The ashes of rock 'n' roll pioneer/beloved radio Dj Alan Freed were removed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to make room for more music memorabilia.

Freed was a popular Dj in the museum's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and his remains have been featured there for the past 12 years.

However, on Friday (01Aug14), Freed's urn was taken home by his son Lance Freed, as the Hall of Fame's Executive Director Greg Harris notes the museum is "moving away from exhibiting remains, as ashes don't help tell a story".

The Dj, who is credited for first using the term "rock 'n' roll" and heavily promoting African-American blues and rock artists, will now be commemorated in the Pioneers of Rock exhibit, as opposed to his own space.

Lance has shared his disappointment in the move, telling Ohio newspaper Plain Dealer that Harris' decision is "pushing him (Freed) to the side," adding, "It's making him part of the passing parade, rather than a place where people can say, 'Hey this is the guy who helped start it all.'"

The move coincides with a new exhibit featuring Beyonce's most memorable fashion items, which opened two weeks ago (22Jul14).