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Steps Miming 'Certain Bits' Of Reunion Tour

25th April 2012

Steps singer Claire Richards has admitted she mimes ''certain bits'' on their reunion tour. The lead vocalist with the 'One for Sorrow' group is appearing on The Ultimate Tour, but admitted in a documentary recorded...

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Scott-lee Pregnant

17th October 2007

Former STEPS singer LISA SCOTT-LEE is pregnant with her first child. The Heartbeat star and her husband Johnny Shentall - of defunct British pop group Hear'Say - are expecting the baby in March 2008. Announcing...

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Steps Reunion Off

15th March 2007

Former STEPS singer IAN 'H' WATKINS has scuppered plans for a reunion of the British pop group, because he has just landed the lead role in a GBP1 million ($1.95 million) London production of musical...

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Steps Star: 'I'm Gay'

3rd January 2007

Former STEPS star IAN 'H' WATKINS has publicly confirmed he is gay and has been secretly dating his former manager for 10 years. The pair, who split up a few months ago, kept their relationship...

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Steps Reunion Only A Matter Of Time

4th August 2006

Former STEPS singer FAYE TOZER has hinted the cheesy 1990s pop group may reunite. The TRAGEDY hitmaker is still in contact with her former bandmates CLAIRE RICHARDS, IAN 'H' WATKINS, LEE LATCHFORD EVANS, LISA SCOTT-LEE,...

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Steps To Reunite?

26th February 2006

British chart-toppers STEPS have reportedly been offered a $5.4 million (GBP3 million) deal to reunite after a five-year hiatus. The pop quintet, best known for pop hits including ONE FOR SORROW, sold more than...

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Steps Star Eyes Eurovision

30th December 2005

Struggling British pop star LISA SCOTT-LEE is vying to replicate the success of ABBA and CELINE DION by having a shot at the Eurovision Song Contest next year (06). The singer, who previously found...

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Hayes Shocked By Fame Game

14th November 2005

Singer DARREN HAYES was stunned to discover celebrities set up paparazzi photographs, and always assumed he wasn't famous enough to be targetted. The former SAVAGE GARDEN star enjoys his relative anonymity, but has always...

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Steps Star To Join Jungle Reality Show

5th September 2004

Former STEPS star LISA SCOTT-LEE plans to disrobe in the Australian jungle after agreeing to appear on reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY...GET ME OUT OF HERE! The British singer, 28, is hoping to...

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Steps' Scott-lee To Star In Brit Newlyweds

30th June 2004

Pop beauty LISA SCOTT-LEE and her singer fiance JOHNNY SHENTALL are to star in a British version of hit MTV reality show NEWLYWEDS: NICK AND JESSICA. Former STEPS singer Scott-Lee and HEAR'SAY star Shentall...

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Steps Star Signs Another Deal

28th June 2004

Any hopes of a STEPS reunion have been dashed after singer LISA SCOTT-LEE signed a second solo record deal. Scott-Lee's former bandmates CLAIRE RICHARDS, FAYE TOZER, LEE LATCHFORD EVANS and IAN 'H' WATKINS have...

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Scott-lee To Finally Tie The Knot

19th February 2004

Former STEPS beauty LISA SCOTT-LEE is finally tying the knot with her long term boyfriend JOHNNY SHENTALL. The LATELY singer, 27, and the ex-HEAR'SAY star have been dating four years and got engaged in...

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Steps Star's Eurovision Bid

9th February 2004

Former STEPS star LISA SCOTT-LEE is hoping to sing in this year's (04) EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, in a bid to revive her flagging solo career. The brunette singer, who enjoyed a number six hit...

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Liberty X Star Asked To Leave Own Party

5th November 2003

LIBERTY X star MICHELLE HEATON was thrown out of the VIP area at her own album's launch - because over-zealous security didn't recognise her. The JUST A LITTLE singer was asked to leave by...

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Scott-lee Slept With Bandmate's Boyfriend

13th October 2003

Pop singer LISA SCOTT-LEE was unrepentant after her STEPS bandmate CLAIRE RICHARDS caught her having sex with her boyfriend - because that's what touring's all about. The TRAGEDY star - who has gone solo...

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Scott-lee's Album Crisis

10th October 2003

Former STEPS singer LISA SCOTT-LEE's solo career has hit the rocks, after record bosses rejected her debut album. The sexy singer scored chart hits with the first two singles from LP UNLEASHED - largely...

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Steps Star Lisa Slips In Grease

30th September 2003

Former STEPS beauty LISA SCOTT-LEE was left red-faced during a British TV tribute to hit movie GREASE, when her rendition of one of the film's hit songs reduced the crew to fits of giggles....

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Lisa Scott Lee's Wealthy Admirer

17th August 2003

Former STEPS singer LISA SCOTT LEE has a wealthy admirer with a sparkle in his eye - diamond tycoon PASCAL MOUAWAD. The rich businessman met the TOO FAR GONE singer some time ago when...

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Scott-lee Tries To Make Jack Osbourne Drink

5th August 2003

Ex-STEPS singer LISA SCOTT-LEE made an embarrassing faux pas at ROBBIE WILLIAMS' KNEBWORTH concert at the weekend (02/03AUG03) - by insisting recovering alcoholic JACK OSBOURNE should drink vodka. The singer, who is attempting to...

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Robbie Williams Is Lisa Scott Lee's Guru

24th July 2003

Former STEPS singer LISA SCOTT-LEE is desperate to be the ROBBIE WILLIAMS of her band, now she's finally got creative control of her career. Like one-time NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK star DANNY WOOD,...

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Scott Lee Wants To Go Nude

11th June 2003

Ex-STEPS star LISA SCOTT LEE wants to do a nude photoshoot - because she loves her body so much. The singer, who is attempting to relaunch herself as a solo artist, has recently posed...

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Steps Stars Feuding

6th May 2003

The former stars of STEPS have been unable to patch up their differences - new duo CLAIRE RICHARDS and IAN 'H' WATKINS have vowed never to speak to LISA SCOTT-LEE again. The former pop...

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Steps Star .Devastated. At Band Split

21st April 2003

Former STEPS star LISA SCOTT-LEE was left devastated when the chart-topping band split up - because it wasn't her idea. The pretty TRAGEDY singer was told of the imminent break-up just moments before the...

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