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Tyler Stops Dieting To Focus On Motherhood

15th February 2007

LIV TYLER is thrilled she no longer has to obsess about her weight because she is too focused on raising her baby MILO. The LORD OF THE RINGS star spent more than a decade battling...

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Fascinating Fact 2665

8th January 2007

Aussie supermodel GEMMA WARD has just wrapped her movie debut opposite LIV TYLER in THE STRANGERS....

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Johansson Named Most Stunning Celebrity

29th December 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has been named the Most Beautiful Celebrity Of All Time - thanks to her fresh-faced and youthful looks. The LOST IN TRANSLATION actress was voted into the top spot ahead of KYLIE MINOGUE...

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The Things They Say 2938

19th September 2006

"Everybody told me that the weight would come off real fast after giving birth - well, that turned out to be a big lie!" LIV TYLER, whose son MILO is now two, dispels Hollywood childbirth...

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The Things They Say 2924

18th September 2006

"Everybody told me that the weight would come off real fast after giving birth. Well, that turned out to be a big lie!" Actress LIV TYLER found it difficult getting back into shape following the...

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Tyler Hits Out At Hollywood Mothers

13th September 2006

LIV TYLER has hit out at Hollywood mothers who try to lose weight as soon as they've given birth. THE LORD OF THE RINGS actress refused to go on a diet or to hit the...

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Stars Unite Against Aids

6th September 2006

Hollywood stars including LIV TYLER and RICHARD GERE are sporting tribal makeup in a powerful campaign to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa. The advertising push, entitled Keep A Child Alive, also features ELIJAH WOOD,...

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Scriptwriter Slams Tyler's Showgirls Claim

5th September 2006

Screenwriter JOE ESZTERHAS has slammed LIV TYLER's claim she inspired him to write SHOWGIRLS. THE LORD OF THE RINGS actress alleges Eszterhas was so taken with her portrayal of a stripper in AEROSMITH's CRAZY video,...

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Langdon Launches New Band Before Bowie And Tyler

13th August 2006

British rocker ROYSTON LANGDON celebrated his new group ARCKID's first show in style last week (02AUG06), with a rooftop gig in front of father-in-law STEVEN TYLER and DAVID BOWIE. The former SPACEHOG frontman, who is...

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Tyler Avoids Being Tabloid Target

26th April 2006

LIV TYLER is relieved she started her acting career when she was still young, because she wouldn't be able to handle today's aggressive tabloid media. THE LORD OF THE RINGS star lives a relatively private...

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Tyler Plans Retirement

11th April 2006

Movie beauty LIV TYLER is considering quitting acting for good, in favour of a quiet life in the countryside. The actress has only recently returned to the film set after giving birth to her 16-month-old...

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Tyler Slams Skinny Mothers

13th March 2006

Hollywood actress LIV TYLER has attacked celebrity mothers for claiming to shed their pregnancy weight immediately after giving birth - accusing them of setting a bad example to their fans. The LORD OF THE RINGS...

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Tyler Hates Skinny Jeans

11th March 2006

Hollywood beauty LIV TYLER has slammed the recent trend for skinny jeans, saying that only thin women should wear them. The LORD OF THE RINGS actress dislikes the fashion, because most ladies shouldn't be adopting...

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Phoenix's Girl Trouble

12th January 2006

Actor JOAQUIN PHOENIX is having problems finding a girlfriend, because all his potential dates research him first. The Hollywood star, who dated LIV TYLER in the late 1990s, hates sharing a meal or drink...

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Phoenix's Lost Peta Ad

6th December 2005

WALK THE LINE star JOAQUIN PHOENIX once filmed a People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) ad that was banned by America's leading TV networks. The vegan actor signed up to star in...

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Motherhood Mars Tyler's Memory

22nd July 2005

LORD OF THE RINGS beauty LIV TYLER insists she has become "really stupid and flighty" since giving birth to her seven-month-old son MILO. The 28-year-old actress, married to English rocker ROYSTON LANGDON, admits she's...

