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Lisa Marie: 'I'm Never That Fat'

29th March 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY hates the public fixation on her weight, especially when tabloids doctor photographs to make her look huge. The rocker daughter of ELVIS PRESLEY insists she hovers around the 180 pound (81.6...

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Presley Great Friends With Cage

29th March 2005

Rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY and ex-husband NICOLAS CAGE have become the best of friends after looking at their disastrous 180-day marriage from a distance. The couple split in 2004 after a lover's tiff, leaving...

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Presley Confirms Silly End To Cage Marriage

27th March 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is set to reveal exactly why her marriage to actor NICOLAS CAGE ended - and it was all down to a silly argument. The daughter of late legend ELVIS PRESLEY confirms...

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Presley Has Little Hope For New Album

20th March 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY has low expectations for her soon-to-be-released second solo album NOW WHAT, because it doesn't "fit in" with today's music scene. Despite teaming up with ex-SEX PISTOLS guitarist STEVE JONES on a...

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Presley Avoids Questions About Ex-husbands

16th March 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY had a tough time promoting her debut album - because she was convinced people were only interested in her failed marriages to NICOLAS CAGE and MICHAEL JACKSON. The LIGHTS OUT singer...

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Lisa Marie Airs Her Dirty Laundry

25th February 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY has re-recorded DON HENLEY's 23-year-old hit DIRTY LAUNDRY in an effort to blast the press who have made her life difficult. The track, which will be the first single from her...

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Ex-wife To Star In Jackson Trial

1st February 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE has agreed to give evidence against the singer during his child molestation trial. Rowe, who was married to the 46-year-old superstar for three years and is the mother of...

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Presley Knows Nothing About Jackson Trial

28th January 2005

Singer LISA MARIE PRESLEY knows nothing about MICHAEL JACKSON's child molestation trial - despite being married to the troubled rocker for almost 20 months. ELVIS's daughter wed the THRILLER star in 1994, but has...

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Is Presley Engaged Again?

28th January 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is at the centre of a new engagement rumour after she was spotted wearing a new ring on her wedding finger at a recent memorial service for rocker pal JOHNNY RAMONE....

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Cage + Presley Reunite For Ramone Tribute

17th January 2005

Former couple NICOLAS CAGE and LISA-MARIE PRESLEY joined fans of JOHNNY RAMONE at the unveiling of a statue in the late rocker's honour in Los Angeles on Friday (14JAN05). The pair joined the likes...

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Elvis' Girls Pay A Visit To Homeless Shelter

4th January 2005

PRISCILLA PRESLEY, her daughter LISA MARIE PRESLEY and granddaughter RILEY KEOUGH thrilled homeless families in Memphis, Tennessee, over the Christmas (04) holiday when they turned up to visit a new family housing project. Those...

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Chunk Of Elvis Presley's Estate Sold

17th December 2004

Singer LISA MARIE PRESLEY has sold of the bulk of her father ELVIS' estate in a deal worth $100 million (GBP52.6 million). Impresario ROBERT FX SILLERMAN has agreed to buy 85 per cent of...

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Lisa Marie Talks Babies With New Beau

16th December 2004

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is so smitten with her new beau MICHAEL LOCKWOOD she's thinking about becoming a mother again at 36. The three-times married rocker, who has two kids by first husband DANNY KEOUGH,...

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Lisa Marie's Mortality Reminder

28th October 2004

Rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY can't bear to spend time at her late dad ELVIS' Graceland grave - because there's a space reserved for her right next to him. The 36-year-old fears she'll follow her...

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Presley Bans Artificial Scents

5th September 2004

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is such a big fan of natural scents, she has banned all forms of air fresheners from being in her presence whenever she performs. The LIGHTS OUT singer, daughter of legendary...

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Cage Starts Married Life Shopping

3rd August 2004

Hollywood actor NICOLAS CAGE gave his new wife ALICE KIM the ultimate treat after their Friday wedding (30JUL04), by whisking her off to New York for a spending spree. The LEAVING LAS VEGAS star,...

