Lifetime have decided against another season of America’s Most Wanted; the crime-fighting series has been a stalwart for the network for a number of years now. Hosted by Walsh, the series was a fixture on the Fox network until its abrupt cancellation in June 2011.

Lifetime revived the series in December 2011, ultimately airing 44 episodes; it most recently aired on the network last October. America’s Most Wanted has helped law enforcement capture 1,202 fugitives worldwide. Most notably, the reality show helped track down a"person of interest" in the shooting of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen. "I've seen a lot of shocking stuff and a lot of tough cases," the show’s creator John Walsh said at the time. "You can be a crime victim anywhere in America." Walsh’s association with the network is far from over, though. The star is in talks about a pilot, which has working title ‘John Walsh Investigates’ and takes a slightly different look at crime fighting and victims' advocacy work.

John Welsh

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Elsewhere, but also on Fox’s Saturday nights, the future of Cops is in doubt. That and AMW have comprised Saturday night viewing on FOX for almost two decades, so the recent news that both of those shows might not be coming back represents a real shock for the network. That said, the latter has been cancelled and renewed before, so fans of the show shouldn’t say never.