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Gibson 'Too Old' For Sequels

1st November 2006

Hollywood star MEL GIBSON has ruled out making any more sequels to his most popular movies, insisting he's too old for the action roles. Both 1979's MAD MAX and 1987's LETHAL WEAPON spawned successful follow-ups...

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Gibson Turns Video Game Star

1st October 2006

MEL GIBSON has become the star of a new internet video game, racking up 700,000 hits in just three weeks. The game, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DRIVE, MEL? parodies the Hollywood actor's recent drink-driving...

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Steve-o Explains Name Change

14th September 2006

MTV star STEVE-O - real name STEPHEN GILCHRIST GLOVER - created the name Steve-O to avoid any connection with Hollywood actor DANNY GLOVER. The former JACKASS star, notorious for such antics as stapling his scrotum...

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Glover Honoured By Directors Guild Of America

13th September 2006

DANNY GLOVER was honoured by the Directors Guild Of America (DGA) yesterday (12SEP06) for his humanitarian work in the US and Africa. The LETHAL WEAPON actor was lauded at a ceremony in Los Angeles alongside...

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Swayze Defends Gibson

7th August 2006

Hollywood star PATRICK SWAYZE is the latest celebrity to defend MEL GIBSON, following his controversial drink driving arrest last month (28JUL06). The LETHAL WEAPON star issued a apology last week (ends04AUG06) after it was revealed...

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Dietrich's Grandson Delves Into Gabin Friendship

31st May 2006

MARLENE DIETRICH's grandson is delving into the late Hollywood icon's relationship with French actor JEAN GABIN for his latest script. MICHAEL RIVA, who has worked as a production designer on a string of films, including...

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Glover Predicts Dreamgirls Legacy

13th April 2006

Hollywood star DANNY GLOVER has hailed forthcoming movie DREAMGIRLS one of the most powerful films ever seen. The LETHAL WEAPON actor insists the movie, based on the award-winning Broadway musical, will be talked about for...

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Black: 'Writing Is So Lonely'

5th November 2005

KISS KISS, BANG BANG director SHANE BLACK is relieved he has found his niche in film-making, as scriptwriting makes him deeply miserable. The LETHAL WEAPON creator has long been considered a pioneer screenwriter, but...

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Gibson Donates $1 Million

20th October 2005

Movie star MEL GIBSON has donated $1 million (GBP560,000) to ease the devastation wreaked by Tropical Storm Stan in Mexico. The LETHAL WEAPON actor is hoping to shoot new movie APOCALYPTO in the Gulf...

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Kensit: 'Gibson Love Scene Was Disappointing'

4th October 2005

British actress PATSY KENSIT was deeply disappointed by her steamy sex scene with MEL GIBSON in the 1989 sequel LETHAL WEAPON 2, as her hunky co-star kept his manhood under wraps. The blonde beauty...

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Kensit: 'I Survived Rock 'N' Roll'

29th September 2005

OASIS star LIAM GALLAGHER's former wife PATSY KENSIT is grateful she survived their rock 'n' roll marriage and turned her life around. The LETHAL WEAPON 2 actress, who now stars in British TV soap...

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Williams And Cosby Blast Bush Over Katrina Response

20th September 2005

A series of celebrities including ROBIN WILLIAMS and BILL COSBY have slammed US President GEORGE W BUSH for his response to last month's (AUG05) Hurricane Katrina. Speaking at New York's Higher Ground benefit on...

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Kerr Feared For Son When Kensit Married Gallagher

30th August 2005

SIMPLE MINDS rocker JIM KERR feared for his son's welfare when his former wife PATSY KENSIT wed LIAM GALLAGHER in 1997, because of the hedonistic lifestyle the couple were then leading. DON'T YOU (FORGET...

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Jessica Simpson's Dad To Make Movies

30th August 2005

JESSICA and ASHLEE SIMPSON's father JOE is set to move into the movie business, after striking a deal with superproducer JOEL SILVER. Joe Simpson has made his name managing his pop star daughters, and...

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Downey Jr: 'Reeves Is Rock 'N' Roll'

16th May 2005

Troubled actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR has become a huge fan of Hollywood heart-throb KEANU REEVES after seeing his superhero performance in CONSTANTINE The CHAPLIN star is convinced Reeves' blend of action hero and sensitivity...

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Day-lewis Is The Ultimate Film Man In New Poll

4th February 2005

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has been honoured as the Best Man in top health magazine MEN'S HEALTH first Movie Awards for portraying manhood at its best in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. The GANGS OF NEW...

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The A-team Return In Movie Remake

12th October 2004

THE A-TEAM will be brought back to life in a big screen remake of the cult 80's TV show, with burly muscle-man MR T on board for a cameo appearance. The original series' Vietnam...

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Glover Says Goodbye To Lethal Weapon

16th September 2004

Hollywood star DANNY GLOVER refuses to make another LETHAL WEAPON film, insisting he's too old for the part. The 57-year-old, who played DETECTIVE MURTAUGH opposite MEL GIBSON, has no intention of quitting his mainstream...

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Busey Wins Case Against Ex-manager

17th June 2004

Movie star GARY BUSEY has won a legal spat with his former manager after the svengali prompted OSCARS bosses to ban the actor from the event by telling them he was retired. Busey was...

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Gibson Eyes Lethal Weapon 5

11th March 2004

Hollywood heavyweight MEL GIBSON is in talks to make a fifth LETHAL WEAPON film. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST filmmaker is reportedly in talks with director RICHARD DONNER, who is desperate for him to...

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Cuthbert Signs Up For Horror Remake

25th February 2004

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR beauty ELISHA CUTHBERT is set to star in horror remake HOUSE OF WAX. The stunning 21-year-old, who made her name in smash hit TV series 24, will appear in the...

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Kensit Set To Start In Soap

25th January 2004

Actress PATSY KENSIT is set to make an acting comeback, starring in a British soap opera. Bosses on popular TV show EMMERDALE - about farming life in northern England - are reportedly courting the...

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Gibson's Riggs To Die In Lethal Weapon 5?

21st November 2003

MEL GIBSON is reportedly returning to make a fifth and final LETHAL WEAPON film - so his character can be killed off. According to Hollywood sources, 47-year-old Mel is poised to sign on as...

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Composer Kamen Dies

19th November 2003

MICHAEL KAMEN, who conducted the San Francisco Symphony for METALLICA's live S + M album, died yesterday (18NOV03) in Los Angeles. The music man, who also scored the soundtracks for films like DIE HARD,...

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Mel Gibson To Launch Sitcom Inspired By His Family

5th November 2003

Hollywood star MEL GIBSON is working on a television sitcom inspired by his life as a father of six boys. The LETHAL WEAPON actor is developing a pilot show - about a working-class single...

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Patsy Kensit 'Too Old' For Big Brother Contestant

8th September 2003

Screen beauty PATSY KENSIT has been snubbed by a British reality TV show - because she's "too old". RAY SHAH, who was a runner up in the country's BIG BROTHER show this year (04),...

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Patsy Kensit Friends With The Beckhams

10th July 2003

Sexy actress PATSY KENSIT spent Christmas (02) with her pals VICTORIA and DAVID BECKHAM - because the former SPICE GIRL and soccer ace didn't want her to be alone over the festive period....

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Mel Gibson In Severed Penis Drama

18th June 2003

Hunky Australian actor MEL GIBSON endured a harrowing accident in a restaurant recently - which almost cost him his penis. The LETHAL WEAPON action man was dining with friends in Santa Monica, California when...

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