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Neeson Dreaded Watching Five Minutes Of Heaven

22nd January 2009

LIAM NEESON's first viewing of his new movie FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN was far from heavenly - because he had to watch it at top U.S. film festival Sundance with 200 strangers. The actor is...

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Neeson Supports Horse-carriage Industry

19th January 2009

LIAM NEESON has blasted a new bill aiming to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry in New York, insisting the iconic buggies are an "integral" part of city life. The Irish-born actor, who now resides in...

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Neeson Urges American Parents To Let Their Kids Go Travelling

15th January 2009

Movie star LIAM NEESON has urged American parents to let their kids see more of the world - so they can become balanced adults. The Rob Roy star admits he's looking forward to letting his...

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Neeson's Boxing Lessons Taught Him How To Avoid A Fight

14th January 2009

LIAM NEESON's boxing background helps keep the big guy out of harms way - because he cans spot trouble coming. The Irish actor trained as an amateur boxer in his youth and admits his lessons...

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Tropic Thunder Still Burning Up UK Box Office

2nd October 2008

The number one spot in the UK box office charts has been held by Tropic Thunder for a second week.The action comedy, starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr, took almost 1.3 million...

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The Things They Say 9677

29th September 2008

"I'm many things but a sex symbol is not one of them. I snore. That's not sexy." LIAM NEESON insists his bad habits would put the ladies off him....

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Neeson Shuns Method Acting

26th September 2008

LIAM NEESON shuns method acting, and doesn't understand the acclaim stars such as DANIEL DAY LEWIS and ROBERT DE NIRO receive for their roles. Day Lewis refused to have treatment for pneumonia during the filming...

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The Things They Say 9552

18th September 2008

"He's very protective in real life too. He'll make phone calls when I don't even ask him to. He gives me advice on scripts; it's so lovely to have someone so supportive. He's such a...

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Prince Caspian Stars Come Out For 'UK's Biggest Premiere'

20th June 2008

Ten thousand fantasy fans travelled to London's O2 Arena for the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, billed as the UK's biggest ever.The sequel was shown on a screen measuring 91ft by 38ft,...

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Steven Spielberg Lincoln Film For 2009

12th May 2008

Steven Spielberg has confirmed he would like to start work on an Abraham Lincoln biopic next year.Talking to German magazine Focus, the Indiana Jones director said he would like to take on the project after...

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Neeson Dismisses Sexy Status

8th May 2008

LIAM NEESON has laughed off his newfound status as the world's favourite Irish sex symbol - insisting he's a snoring slob. The 55-year-old was recently voted the 'ideal Irish bed partner' beating fellow Celtic hunks...

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The Things They Say 7860

4th April 2008

"I took his first photo." DAME HELEN MIRREN boasts about kickstarting ex-boyfriend LIAM NEESON's acting career by taking his first headshots.

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British Teenager Chosen As Main Role In Spielberg's Tintin

29th March 2008

A British six form student has been chose to play the role of Tintin in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the Belgian cartoon.Thomas Sangster, 17, was selected by Spielberg to play the boy reporter in a...

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Neeson Won't Make Paisley Movie Just Yet

14th January 2008

Irish actor LIAM NEESON deems it premature to make a movie based on Northern Irish statesman IAN PAISLEY - because he has been in power for less than a year. Speculation Neeson was to appear...

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Modine And Nesson Boost Their Butts With Bike Campaign

20th December 2007

MATTHEW MODINE and LIAM NEESON are promoting a new charity to urge New Yorkers to ditch cars, get on their bikes and tone up their buttocks at the same time. Modine lead the Bike for...

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Paisley's Wife Defends Neeson Casting

7th August 2007

LIAM NEESON's politically sensitive casting as DR IAN PAISLEY in a biopic of the Northern Irish statesman's life has been defended - by Paisley's wife. The Irish-born actor was picked to play his countryman despite...

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Neeson Still Insecure Over Acting Career

19th July 2007

SCHINDLER'S LIST star LIAM NEESON is still insecure about his talents as an actor - despite appearing on the big screen for over 25 years. The Northern Irish star insists the pressures of the acting...

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Neeson Shocks Kids With Old Tv Show

18th July 2007

Northern Irish actor LIAM NEESON shocked his kids by forcing them to watch 1960s TV show THE LONE RANGER The Schindler's List star has two children, Michael, 12, and Daniel, 10, with wife Natasha Richardson,...

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Neeson To Star In Paisley Biopic

24th March 2007

Actor LIAM NEESON is being lined up to star in a biopic of inimitable Northern Irish politician the REVEREND IAN PAISLEY. Outspoken Paisley, who famously renounced POPE JOHN PAUL II as "the Antichrist" during a...

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Brosnan Plans All-irish Western

17th March 2007

Movie star PIERCE BROSNAN has his sights set on making a new epic western full of his Irish friends. The former JAMES BOND star so enjoyed making post-American Civil War period movie SERAPHIM FALLS with...

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Neeson Used Tough Irish Upbringing To Inform Vengeful Character

17th March 2007

Growing up on the mean streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s helped actor LIAM NEESON shape his vengeful character in new period movie SERAPHIM FALLS. The MICHAEL COLLINS star admits he...

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Wenn Irish Movie Poll

17th March 2007

by Kev Lewin As the sun rises on another St Patrick's Day, WENN has decided to honour the Emerald Isle and all things Irish by looking back at the classic movies of Ireland. From leprechauns and...

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Grace Taken With Liam Neeson Flick

20th February 2007

Former LOST actress MAGGIE GRACE has been TAKEN in by her latest project, a big screen thriller opposite movie legend LIAM NEESON.Grace, who played Shannon in the island-based castaway show, has been somewhat lost since...

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Movie Research Turns Neeson Into A Civil War Buff

25th January 2007

Filming back-to-back US history movies has turned Irishman LIAM NEESON into an American Civil War expert. The ROB ROY star poured himself into research for new period films SERAPHIM FALLS and LINCOLN, in which he...

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Teeth Would Have Been Neeson's Downfall In The Wild West

24th January 2007

Irish actor LIAM NEESON fears his sensitive teeth would have ruined his chances of surviving in the American Wild West. The BATMAN BEGINS star plays wilderness man CARVER in new period action film SERAPHIM FALLS,...

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Madonna Adoption Attacked By Neeson

12th January 2007

LATEST: Pop superstar MADONNA's adoption of a Malawian baby has come under renewed attack - this time from Hollywood star LIAM NEESON. The actor and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) ambassador admits he has "a...

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Dickinson: 'Neeson Has The World's Biggest Penis'

26th September 2006

Supermodel JANICE DICKINSON has lavished praise on former lover LIAM NEESON's manhood, insisting the Irish actor has "the biggest penis of any man alive". Besides Neeson, the AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL judge has enjoyed sexual...

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Narnia Sequel Postponed

18th May 2006

The release date of the sequel to THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE has been severely delayed while its special effects are completed. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN was originally scheduled for release...

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Streisand Hits Back At Controversial New Biography

7th April 2006

Singer/actress BARBRA STREISAND has blasted an unofficial new biography which explores her love life as "mean-spirited mythology". BARBRA: THE WAY SHE IS by CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON claims Streisand is "cheap", has a "MARIA CALLAS-sized ego", is...

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The Things They Say 1785

5th April 2006

"Little bit of a stretch." Actor LIAM NEESON on PARIS HILTON playing MOTHER TERESA in an upcoming film.

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