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Mark Wahlberg For The Six Million Dollar Man?

7th July 2014

Mark Wahlberg will reportedly star in a film remake of 'The Six Million Dollar Man'. The 43-year-old actor is said to be in talks with Universal Pictures to take on the lead role in a...

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Lee Majors Lands Dallas Role

26th February 2013

The Six Million Dollar Man is heading to oil-rich Texas - Lee Majors has signed up to appear on Dallas.Majors, who played bionic man Steve Austin on the hit 1970s show, will portray Ken Richards,...

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Lee Majors To Make Surprise Oprah Appearance Today

24th November 2010

LEE MAJORS, the 71-year-old American actor and star of the hit series 'The Six Million Dollar Man', is set to appear on 'The OPRAH WINFREY show' today (24th November 2010), reports CBS News. Majors will...

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Farrah Fawcett Made Peace With Majors

1st July 2009

Farrah Fawcett reconciled with her ex-husband shortly before her death.The 'Charlie's Angels' star - who lost her battle with anal cancer last Thursday (25.06.09) - spoke to Lee Majors for the first time in 23...

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Fawcett Reconnected With Majors Before Succumbing To Cancer

30th June 2009

FARRAH FAWCETT made peace with her ex-husband LEE MAJORS shortly before she lost her battle with cancer, ending a 23-year silence between the former couple.The Charlie's Angels star, who died at the age of 62...

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Six Million Dollar Man Pays Tribute To His Angel

25th June 2009

FARRAH FAWCETT's ex-husband LEE MAJORS has joined the long list of celebrities paying tribute to the actress, who lost her battle with anal cancer on Thursday morning (25Jun09).Plans were being made for Fawcett to marry...

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Farrah Fawcett Dies

25th June 2009

Farrah Fawcett has died of cancer aged 62. The 'Charlie's Angels' actress passed away in a Santa Monica hospital today (25.06.09) with her family by her side. The US star had fought a long and...

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Majors Spreads Festive Cheer

8th December 2008

Former THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN star LEE MAJORS has been spreading festive cheer in Los Angeles - helping a woman with her dry cleaning and buying breakfast for a homeless man. The actor reportedly...

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Lee Majors Fulfils Football Dream

17th December 2007

Veteran star LEE MAJORS needed no preparation to play an American football coach in new TV show THE GAME - he almost became a trainer instead of an actor. The Million Dollar Man actor, 68,...

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British Actress Lands Bionic Woman Role

13th February 2007

British actress MICHELLE RYAN has beaten out competition from some of Hollywood's leading ladies to land the title role in a US TV update of 1970s television show THE BIONIC WOMAN. The 22-year-old, best known...

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Majors Lends Support To Ex-wife Fawcett

11th November 2006

FARRAH FAWCETT's ex-husband LEE MAJORS has rallied to the star's side after she received news that she was suffering from anal cancer. The former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star is over half way through a difficult six-week...

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Fascinating Fact 1595

7th June 2006

Former SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN star LEE MAJORS is teaming up with WILLIAM SHATNER and ROBERT WAGNER to play a team of ageing action heroes in a new TV series. The actors, who have a...

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Lachey Vies For Six Million Dollar Role

15th October 2004

Now that JESSICA SIMPSON has landed a starring role in the movie version of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, her husband NICK LACHEY is hoping to do the same - as THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN....

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Majors Sparked O'neal And Fawcett Romance

27th August 2004

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN star LEE MAJORS' plans to play the caring ex to his estranged wife FARRAH FAWCETT backfired - when he accidentally set her up with RYAN O'NEAL. Majors and Fawcett were...

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Carrey: My Character's Not Very Rich Anymore

11th March 2004

Comic actor JIM CARREY is excited about adapting THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN for the big screen - but quips the bionic character's price tag wouldn't go far in contemporary movie making. Carrey takes...

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Carrey To Play Six Million Dollar Man

22nd October 2003

Hollywood funnyman JIM CARREY has signed up to star in a big screen version of 1970s TV hit THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Carrey will play bionic man STEVE AUSTIN, the role originally made...

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George Clooney To Play The Fall Guy

16th June 2003

Hollywood hunk GEORGE CLOONEY is in talks to star as THE FALL GUY in a movie remake of the hit Eighties TV show. SOLARIS star George is considering the part of stuntman and part-time...

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Routine Surgery Saves Bionic Man's Life

1st June 2003

Movie veteran LEE MAJORS is thanking surgeons for saving his life - after a routine angioplasty to repair a blocked artery turned into a battle to save the actor's life. Majors, 64, who played...

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