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18th January 2013

Kiefer Sutherland's one-time Tv wife Leslie Hope has signed on to play the futuristic president of America in sci-fi hit Revolution. Hope will play President Foster, the leader of the Georgia Federation, on the Tv...

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Spielberg's 'The River' Spooks Critics Into Mixed Reception

8th February 2012

'The River,' which features Steven Spielberg on producing credits, debuted last night on U.S network Abc. The drama stars Bruce Greenwood, Joe Anderson and Leslie Hope among others and focuses on a storyline surrounding a...

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Sutherland Deserted On 24

25th June 2003

KIEFER SUTHERLAND will be lonely on set when the new series of hit TV show 24 starts filming later this year (03) - most of his castmates have left the programme. The rugged Hollywood...

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