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Benedict Cumberbatch's Weird Meeting With Ted Danson

12th October 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch had a weird encounter with Ted Danson.The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and 'Sherlock' actor discovered he had a famous fan at a pre-Oscars party earlier this year when the 'Cheers' star appeared to...

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How Nicole Kidman, Dicaprio Are Helping China Become The New Hollywood

By Michael West | 24th September 2013

Nicole Kidman, one of the world's biggest actresses, attended a star-studded event in Qingdao on Sunday (September 22, 2013) where China's richest man announced plans to spend 50 billion yuan on the country's own version...

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William Shatner Turns Down Space Flight Due To Flying Fear

20th September 2013

William Shatner refused to go on Sir Richard Branson's space flight because he's scared of flying.The 82-year-old actor - who played Captain James T. Kirk in the original 1960s TV series of 'Star Trek' -...

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High School Dropout No More: Mark Wahlberg Joins The Celebrity Tradition Of Late Graduations

By Victoria Pavlova | 17th September 2013

Mark Wahlberg has a penchant for playing the lovable oaf on screen, but in reality, the hardworking actor just earned his high school diploma. Not that he needs it or anything, since the A-lister’s net...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Eyes Woodrow Wilson Biopic

17th September 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star in and produce a biopic about US president Woodrow Wilson.'The Great Gatsby' star has signed up for the big screen movie about the 28th American president, which is based...

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Leonardo Dicaprio To Play President Woodrow Wilson: Will This Be Leo's Turn At The Oscars?

By Lauren James | 17th September 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio has signed up to play the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, in an upcoming biopic. The film, produced by DiCaprio's Appian Way, will be based on A. Scott Berg's acclaimed...

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Martin Scorsese 'Terrified' Of David Cronenberg

15th September 2013

David Cronenberg says Martin Scorsese was ''terrified'' to meet him.The 'Cosmopolis' and 'Existenz' director has revealed that his fellow filmmaker was scared during their initial meeting because of his prolific reputation for making dark, trouble...

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Mark Wahlberg For The Gambler Remake?

12th September 2013

Mark Wahlberg is eyeing up a remake of 'The Gambler'.The 42-year-old actor and director Rupert Wyatt are in early talks to make a new version of the 1974 drama about a man whose life spirals...

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Naomi Campbell Has Awkward Run-in With Ex

12th September 2013

Naomi Campbell had an awkward run-in with her ex-boyfriend Vladimir Doronin.The supermodel and the Russian billionaire - who split in May after five years of dating - showed up at the same Interview magazine party...

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Kate Upton Get S Dj Lesson From Tiesto

10th September 2013

Kate Upton got a DJ lesson from Tiesto at the weekend.The blonde model was partying at New York nightclub Provocateur, located in the city's Meatpacking District, on Friday night (06.09.13) when she decided to spin...

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Is Benedict Cumberbatch Our First 'Star Wars: Episode Seven' Star?

By Joe Wilde | 3rd September 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch won lavish amounts of praise for his portrayal as (spoiler) main antagonist John Harrison/Khan Noonien Singh in Star Wars Into Darkness, and his first proper steps into big screen sci-fi may have earned...

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Martin Scorsese And Dicaprio Are 'Telepathic'

31st August 2013

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio ''are telepathic'', according to Margot Robbie.The 23-year-old actress - who has been working with director Scorsese and Hollywood hunk DiCaprio on upcoming film 'The Wolf of Wall Street' - thinks...

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Niall Horan Wants Tom Felton To Play Him In 1d Biopic

29th August 2013

One Direction star Niall Horan thinks 'Harry Potter' actor Tom Felton would be the perfect choice to play him in a biopic.The 19-year-old pop star and his bandmates have just released their own 3D documentary...

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Predicting The Oscars 2014: Is George Clooney Guaranteed An Academy Award?

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th August 2013

Six months of anticipation for four hours of award giving: that’s what you signed up for. The Oscars 2014 has its host, and now it has its favorites. Which director will be hurtling through an...

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P. Diddy In Vma After-party Scuffle

27th August 2013

P. Diddy was involved in a heated argument at his MTV Video Music Awards after-party on Sunday night (25.08.13).The rapper - real name Sean Combs - co-hosted a star-studded bash with Jay Z at hot...

