Liam Gallagher wants £30 million to reunite Oasis.

The Beady Eye frontman would only reconcile with his estranged brother Noel - their band's former guitarist and songwriter - if he was offered the hefty sum, because he still can't stand his sibling.

He said: ''Listen, it'll happen when it happens, but it ain't a f**king game - it's the real deal. I read a lot of people going, 'Oh it's just a blag, innit? So they can get some more noughts on their big f**ing comeback.'

''But I'm still me and he's gonna be him. I ain't changing for a million f***ing pounds... I might do it for £30 million.''

The Gallagher brothers have barely spoken since an explosive bust-up backstage at a festival in Paris in August 2009, which led them cancelling their performance and the band splitting.

Liam has since focused all his energy on Beady Eye - which features all the ex-members of Oasis apart from his brother - and their new album 'BE', rather than drinking and drugs.

He candidly told Q magazine: ''I won't die of a drug overdose or a f**king drinking habit. I'll die of living and breathing and being in a band.

''It won't be over snorting a line off someone's head or drinking a daft drink. It'll be because I'm into it too much. I'll die of caring too much.''

Since Oasis Noel has gone on to release a successful album with his High Flying Birds project.