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Buckner And Tyler Split

21st July 2005

PAPA ROACH drummer DAVE BUCKNER has split from his model wife MIA TYLER. Buckner, 29, and 26-year-old Tyler wed during an AEROSMITH concert in Las Vegas in 2003. Tyler's representative EMILY OLSEN says,...

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Biel's Vintage Clothes Secure Costume Drama Role

11th July 2005

Screen beauty JESSICA BIEL was so determined to grab the lead role in upcoming period drama THE ILLUSIONIST, she hired a vintage 1900 outfit to audition in. The 23-year-old actress knew she wasn't the...

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Tyler's Rose Honour

26th June 2005

Hollywood beauty LIV TYLER has had a rose named after her, as a thank you from French cosmetics firm GIVENCHY for working as their spokesmodel. The ARMAGEDDON actress is so thrilled with the horticultural...

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Tyler's Violin Movie Pushed Back

24th June 2005

ARMAGEDDON star LIV TYLER's new movie AUGUST RUSH has been pushed back to next year (06) to allow the actress to perfect playing the violin. The new mother admits she struggled to learn the...

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Klum Is Top Mother

5th May 2005

Pregnant German supermodel HEIDI KLUM has beaten ANGELINA JOLIE and PAMELA ANDERSON to the top spot in a new internet poll to find Hollywood's Hottest Mom. Website SCREENSAVERS.COM asked cyber junkies to vote for...

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All-star Cast Set For Lennon Adaptation

29th March 2005

A host of stars including LIV TYLER, VAL KILMER, VINCENT GALLO and ASIA ARGENTO are vying for roles in SEAN LENNON's film adaptation of Japanese book COIN LOCKER BABIES. Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON's youngest...

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Stars Line Up For Movie By John Lennon's Son

16th March 2005

A screenplay penned by JOHN LENNON's son SEAN has generated interest from VINCENT GALLO, LIV TYLER and ASIA ARGENTO, who are all vying for roles in the independent movie. Sean served as one of...

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Tyler Treats Maternity Staff

7th January 2005

New mum LIV TYLER was so delighted with her maternity care at the New York hospital where she delivered her first child - she treated the staff to beauty treatments. The LORD OF THE...

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Osbourne Attacks Hudson And Tyler's Husbands

23rd December 2004

Hollywood actress KATE HUDSON and LIV TYLER have been accused of "selling themselves short" by SHARON OSBOURNE, because they have married "has-been rockers". Hudson has been happily married to BLACK CROWE CHRIS ROBINSON for...

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Britney Most-searched-for Person Of 2004

17th December 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS' busy year of headline-grabbing antics have helped her earn the title as the most-searched-for person on the internet for the third time in four years. The tally, compiled by AMERICA ONLINE, places...

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Liv Tyler Names Son Milo

17th December 2004

LATEST: LORD OF THE RINGS beauty LIV TYLER has announced the name of her newborn baby boy - MILO WILLIAM LANGDON. Tyler and her husband, ROYSTON LANGDON, welcomed Milo in the early hours of...

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It's A Boy For Liv Tyler

15th December 2004

LORD OF THE RINGS beauty LIV TYLER is a first-time mother, after giving birth to a boy early yesterday morning (14DEC04). The baby, who has yet to be named, was born at 4:11am at...

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Tyler's Nose Tells Her The Sex Of Her Baby

5th December 2004

Pregnant actress LIV TYLER has unveiled the physical alteration that's left her convinced her baby's a girl - her nose has broadened. The sexy LORD OF THE RINGS beauty spoke of her...

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Jolie Has 'Best Body'

16th November 2004

Sexy actress ANGELINA JOLIE's alluring figure has placed her on top of a poll of the best female celebrity bodies. The TOMB RAIDER star narrowly beat out actress LIV TYLER and R+B beauty BEYONCE...

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