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Zoe Kravitz's Wang Campaign

11th August 2010

Zoe Kravitz has become the new face of Alexander Wang.The actress-and-musician - who is the daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet - will appear in the campaign for the designer's T by...

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Liam Neeson Pulls Out Of Lincoln Movie

2nd August 2010

Liam Neeson is too old to play Abraham Lincoln.The 'A-Team' star had been attached for several years to portray the former US president - who was assassinated in 1865 - in a Steven Spielberg-directed biopic...

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Stars Urge Fans To Help With Oil Disaster

20th July 2010

SANDRA BULLOCK has teamed up with BLAKE LIVELY, LENNY KRAVITZ and DAVE MATTHEWS for a new public service announcement urging fans to help restore America's Gulf Coast in the wake of the ongoing oil spill...

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Carlos Santana Gets Engaged On Stage

13th July 2010

Carlos Santana proposed to his drummer on stage.The guitar legend popped the question to Cindy Blackman during a concert in Chicago last Friday (09.07.10).The 62-year-old musician - who is currently on the 'Carlos Santana Universal...

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Kravitz Shocks Choir With Surprise Appearance

30th June 2010

LENNY KRAVITZ was so stunned when he overheard a New Orleans, Louisiana choir belting out his hit track FLY AWAY while he was dining out nearby he surprised the singers by showing up to applaud...

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Hollywood Stars Rally For Oil Spill Telethon

19th June 2010

CAMERON DIAZ, ROBERT REDFORD, STING and LENNY KRAVITZ are lending their support to a star-studded TV telethon to raise funds for the state of Louisiana following the devastating BP oil spill in April (10).TV bosses...

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Kravitz, Robbins & Mos Def Team Up For Gulf Aid Charity Track

16th June 2010

LENNY KRAVITZ, MOS DEF and actor TIM ROBBINS have teamed up to record a new benefit single to raise cash for the victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.The trio is part of the...

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Kravitz Plays Through Storm For Oil Benefit

17th May 2010

LENNY KRAVITZ braved a storm on Sunday (16May10) to headline a benefit concert for those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.The Gulf Aid gig was delayed by several hours and moved...

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Macy Gray Sang For Love

12th May 2010

Macy Gray only became a singer because of an ex-boyfriend.The 'I Try' hitmaker had no idea if she had any musical ability when she started writing songs, as she was only doing it to spend...

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Kravitz Leads Benefit For Louisiana Oil Slick

11th May 2010

LENNY KRAVITZ is spearheading efforts to protect the Louisiana coastline from an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico - the rocker has signed up to headline a benefit concert to raise money for relief...

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U2 Convinced Kravitz To Tour

8th April 2010

LENNY KRAVITZ rejected all offers to tour this summer (10) - until rockers U2 made him an offer he couldn't resist.The American Woman singer had planned to take a few months off from his hectic...

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Kravitz Redesigning Miami Hotel?

7th April 2010

LENNY KRAVITZ is expanding his design portfolio - the rocker has reportedly been hired to revitalise a hotel lounge in Miami, Florida.The Are You Gonna Go My Way hitmaker opened his own design firm in...

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Rock Photographer Jim Marshall Dies

25th March 2010

Legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall has died.The American passed away in his sleep aged 74 last night (24.03.10), just a day before he was due to take part in an event at New York's Morrison...

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The Things They Say 15718

12th March 2010

"To be sitting in a hotel room in Europe somewhere and just be channel surfing... and, 'There's my mom!' It's just a blessing. It's great to be able to see her move, hear her speak."...

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Slash Denies Jackson Track

12th March 2010

Slash has denied he played on Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' and has branded the song "gay".The former Guns 'N' Roses guitarist worked with the late 'King of Pop' from 1991 onward, but has denied...

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The Things They Say 15713

12th March 2010

"I have to say that it's my second movie... because Ben Stiller gets p**sed off because he had me do a little cameo in Zoolander... and so the other night, he was like, 'I got...

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The Things They Say 15706

12th March 2010

"My first gig was in Gainesville, Florida... Out comes this black Jew with an electric guitar and all these confederate flags... I was like, 'What is this?' But it was awesome." LENNY KRAVITZ recalls supporting...

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Kravitz Track To Lead Jackson's New Album

11th March 2010

The first album of new MICHAEL JACKSON material since the King of Pop's death last year (09) will be led by a track he recorded with LENNY KRAVITZ for his INVINCIBLE release.Jackson cut the track...

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The Things They Say 15689

10th March 2010

"She's already made six movies... And she's the lead singer in Elevator Fight, which is her own band and which is playing South by Southwest. She loves showbusiness like I do. Every facet of it."...

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The Things They Say 15618

6th March 2010

"I saw her on TV saying that she purposely kept messing up her lines so I would have to kiss her again." LENNY KRAVITZ on his kissing scenes with GABOUREY SIDIBE in PRECIOUS.

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Courtney Love Planned House Swap

5th February 2010

Courtney Love bought her teenage daughter a house so she could live alone.The Hole singer thought she and Frances Bean - her child with late husband Kurt Cobain - would get along better if they...

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Keys Buys Kravitz's New York Apartment

29th January 2010

Singer ALICIA KEYS has bought LENNY KRAVITZ's New York apartment - for a cool $14.5 million (£9.1 million).The No One hitmaker purchased the penthouse duplex in Manhattan, in the same building Courtney Love and Liv...

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Daniels Created A Role In Precious For Kravitz

25th January 2010

Filmmaker LEE DANIELS was so determined to include LENNY KRAVITZ in PRECIOUS - he build a role in the movie especially for the rocker.Daniels approached the singer about appearing in his critically-acclaimed new picture, Precious:...

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Music Bosses Launch Investigation Over Jackson/kravitz Song Leak

4th January 2010

Music executives at Sony have launched an investigation in a bid to find the person responsible for releasing a MICHAEL JACKSON/LENNY KRAVITZ duet without authorisation.Kravitz has spoken out about the track, which leaked onto the...

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Jackson & Kravitz 'Duet' Uncovered

4th January 2010

A previously unheard MICHAEL JACKSON track reportedly featuring LENNY KRAVITZ has hit the internet.New track Another Day has been leaked on to the web and claims the recording features the two superstars. Shortly after...

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Kravitz Won't Walk This Way With Aerosmith

8th December 2009

LENNY KRAVITZ has shot down reports he is set to take over from STEVEN TYLER as AEROSMITH frontman, insisting the singer is irreplaceable.Tyler left the group earlier this year (09), announcing plans for a two-year...

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Aerosmith Mentor Calls On Band To Consider Kravitz

7th December 2009

The man behind AEROSMITH's 1980s comeback has urged the band to continue without STEVEN TYLER - and call on LENNY KRAVITZ to join them as frontman.Tyler split from the group earlier this year (09) after...

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Movie Reviews Precious

6th November 2009

Precious is opening in fewer than 100 theaters this weekend, but most critics agree that it's the film to see. The movie's marketers are almost certain to plaster the Chicago Sun-Times' s Roger Ebert's description...

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Kravitz: 'Is Anybody Going My Way'

28th October 2009

Rocker LENNY KRAVITZ turned up late for his own concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday (24Oct09) - when he got lost on his way to the stage.The Are You Gonna Go My Way...

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Kravitz Wants To Drum With Jack White

23rd October 2009

LENNY KRAVITZ wants to be part of WHITE STRIPES star JACK WHITE's next spin-off group, because he thinks it'll be fun to play the drums behind the rocker.White has already formed The Raconteurs and the...

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