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Khloe Kardashian To Judge On Drag Queen Show

14th January 2014

Khloe Kardashian will appear as a guest judge on a drag queen TV talent show. The 29-year-old beauty has announced she will be starring in the upcoming sixth season of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and has...

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Robert Pattinson's Poster Girl Was Kate Moss

16th September 2013

Robert Pattinson used to have a huge crush on Kate Moss.The 'Twilight' hunk was obsessed with the supermodel when he was growing up and admits his bedroom walls were plastered with pictures of the British...

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Barbara Marshall To Pen Exorcism Diaries

9th April 2013

'Exorcism Diaries' has landed a screenwriter.Barbara Marshall has signed on to pen Summit Entertainment's upcoming horror movie, which is loosely based on Mark Opsasnick's book 'The Real Story Behind The Exorcist: A Study of the...

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No Trick, Just Treats: Your Top 5 Horror Films For Halloween 2012

By Hayley Avron | 31st October 2012

Is the thought of sharpening your elbows to grab the last palette of over-priced face paint at the local supermarket is simply too much to handle? Do you need a DVD to put on REALLY...

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Linda Blair Opens Up About Rick James Romance

7th September 2011

Actress Linda Blair has opened up about her unlikely 1980s romance with tragic funk icon Rick James, confessing the relationship was doomed because of the singer/songwriter's cocaine habit.The Exorcist star was just 22 when she...

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Blair Glad Fans Get To See Exorcist Mysteries On New Dvd

6th October 2010

Actress LINDA BLAIR is thrilled with the new Blu-Ray DVD release of THE EXORCIST - because she hopes it will explain all the mysteries behind the classic horror movie.The remastered new release comes with an...

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The Things They Say 18290

5th October 2010

"It was alienating in the sense wherever I went in the world I was like one Beatle." LINDA BLAIR on her post The Exorcist success.

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Simon Cowell Gives A Mouse A House

3rd June 2010

Simon Cowell has adopted a pet mouse.The music mogul - who is engaged to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy - discovered the baby animal hiding in his 'American Idol' dressing room and took the creature home...

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Simon Cowell Helped By Slobbering Dog

17th March 2010

Simon Cowell claims the worst day of his life was only improved when his dog licked his face. The music mogul loves animals so much he is now throwing his considerable weight behind a new...

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Blair's Shelter Investigated After Dog Escape

22nd January 2010

LINDA BLAIR's animal shelter is under investigation by Los Angeles authorities after one of her rescued dogs escaped and attacked a neighbour's pet pig.The Exorcist star runs the WorldHeart Foundation rescue centre in L.A., where...

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Blair's Dog Shot

20th January 2010

Police were called to LINDA BLAIR's animal shelter on Sunday (17Jan10) after a neighbour allegedly shot dead the actress' dog to stop it attacking a pet pig.The Exorcist star's Labrador cross is said to have...

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The Things They Say 14241

18th November 2009

"I had posters of LINDA BLAIR and KATE MOSS!" ROBERT PATTINSON describes his bedroom when he was a teenager.

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Blair's Animal Sanctuary Saved By Cowell

8th October 2009

Actress LINDA BLAIR has music mogul SIMON COWELL to thank for saving her cash-strapped animal shelter after he donated $30,000 (£20,000) to keep the centre open.In recent years, the Exorcist star has dedicated her life...

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Blair's Blaze Fears Over Dog Sanctuary

2nd September 2009

Actress LINDA BLAIR is terrified the wildfires sweeping California could hit her dog charity - she's pleading for help if she has to evacuate the kennels.The Exorcist star runs a sanctuary in Toluca Lake, Los...

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Cowell Donates To Blair's Dog Home

20th August 2009

SIMON COWELL has a secret sensitive side - he reportedly donates $150,000 (£100,000) annually to actress LINDA BLAIR's dog charity.The American Idol and Britain's Got Talent star has made a name for himself as the...

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Simon Cowell's Secret Dog Donation

20th August 2009

Simon Cowell secretly donates £100,000-a-year to dogs.The music mogul gives the massive sum to an animal shelter run by 'Exorcist' actress Linda Blair - who played possessed child Regan in the 1973 cult horror movie...

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Fascinating Fact 7162

13th April 2009

Rocker ALICE COOPER and actresses LINDA BLAIR and FAIRUZA BALK are to be among the stars appearing at premier horror convention, Texas Frightmare Weekend next month (May09)....

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Linda Blair Hates Exorcist's Curse

9th November 2006

Actress LINDA BLAIR is convinced her leading role in THE EXORCIST left her cursed, because she has struggled to make it as an adult star after finding fame aged just 14. The 47-year-old, who played...

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The Exorcist Frightens Wayans Off Horror Films

23rd October 2006

Funnyman DAMON WAYANS refuses to watch horror films after he was mentally scarred by watching THE EXORCIST as a child. The actor insists he doesn't need extra scares in his life. He says, "When I...

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Sheridan Snubs Dog Food Meal

20th October 2006

LATEST: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN refused to eat dog food yesterday (19OCT06), despite being at an event promoting Dine With Your Dog Day. The actress wasn't the only person who turned down the opportunity...

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Stars Dine On Dog Food

17th October 2006

Hollywood is going to the dogs this weekend (21OCT06) and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN will be dining on pooch food to launch the new California incentive. Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has declared Saturday Dine With...

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Fascinating Fact 2109

18th September 2006

Actress LINDA BLAIR is set to come full circle in an upcoming episode of US drama SUPERNATURAL when she plays a detective who arrests the series' stars for conducting illegal exorcisms. Blair played REGAN MACNEIL...

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Bridget Best In Bedroom Poll

14th August 2006

A saucy scene from 2001 movie BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY has topped a list of UK cinema-goers' favourite bedroom scenes. Movie fans chose the embarrassing moment when Jones, played by RENEE ZELLWEGER, picks up the phone...

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Sex Shock Scene In The Crying Game Tops New Movie Poll

27th September 2005

THE CRYING GAME's pivotal penis scene has topped a new movie poll of shocking moments. The scene in question, where STEPHEN REA's character is confronted by the naked truth that the dancer he's in...

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Blair Upset By Denver Dog Law

29th June 2005

A new dog law in Denver, Colorado has got THE EXORCIST star LINDA BLAIR's head spinning because she claims it amounts to canine genocide. Tired of dealing with pitbull terrier attacks on locals, Denver...

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Blair Furious Over Payment For Exorcist Footage

18th August 2004

Actress LINDA BLAIR is fighting film bosses for more cash, after being offered just $279 (GBP155) for footage of her used in trailers for new movie EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING. Footage from the original 1973...

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Elephant Man Crowned The Most Extreme Screen Makeover

15th August 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN HURT's portrayal of THE ELEPHANT MAN has been voted the most extreme screen makeover of all time. Hurt was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for his excruciating portrayal of tragically...

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The Voice Behind The Exorcist's Devil Dies

19th March 2004

MERCEDES McCAMBRIDGE, the possessed voice of LINDA BLAIR in THE EXORCIST, has died, aged 87. The actress, who won a Best Supporting Actress OSCAR for her role in the 1949 movie ALL THE KING'S...

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Cruz Terrified By The Exorcist

28th October 2003

PENELOPE CRUZ used memories of classic movie THE EXORCIST to help her prepare for her role in modern horror GOTHIKA, but the experience left her unable to watch the film ever again. As a...

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Nicholson Bags Scariest Moment

27th October 2003

JACK NICHOLSON's chilling cry of "Here's JOHNNY" as he axes his way through a door in 1980 film THE SHINING has been crowned the most terrifying moment in movie history. The scary scene in...

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