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Cage Takes Third Trip Down The Aisle

1st August 2004

OSCAR-winning actor NICOLAS CAGE has married for the third time. The LEAVING LAS VEGAS star, 40, wed 20-year-old ALICE KIM on Friday (30JUL04) at a private ceremony on a ranch in northern California, says...

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Presley Considers Marriage Number Four

21st July 2004

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is considering marrying again after three failed attempts - because she's madly in love with new man MICHAEL LOCKWOOD. The singer, who has previously been married to MICHAEL JACKSON and NICOLAS...

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Presley Brands Hiltons 'Dumb Twits'

14th July 2004

Stunning rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY has vowed she will never allow her daughter to turn into a "dumb twit" like socialites PARIS and NICKY HILTON. Presley - daughter of rock legend ELVIS and actress...

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Nicolas Cage Makes Divorce Official

26th May 2004

Short-lived couple NICOLAS CAGE and LISA MARIE PRESLEY are officially divorced. In papers filed on Monday (24MAY04) Cage, under his birth name NICOLAS COPPOLA, reveals the pair has "amicably resolved" their brief union....

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Presley Moves In To Keep Graceland Open

9th May 2004

LISA MARIE PRESLEY will move into her late father ELVIS' beloved home GRACELAND - to save it from being closed down. The Memphis, Tennessee mansion faced bankrputcy after dwindling interest from fans of the...

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Bitter Fiancee: Lisa Marie Stole My Guy

22nd April 2004

LISA MARIE PRESLEY has been blasted by a businesswoman for wrecking her wedding dreams after reportedly stealing her fiancee. The rock star has fallen for her guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD, and his ex, SHELLEY MAXWELL,...

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Oprah Tops Greedy List

31st March 2004

OPRAH WINFREY has been named and shamed as the greediest star on a new list which also features JOHN TRAVOLTA, WILL SMITH, MADONNA and SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS. Oprah tops America's GLOBE tabloid list...

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Presley Romancing Guitarist

19th March 2004

Rock heiress LISA MARIE PRESLEY has been romantically linked to her guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD. Pals say the LIGHTS OUT singer, who has been previously married to pop star MICHAEL JACKSON and actor NICOLAS CAGE,...

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Presley Clarifies Jackson Comments

17th March 2004

LATEST: LISA MARIE PRESLEY has stepped forward to declare that she never saw her ex-husband MICHAEL JACKSON engage in inappropriate behaviour with children. The LIGHTS OUT singer said she saw "things going on that...

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Police To Question Presley After Jacko Revelations

16th March 2004

Californian police want to question LISA MARIE PRESLEY concerning her revelations about ex-husband MICHAEL JACKSON on Australian television yesterday (15MAR04). The LIGHTS OUT singer told Aussie talk show host ANDREW DENTON she saw "things...

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Elvis Impersonator Calls On Lisa Marie For Dna Help

11th March 2004

A heavyweight ELVIS PRESLEY impersonator is begging LISA MARIE PRESLEY to help him prove he's her long lost half-brother. PETE VALLEE - who performs as BIG ELVIS in Las Vegas, Nevada - grew up...

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Lisa Marie's Childhood Money Scam

8th March 2004

Rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY had an ingenious way to boost her pocket money as a youngster - by taking money from her father's obsessed fans. The TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN singer was often...

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Elvis' Granddaughter Heads For The Catwalk

27th February 2004

LISA MARIE PRESLEY's teen daughter RILEY KEOUGH is gearing up to make her debut as a model for a DOLCE + GABBANA show in Italy. DOMENICO DOLCE and STEFANO GABBANA, the only designers who...

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Single Cage Denies Lisa Marie Romance

5th January 2004

NICOLAS CAGE has announced he's a single guy again, denying reports he is dating either ex-wife LISA MARIE PRESLEY or former co-star ANGELINA JOLIE. The actor told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD he's starting 2004 as a...

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