Lohan: 'I Look Like Marilyn Monroe'

LINDSAY LOHAN is stunned after being compared to Hollywood beauties MARILYN MONROE and SHARON STONE. The actress reveals Stone herself and a close friend of Monroe have approached to remark on the likenesses - and she's staggered to be compared to such Tinseltown aristocracy. She says, "Marilyn's best friend came over at the event (at which she wore a Monroe-inspired dress) and said she'd been taken aback because she thought I looked so much like Marilyn. It was incredible. "Recently Sharon Stone told me, 'There's a picture of you in a white dress and you look just like me.' I was so flattered."


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MarilynMonroe411's picture


Why can't people just face that there was ONLY ONE MARILYN MONROE!!! She came and was beautiful in life and although it was a sad sad thing she passed away(murdered), I would really like it if people would just stop comparing her to ugly people that coulndn't hold a candle to her and leave it at that and just enjoy the memories that we have of her because they dont make women like they use to and young hollywood just needs to STOP.....REALLY STOP!!.
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6 years 4 months ago
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www.mmfraud.com's picture


Well, well, well--here we go again. Yesterday we heard that Paris Hilton thinks she is going to be just like Marilyn Monroe, even though I do not agree; then we hear that Lindsay Lohan believes that she looks like MM (the "friend" of MM that is mentioned by Lohan in the above printed article is Jeanie Carmen and has not one piece of evidence that she ever even met Marilyn Monroe. She is also nowhere to find in MM's address book. I feel that LL (Lindsay) is looking better than Sharon Stone--and LL's acting is by far better as well.But: what is it that every starlet wants to be just like MM--but when it comes to defend MM against the ugliest fraud--they are quite as graves in Westwood memorial...where MM is resting!Hey--young starlets--wanna do something cool and sweet?Please support our mission and help us to defend Marilyn Monroe--same goes for Mariah and Christina, who seem to dig MM as well.www.mmfraud.comSorry Lindsay, but Scarlett seems more like MM to me.
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8 years 1 month ago
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