Livia Firth wants to dress Michelle Obama in eco-friendly fashion.

The creative director of Eco Age - who is married to Hollywood actor Colin Firth - has big plans for her Green Carpet Challenge project and hopes to see A-list stars including the American First Lady herself taking over the red carpet in environmentally sustainable and ethically made evening wear.

Asked at the Red Hot Women of the Year Awards 2012 in association with Euphoria Calvin Klein, who she would most like to style, Livia told BANG Showbiz: ''Michelle Obama. She's not strictly speaking a celebrity, but she's one of the most inspiring women ever!

''We already proved that ethics and aesthetics match and the red carpets are a big opportunity to communicate that. I'm hoping that we'll keep doing what we do and more and more designers will want to join in. My ultimate goal is in a year's time is to have a dedicated lane at the Oscars for people who are not wearing Green Carpet Challenge.

''We are collaborating with a lot of big names, more are in the pipeline for the next awards season which I can't reveal yet. It's very exciting!''

The Italian beauty - who has successfully teamed up with the likes of Stella Mccartney and Cameron Diaz - insisted everyone can be eco-conscious and all it takes is simple style choices and making sure you invest in quality pieces rather than bulk buying.

Livia enthused: ''15 years ago we didn't used to consume like we do today and people always say to me, 'What if we don't have money?' and I always say, 'You didn't have money 15 years ago, the high street shops didn't used to exist. What did you wear?'

''I'm 43 and I'm over that. I used to wear consumer fashion in a certain way and to buy pieces thinking about the durability and the quality and versatility. And today we buy a lot of things without thinking.''