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Cote De Pablo's Ncis Exit Really Doesn't Concern Mark Harmon

By Michael West | 16th September 2013

Cote de Pablo's NCIS exit doesn't really concern Mark Harmon. In fact, the top-dog isn't even breaking a sweat, despite commentators labelling the transitional period a bit of a crisis for the CBS crime-drama.De Pablo's...

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Cbs Boasts It Won Dispute With Twc; Twc Concedes Defeat

12th September 2013

The two sides in the Time Warner Cable/CBS dispute assessed its consequences on Wednesday, seeming to reconfirm earlier judgments by analysts that CBS was the clear winner and TWC, the loser. Speaking during a conference...

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Moonves: Keep Government Out Of Carriage Negotiations

5th September 2013

CBS chief Les Moonves has hit back at demands by some lawmakers for the FCC to step in and create rules that would prevent a repeat of the blackout that recently made CBS programming unavailable...

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Cbs Eye Is Now Wide Open On Time Warner Cable

3rd September 2013

CBS programming returned to Time Warner Cable systems at 6:00 p.m. Monday night for the first time since a carriage dispute blacked out the network on Aug. 2. The wrangle had prevented CBS programming from...

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Why Big Brother, And Spencer Clawson, Should Pack Up And Leave

By Michael West | 8th August 2013

It's time that Big Brother packed its bags and left the television schedules for good. You've been evicted Big Brother - now you must leave.The fifteenth series has quickly earned the tag of the most...

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Cbs Vs. Time Warner Cable: Now A Battle Of Words

6th August 2013

Time Warner Cable chief Glenn Britt made a new offer to CBS chief Les Moonves on Monday: Let's remove CBS from the basic-cable lineup and offer it to subscribers on an à la carte basis....

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Chen To Grill Gries When She's Evicted From Big Brother House

1st August 2013

ig Brother host Julie Chen is preparing to face down houseguest Aaryn Gries when Gries is eliminated as a contestant on the reality series, Chen said during an interview at the Television Critics Association summer...

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Cbs Standing Firm In Talks With Time Warner Cable

1st August 2013

CBS chief Les Moonves, who is facing down Time Warner Cable over retransmission fees, continued to talk tough during a second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. Receiving fair value for our content is core to who...

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Now You Don't See It (Cbs, That Is); Now You Do

30th July 2013

At about midnight Eastern time last night, a message appeared on the screens of Time Warner Cable subscribers on the channels that had been presenting CBS programming beginning with the words, CBS has demanded an...

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Aereo Seeks To Block Further Lawsuits

7th May 2013

Following CBS's declaration that it will attempt to block Aereo from setting up shop in Boston, the Barry Diller-controlled company has asked a federal court in New York for a declaratory judgment that would in...

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Media Companies Issue Mixed Earnings Reports

2nd May 2013

Media companies were issuing a flood of second-quarter earnings reports, most of them displaying very mixed results. Viacom, for example, reported an upswing at its cable-TV networks, particularly at Nickelodeon, which has seen its ratings...

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Cbs's Moonves Vows To Stamp Out Aereo

1st May 2013

CBS chief Les Moonves is determined to put the Aereo service out of business -- one way or another. At the Milken Global Conference in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Moonves reiterated his contention that Aereo,...

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Will Fox Become A Cable-only Network?

10th April 2013

Financial analysts generally agree that News Corp President Chase Carey's threat to pull Fox Broadcasting off the air and turn it into a cable channel is likely aimed primarily at the judges who will hear...

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Cbs's Success Validates Redstone's Strategy

15th February 2013

When National Amusements chief Sumner Redstone decided to split his media conglomerate Viacom in two eight years ago, many analysts questioned his judgment, if not his sanity. The large company, which would retain the Viacom...

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Top Super Bowl Spots Went For $4 Million

9th January 2013

In case you were thinking of grabbing a commercial on the Super Bowl at a last-minute-bargain rate, forget it. CBS chief Les Moonves said on Tuesday that all available spots have been purchased, some at...

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Moonves Praises Pelley, Snubs Old What's-her-name

13th September 2012

Four years ago, CBS chief Les Moonves went out of his way to praise Katie Couric even as her ratings continued to decline. Couric, he told a staff meeting in New York, "is my anchor...

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Moonves May Yank Cbs Off Dish Network

13th September 2012

CBS chief Les Moonves vowed on Wednesday to yank his network's programming off DISH network if the satellite distributor continues to offer its Hopper DVR to subscribers. "Hopper cannot exist," Moonves said at an investors...

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Cbs Eyes Record Profits

3rd August 2012

CBS chief Les Moonves sounded positively jubilant as the company reported record second-quarter earnings. Predicting that 2012 will represent a record year for the company, Moonves pointed out that it will benefit from increased political...

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Cbs Chief Warns He'll Yank Network From Dish

16th May 2012

Until now, DISH network's plan to provide DVRs to subscribers that will allow them to skip commercials automatically has received a muted response from network executives. But CBS chief Les Moonves warned today (Wednesday) that...

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Online Deals Lift Cbs

2nd May 2012

CBS, which had long resisted putting its shows online, posted its best quarter ever on Monday, largely as a result of deals it made to put some of its shows online. "Our ability to capitalize...

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Cbs Can Hard News Win In The A.m.?

16th April 2012

ABC's Good Morning America 's failed attempt to gain a morning victory over NBC's Today show by bringing in Katie Couric-- in all her former perkiness -- as co-host has given a boost to producers...

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Cbs's Moonves Treads Carefully In Digital Biz

12th March 2012

The emergence of digital businesses such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon has opened new revenue streams for CBS, but each one must be separately appraised, CBS chief Les Moonves told a media conference at UCLA...

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Cbs's Moonves Would Have Paid More Than Nbc For Globes

1st February 2012

In a court filing, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has submitted a transcript of a deposition by CBS Chairman Les Moonves in which he said that he had informed HFPA President Philip Berk that he...

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Moonves Even Bad Football Games Get Big Ratings

7th December 2011

Television executives love football fans. Unlike TV shows that require dozens of producers, writers, focus groups, and public relations personnel to become successful, football requires none of that. "The NFL is an unbelievable property," CBS...

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Cbs Films Moonves Admits It Gives Network A Black Eye

18th November 2011

The strategy behind CBS Films had been simplicity itself make a small number of quality low-budget movies and hope that a few of them would generate excitement -- and ticket sales -- at the box...

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Kutcher Replacing Sheen In The Tabloids, Too

18th November 2011

Not only has Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on CBS's Two and a Half Men , he now appears to be getting Sheen-like coverage in the tabloids and Internet gossip sites. On Thursday, about three...

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Cbs Adroitly Rows Cw Down The Stream

4th November 2011

Thanks to recent streaming deals, The CW network may finally become profitable for its two owners, Time Warner and CBS. In a conference call with analysts on Thursday to discuss the company's latest quarterly results,...

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Netflix In Turmoil

16th September 2011

CBS chief Les Moonves is apparently unconcerned about the possibility that Netflix will become a major competitor, drawing away millions of TV viewers and using the networks' own product to do so. "We root for...

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Netflix Deal Lifts Cbs

3rd August 2011

Summertime television reruns may be bad news for viewers but the ability of CBS to move some of its older shows off the shelves and into the hands of digital distributors proved to be a...

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Cbs Yanking Csi From Thursday Slot

19th May 2011

CBS is taking a big gamble by knocking CSI Crime Scene Investigation out of its Thursday-night time period in the fall and moving in J.J. Abrams's new Person of Interest to take its place. CSI...

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