Liz Earle has passed on her beauty tips to her daughter.

The skincare expert - who set up the Liz Earle Beauty Co. in 1995 - has taught her eldest daughter Lily to use the right products for her skin type and most importantly to always remove her make-up before bed.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I hope I've taught her not to be obsessive about her looks, as there are bigger issues in life that need our focus. Like me, Lily has very sensitive, eczema-prone skin, so I've taught her to always use her Cleanse & Polish cleanser, never to use anything that foams on her face and to always take her make-up off at night!

''She went through a few rebellious teenage years when she didn't do this, but she does now concede that her mother was right all along... She now writes a brilliantly inspiring fashion and beauty blog of her own,, that has a very grounded point of view.''

Liz is a firm believer in the power of a simple skincare routine and insists there is no need to invest in expensive products and procedures.

The beauty businesswoman explained: ''There is a common misconception that you have to invest in lots of expensive, time-consuming products to look your best. I disagree - a simple routine using a botanical cleanser, gently removed with a hot muslin cloth to exfoliate and speed skin cell renewal, topped with a moisturiser rich in skin-plumping plant oils are two of the simplest yet most important skincare steps you can take every day.''

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