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Hollywood Director In Death Threat Scare

22nd March 2004

Movie director RIDLEY SCOTT is being guarded by hundreds of soldiers on location in Morocco - after receiving death threats from Islamic extremists upset about his new movie. The 'terrorists' are offended by battle...

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Neeson Confirmed As Batman Villain

24th February 2004

Irish actor LIAM NEESON will join the cast of the new BATMAN movie - as the caped crusader's nemesis. The LOVE ACTUALLY star has signed a deal to play villain RA'S AL GHUL, an...

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Neeson Negotiates Batman Role

13th February 2004

British actor LIAM NEESON is poised to star alongside fellow countryman CHRISTIAN BALE in the upcoming BATMAN movie - following weeks of intense negotiations. The LOVE ACTUALLY star, 51, is in talks with film...

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Colin Farrell Becomes More Saintly

23rd December 2003

Hellraising actor COLIN FARRELL is to take on an unlikely role in his next project - that of Irish patron saint ST PATRICK. The INTERMISSION star - renowned for his womanising, drinking and drug-taking...

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Neeson And Thewlis Sign On For Heaven

19th December 2003

Actors LIAM NEESON and DAVID THEWLIS will join ORLANDO BLOOM in RIDLEY SCOTT's latest movie. The British director has signed up the top names for his film KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, which is set in...

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It's Love Actually For Liam And Linney

21st November 2003

LOVE ACTUALLY co-stars LAURA LINNEY and LIAM NEESON have fallen in love with each other's bodies - and they're not hiding it. The actors have become firm friends after appearing together in three projects...

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Neeson + Linney Defend The Royals

20th November 2003

LOVE ACTUALLY stars LIAM NEESON and LAURA LINNEY were left to defend Britain's royal family on American TV after the hosts of magazine show THE VIEW joked about THE QUEEN's jewellery this morning (20NOV03)....

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Martine Mccutcheon's Men

19th November 2003

Actress MARTINE McCUTCHEON cherished her time on the LOVE ACTUALLY set, because she and the rest of the female crew adored her co-stars HUGH GRANT, COLIN FIRTH and LIAM NEESON. The former soap star...

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Neeson Picks Family Over Fame

4th November 2003

Actor LIAM NEESON is turning his back on big Hollywood roles - because spending time with his family is far more important. The SCHINDLER'S LIST star most recently turned down a role in OLIVER...

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Keira And Colin Top Sexy Stars Poll

26th October 2003

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL beauty KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has been voted the sexiest British actress of the moment in a recent poll. Website TISCALI.CO.UK conducted the poll of 4,000...

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Harris' Memorial Service Gets Bad Review

1st October 2003

The late RICHARD HARRIS has received his last ever bad review - for his own memorial service. Respected British theatrical publication THE STAGE gave Harris' tribute at London's THE STRAND last month (21SEP03) a...

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Curtis Finds Love Inspiration On Daily Walks

11th September 2003

NOTTING HILL writer RICHARD CURTIS came up with the idea for his acclaimed directorial debut LOVE ACTUALLY by dwelling on painful lost loves. The comedic writer, who is also the brains behind FOUR WEDDINGS...

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Hugh Grant's Cousin Does It All On His Own

8th July 2003

British actor HUGH GRANT will share the screen with his 13-year-old cousin in a new movie - and the youngster got the role based on his own merit. Young THOMAS SANGSTER - who won...

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Chris O'donnell Gets Involved With Sex Research

10th June 2003

SCENT OF A WOMAN star CHRIS O'DONNELL will join LIAM NEESON in the upcoming movie about sex research pioneer DR ALFRED KINSEY. O'Donnell has taken on the role of psychologist and sex researcher WARDELL...

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Neeson Looks Up Sex Research Pioneer

5th June 2003

Actor LIAM NEESON is researching sex research pioneer ALFRED KINSEY - in preparation for his next movie role. Neeson and a film team visited INDIANA UNIVERSITY's KINSEY INSTITUTE this week (ends06JUN03) to view its...

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Phantom Menace 'Worst Sequel Ever'

26th May 2003

STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE has been voted the worst movie sequel of all time in a poll by American TV network E!. The highly anticipated 1999 prequel beat off fierce competition...

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Rachel Kempson Dies

26th May 2003

Revered British actress RACHEL KEMPSON has died - she was 92. Kempson, who became LADY REDGRAVE during her marriage to acting legend SIR MICHAEL REDGRAVE, passed away at the New York home of her...

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Richardson Returns To The Stage At Theatre Relaunch

14th May 2003

Film star NATASHA RICHARDSON took to the stage last night (13MAY03) at the relaunch of famous British theatre THE ALMEIDA. The MAID IN MANHATTAN star was proudly watched by her husband LIAM NEESON as...

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H-list Hits Hollywood

29th April 2003

COLIN FARRELL, EWAN McGREGOR, GEORGE CLOONEY and JOHNNY DEPP are amongst the stars named on Hollywood's annual 'H-List' - detailing Tinseltown's most well-endowed stars. The list - a tradition dating back to the forties...

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Star Wars Sequels Slated By Polls

13th April 2003

STAR WARS prequel THE PHANTOM MENACE has been slammed as the worst film sequel - ever. The $157 million (GBP100 million) movie which starred EWAN McGREGOR and LIAM NEESON was given the thumbs down...

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Natasha Richardson Thought Liam Neeson Affair Would Be Quick

3rd April 2003

NATASHA RICHARDSON thought her relationship with actor spouse LIAM NEESON would be short-lived when the pair first got together. The British beauty left then-husband ROBERT FOX, a film producer, to take up with the...

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