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Lisa Kudrow's Son Never Wants To Have Siblings

19th July 2012

Lisa Kudrow's son Julian Murray never wants to have siblings.The former 'Friends' actress revealed that the 14-year-old boy - who is fathered by her husband Michel Stern - has always been opposed to having a...

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The Things They Say 25702

13th July 2012

"I feel bad. Only because he alone will have to deal with his parents when they're old... but hopefully he'll marry someone with a nice family too and he'll have a family. He wants to...

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Lisa Kudrow And Harvey Weinstein Conduct Tv Interviews In The Dark

29th June 2012

Lisa Kudrow and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein were forced to conduct interviews by flashlight on Wednesday (27Jun12) after a power cut in a U.S. TV studio.The Friends actress and the Miramax Films co-founder were slated...

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Matt Leblanc Against 'Friends' Reunion Or Movie

3rd May 2012

Matt LeBlanc is against a 'Friends' reunion.The actor - whose most notable television role to date is as Joey Tribbiani on the hit sitcom - revealed that he wouldn't support the cast getting back together...

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Jennifer Coolidge Thanks Lisa Kudrow For Career Support

25th April 2012

Jennifer Coolidge has praised Lisa Kudrow for helping her at the start of her career.The 50-year-old comic actress - who reprises her role as 'Stifler's Mom' in 'American Reunion' - auditioned for Los Angeles improvisation...

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Helen Baxendale Would Be In Friends Movie

25th February 2012

Helen Baxendale would ''consider'' taking part in a 'Friends' movie.The British actress - who played Ross' second wife Emily in the US sitcom - still finds it ''incredible'' that she had a major role in...

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Minnie Driver Memoir To Expose Truth About Hollywood

24th February 2012

Minnie Driver, the Oscar-nominated actress who has fallen from grace somewhat in recent years, is writing a memoir about her experiences in Hollywood. The autobiography will expose the truth behind the "super glamorous" movie industry,...

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Jennifer Aniston Isn't Keen On Friends Movie

23rd February 2012

Jennifer Aniston says a 'Friends' movie ''doesn't make sense''.The 'Wanderlust' actress - who became a worldwide star playing Rachel Green in the hit sitcom from 1994 to 2004 - isn't keen on a reunion film...

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Matt Le Blanc Hints At Friends Reunion, "I Could Use The Money"

17th January 2012

Matt Le Blanc has jokingly told that he would consider a Friends reunion. When confronted by reporters as he got into a waiting car, he was asked the simple question "Friends reunion?" He laughed...

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Rosie O'donnell Engaged To Marry Michelle Rounds

6th December 2011

Rosie Odonnell, the famous US chat show host, has announced that she's engaged to partner Michelle Rounds whom she started dating in the late-summer of this year. Congratulations to the pair, even if the news...

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Lisa Kudrow Wants Friends Stars On Show

5th August 2011

Lisa Kudrow has asked her former 'Friends' co-stars to appear on 'Web Therapy'.The actress hinted more of her old show's stars - which included Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc - could...

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Lisa Kudrow Learned How To Have Fun From Phoebe

27th July 2011

Lisa Kudrow has her decade-long stint on hit show Friends to thank for boosting her optimism, because playing ditzy Phoebe Buffay taught her how to have fun.The actress played the beloved masseuse on the phenomenally...

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Lisa Kudrow Was Inspired By Friends Character

27th July 2011

Lisa Kudrow is grateful to her 'Friends' character Phoebe Buffay for showing her how to have fun.The 47-year-old actress had nothing in common with the kooky masseuse she portrayed in the sitcom for 10 years...

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The Things They Say 22382

24th July 2011

"He's really good looking and his hair was always perfect... and he dressed impeccably and he cared a lot about those things, and he judged my shoes." Actress Lisa Kudrow thought her husband, Michel Stern,...

