2014

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction has come under fire for not only sharing a marijuana joint with fellow band member Zayn Malik but also using a shortened version of the N-word in the same leaked...

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Jls Say Goodbye To Fans At Their Final Live Show [Photos]

By Joe Wilde | 24th December 2013

JLS announced this year that they were to separate and head out on their own separate ventures, announcing their last ever run of performances along with the news of their split this summer. Marvin Humes,...

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One Direction Booed At French Music Awards

By Joe Wilde | 17th December 2013

One Direction were booed as they took to the stage at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, last week (14 Dec.). The British boy band were met with jeers when they took to the...

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Paul Rudd Recruits One Direction For Snl 'Afternoon Delight' Rendition [Video]

By Lauren James | 9th December 2013

Paul Rudd kicked off his third go at hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live by ensuring that every 15 year-old pop music fangirl in the country was watching as he recited an opening monologue whilst being...

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New One Direction Song 'Diana,' Leaks Online [Listen]

By Lauren James | 23rd September 2013

Have the One Direction boys suddenly decided to commemorate Lady Diana, the People's Princess, to coincide with the release of the Naomi Watts-starring film, Diana? Unlikely, but the leak does seem to be rather well-timed.A...

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Ouch! See Louis Tomlinson, Gabriel Agbonlahor Horror Tackle [Video]

By Michael West | 9th September 2013

Louis Tomlinson announced last month that he had signed for Doncaster Rovers on non-contract basis - a sort of PR stunt really, though reports suggested Tomlinson was actually pretty good.However, it's a good job that...

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One Direction Announce Details On New Album; 'Midnight Memories'

By Joe Wilde | 6th September 2013

One Direction have had a busy year so far this year; touring the world, releasing their first movie and enjoying life as the world's biggest boyband, but that hasn't stopped the boys from slowing down...

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One Direction's "Unbelievable" And "Unreal" 'This Is Us' World Premiere [Pictures]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 21st August 2013

One Direction's This Is Us, a documentary following the band's rise from X-Factor contestants to one of the biggest pop groups in the world. The documentary premiered in London on Tuesday (20th August) in Leicester...

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One Direction Take The Red Carpet For The Premiere Of Their Biopic, This Is Us [Pictures}

By Victoria Pavlova | 20th August 2013

Tonight’s the night, ladies and gentlemen – the night One Direction take Leicester Square (and really, the world) by storm with the unveiling of their movie, One Direction: This Is Us.The lads arrived tonight to...

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Can One Direction Truly Be Called The New Beatles?

By Michael West | 20th August 2013

Authorities are predicting that 80,000 dedicated One Direction fans will descend on London's Leicester Square for tonight's premiere of their documentary film This Is Us, directed by Morgan Spurlock. Hundreds of fans had camped overnight...

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1d's Louis Tomlinson Will Be Kicking It For The Doncaster Rovers This Year

By Victoria Pavlova | 1st August 2013

Louis Tomlinson’s career with One Direction has won him legions of adoring fans, but the singer might have it a bit tougher on the field. The teenage heartthrob is moving on to an entirely different...

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One Direction Drop 'Best Song Ever' Vid, Things Aren't Quite As They Seem

By Lauren James | 23rd July 2013

As lightning cracked the sky of Britain today and a Royal Baby's first cries were heard, another gift was bestowed upon Earth by the gods, as the nation's finest exports deigned to gift their scores...

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The One Direction Boys Get Their Own Movie With One Direction: This Is Us [Trailer]

By Joe Wilde | 2nd July 2013

One Direction have become the latest pop sensation to want to take over the summer box office and by the end of August the Brit boyband will be taking over cinema screens when the fly-on-the-wall...

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Beginning Of The End? One Direction Sign Individual Publishing Deals

By Michael West | 7th June 2013

Ah, we was wondering when this was going to happen. One Direction have added a couple more million to their bank accounts, though this time they're thinking for themselves. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan,...

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One Direction To Star In Their Own Documentary Series - And Justin Bieber Will Be In It!

By Joe Wilde | 2nd December 2012

The One Direction boys may be about to top off their biggest year by signing a contract with MTV to star in their very own fly on the wall series, and if that wasn't enough...

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Parfum De One Direction Is On Its Way, Eau No.

By Lorna Greville  | 30th November 2012

The concept of 'celebrity perfumes' is one that hit the ground running about a decade ago, it seems that anyone whose name manages to make its way onto the front page of the Sun or...

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One Direction Add Perfume To Their To-do List

By Holly Williams | 30th November 2012

One Direction have become the latest popstars to extend their franchise to ladies' fragrances having been working on a new scent for the last six months.The 'Live While We're Young' hitmakers have been working with...

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One Direction's Take Me Home Set For Billboard No.1 With 500,000 Sales

By Michael West | 15th November 2012

It looks as though One Direction has done it again. The British boy-band made up of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan are set for their second Billboard No.1 album...

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Harry Styles' Unfinished Tattoo: 'Things I C***'?

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th November 2012

Harry Styles' might want to book his tattoo appointments for times that fit his schedule, as walking around with unfinished ink is just not cool, especially when it looks like he's got 'Things I C***'...

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The One Direction Boys Attend Louis Tomlinson's Charity Football Match

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd October 2012

The lads of One Direction showed their support for band mate Louis Tomlinson as he strutted his stuff in a charity football match, The Daily Mail reports.Harry Styles, 18, Liam Payne, 19, and Niall Horan,...

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Nick Grimshaw And Harry Styles Set For Radio 1 Show

By Michael West | 26th September 2012

Is Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 show flagging already? No sooner had the 23-year-old taken over from Chris Moyles than he was booking pop star of the moment Harry Styles in for a two-hour joint DJ...

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One Direction Make A Cool £100 Million In Two Years

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st September 2012

The One Direction boys have pulled in a cool £100 million in less than two years in the job. The group actually finished fourth on The X Factor, though have become easily the most successful...

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It’S Here! One Direction Release Video For ‘Live While We’Re Young’

By Michael West | 20th September 2012

One Direction’s Live While We’re Young video is already causing mass hysteria amongst teenage girls in the Western World. The clip finally hit the web on Thursday (September 20, 2012). Live While We’re Young was...

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One Direction Rack Up £100 Million Fortune In Under Two Years

By Hayley Avron | 20th September 2012

One Direction may still be teenagers but they are worth a fortune, after less than two years in existence. One Direction shot to fame after appearing on the UK version of X Factor in 2010;...

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