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Adam Levine's Ex-girlfriend Happy About Engagement

22nd August 2013

Adam Levine's ex-girlfriend couldn't be happier about his engagement.Although the 'Voice' USA mentor proposed to on/off girlfriend Behati Prinsloo just weeks after his fling with Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal, 21, ended, Nina insists she...

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Erin Heatherton Never Doubts Herself

20th August 2013

Erin Heatherton has learned ''never to doubt'' herself since working for Victoria's Secret.The model - who is one of the brand's Angels, their top models - credits the lingerie company with giving her opportunities like...

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Robert De Niro Celebrates 70th With Famous Friends

19th August 2013

Robert De Niro celebrated his 70th birthday with a host of famous friends, including Christopher Walken, Keith Richards and Harvey Keitel.The Hollywood icon reached the landmark age on Saturday (17.08.13) and to mark the occasion...

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Joseph Kosinski To Direct Twilight Zone

19th August 2013

Joseph Kosinski is set to direct a remake of 'The Twilight Zone'.The 'Oblivion' director is in negotiations to helm the big screen sci-fi movie - which is based on a 1950s TV show and a...

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Adele To Star In The Secret Service?

12th August 2013

Adele has been approached to play a villain in 'The Secret Service'.The 25-year-old singer - who was previously involved in the award-winning blockbuster 'Skyfall' - has reportedly landed a cameo role of a baddie in...

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Leonardo Dicaprio To Play A Viking King

7th August 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play a Viking king.The 'Great Gatsby' actor has been put forward to portray Harald Hardrada, the 11th century conqueror hailed by some historians as the last great Viking king, in...

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Ryan Gosling To Play Luke Skywalker's Son In Star Wars Episode 7?

By Michael West | 25th July 2013

Ryan Gosling attended a meeting with a view to playing Luke Skywalker's son in JJ Abrams forthcoming Star Wars Episode 7 movie, according to the Latino-Review, which 'broke' the news that Harrison Ford would be...

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Miley Cyrus: Chivalry Is Dead

21st July 2013

Miley Cyrus thinks chivalry is dead.The 'We Can't Stop' singer - who is engaged to 'Hunger Games' hunk Liam Hemsworth - gets ''depressed'' watching heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio in movies, because she feels the romance seen...

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Robert Downey Jr Tops Forbes List: What Do You Get For $75 Million?

By Michael West | 17th July 2013

Robert Downey has obliterated the field in Forbes' annual list of the highest paid actors in the world, earning $75 million in just 12 months thanks to super-hits The Avengers and Iron Man 3.Robert Downey...

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Meet Robert Downey Jr, Forbes' Highest Paid Actor In The World

By Michael West | 17th July 2013

Robert Downey Jr, the star of The Avengers and Iron Man 3 - two of the biggest grossing movies in history, has been named Forbes' highest paid actor on the planet with annual estimated earnings...

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Robert Downey Jr. Named Highest Paid Actor

17th July 2013

Robert Downey Jr. has been named the world's highest paid actor.The 48-year-old actor earned an estimated $75 million from June 2012 to June 2013, according to Forbes magazine's annual list of highest paid actors.Most of...

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Claire Danes Considered Becoming Interior Designer Before 'Homeland'

By Michael West | 16th July 2013

Claire Danes was so disillusioned with the television and film industry before landing her award-winning role on the Showtime series Homeland that she considered becoming an interior designer. Danes' star appeared on the rise after...

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Jay-z Won't Forgive Robert De Niro

11th July 2013

Jay-Z has no plans to bury the hatchet with Robert De Niro.The rapper, 43, who is married to Beyonce Knowles, fell out with the 'Silver Linings Playbook' star at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday last November, after...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Plays Matchmaker For Mum

8th July 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio introduced his mother to her new boyfriend.The 'Great Gatsby' actor played matchmaker to his mum, Irmelin Indenbirken - who split from the star's father, George, when he was just a child - helping...

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Leonardo Dicaprio And Jamie Foxx Reunite In New Film

28th June 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx are reuniting for a new crime movie.The actors, who appeared together in Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-winning film 'Django Unchained' earlier this month, will star in the forthcoming adaptation of crime novel...

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