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Jennifer Aniston: Friends Was A Great Achievement

21st July 2011

Jennifer Aniston says appearing in 'Friends' is one of the "greatest things" she's ever done.The 'Horrible Bosses' actress played Rachel Green for 10 years until 2004, and while she doesn't think there will be a...

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Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy Moves To Tv

6th July 2011

Actress Lisa Kudrow is taking her award-winning online show Web Therapy to TV.The Friends star plays a therapist with "limited patience" for other people's problems in the improvised programme, which has featured guest celebrities like...

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Kudrow Turns Her Back On Big Films For Family Life

5th July 2011

Former Friends star Lisa Kudrow has turned down a string of lucrative big movie roles because she can't bear to be apart from her family for long periods of time.While her former TV co-star Jennifer...

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The Things They Say 22153

28th June 2011

"I think in People magazine I said that I had once hoped I would be a virgin when I got married. And then (chat show host) Jay Leno made a joke in his monologue about...

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Kudrow Was Sacked From Frazier After Three Days

28th June 2011

Actress Lisa Kudrow feared she had blown her big chance at TV success when she was fired as Frazier's sidekick Roz.The Friends star only spent three days on set before the role was recast, and...

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Lisa Kudrow Set To Host Webby Awards In New York

26th May 2011

Lisa Kudrow, the American actress best known for playing 'Phoebe' on the hit sitcom 'Friends, is set to host the 2011 Webby Awards in New York. Lisa Kudrow, who now appears in the online comedy...

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Fascinating Fact 11257

12th April 2011

Justin Bieber and Lisa Kudrow are among the stars nominated for this year's (11) Webby Awards. The teenage pop star has won a nod at the internet prizegiving, which honours the best of the web,...

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Meryl Streep Joins Romantic Comedy Great Hope Springs

9th February 2011

Meryl Streep has signed up to star in romantic comedy 'Great Hope Springs'. The two-time Oscar winning actress - who recently began shooting Margaret Thatcher biopic 'The Iron Lady' - will work with 'Devil Wears...

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The Things They Say 20199

7th February 2011

"It can be really difficult and what we do is we try to keep going anyway, so there are (famous) people who didn't make it into this season but they're on our list for a...

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The Things They Say 20179

7th February 2011

"I thought, 'I don't know what to do with it, and Julie Bowen does know what to do with it.' It all is as it should be. I love it. I loved the script, by...

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Kudrow Laughs Off Son's 'Slut' Jibe

6th February 2011

Actress LISA KUDROW was left speechless when her six-year-old son called her a slut.Little Julian was repeating what schoolmates had told him about his mother's role in hit film Easy A, in which she plays...

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Stars Lining Up To Trace Their History On Kudrow's Family Tree Show

20th January 2011

Former FRIENDS star LISA KUDROW has been inundated with celebrity requests to appear on her ancestry detective show WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?.The actress fell in love with the British show, brought it to...

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Matt Leblanc: 'People Think I'm Stupid'

4th January 2011

Matt LeBlanc believes people think he is "stupid".The 43-year-old actor, who is best known for his portrayal of pizza-loving ladies-man Joey Tribbiani in long running comedy series 'Friends', thinks many people speak slower to him...

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Mcgraw And Richie To Uncover Family History On Who Do You Think You Are?

15th December 2010

Country star TIM MCGRAW and soul icon LIONEL RICHIE are set to dig deep into their family roots after signing up for LISA KUDROW's hit U.S. series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?.The singers will...

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Emma Stone Re-teams With Director Gluck

15th November 2010

Emma Stone is to work with Will Gluck for a second time following the success of 'Easy A'. The flame-haired actress has signed up to star in an as-yet-untitled film directed by Gluck when she...

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Fascinating Fact 10257

3rd November 2010

MERYL STREEP has signed up to appear in former FRIENDS star's LISA KUDROW's Internet comedy show. The Mamma Mia! actress will guest star in three episodes of the next season of Web Therapy, according to...

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