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Hopkins Slams London Stage

7th March 2006

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has vowed never to return to London's National Theatre, because he finds stage acting "like prison" and the venue "depressing". The Welsh actor made his name treading the boards in the capital...

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'Tax Evader' Olivier Paid $2.4 Million Not To Work

1st March 2006

Legendary thespian SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER was paid the modern equivalent of $2.4 million (GBP1.4 million) not to make another film during the release of HENRY V - in case it was more successful than the...

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The Things They Say 1450

28th February 2006

"I was in a play at the National Theatre in 1969 and my parents were in my dressing room. LAURENCE OLIVIER came in and I introduced them. My father said to Olivier, 'How old are...

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Redgrave Given Late Dad's Approval

17th January 2006

Actress LYNN REDGRAVE is convinced her late father gave her his blessing to write and perform a play in his honour. SIR MICHAEL REDGRAVE died in 1985, but the GODS AND MONSTERS actress felt...

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Hopkins Compares Crowe To Olivier

13th January 2006

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has hailed his former co-star RUSSELL CROWE as a modern-day SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER. Hopkins appeared alongside Crowe in SPOTSWOOD in 1992, at the beginning of the Australian actor's career, and was...

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Olivier And Plowright's Golden Marriage In Dispute

16th December 2005

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's marriage to his third wife DAME JOAN PLOWRIGHT was nothing but a "hollow sham" according to a new biography. The book, titled OLIVIER, claims that 15 years previous to the legendary...

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Hopkins Slams British Theatre

5th December 2005

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has launched a scathing attack on British theatre's "pomposity and arrogance" - and he insists he will never return to the London stage. The Oscar-winning actor first came to prominence in...

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Constance Cummings Dies

29th November 2005

LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO THE NIGHT actress CONSTANCE CUMMINGS has died in Oxfordshire, England. She was 95. The Seattle, Washington-born star died last Wednesday (23NOV05). The cause of death has not been disclosed....

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Son Took Sadistic Pleasure From Olivier's Condition

15th September 2005

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's son RICHARD took sadistic pleasure from controlling his incapacitated father in the run-up to his death in 1989. Author TERRY COLEMAN features the shocking admission in his new biography of the...

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Olivier Spent Last Days In 'Misery'

15th September 2005

Legendary actor SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER reportedly spent the final days of his life in misery after his family conspired to deprive him of alcohol and wean him off his steroid medication. TERRY COLEMAN's authorised...

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Hopkins Is Named Top British Actor

17th August 2005

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS star SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has been voted the greatest British actor of all time, beating out competition from late legend SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER to claim the top spot in a...

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Branagh Was Banned From Olivier Service

14th August 2005

Irish actor KENNETH BRANAGH was sensationally banned from SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's memorial service at London's Westminster Abbey (89), as the late actor's family were terrified the young star would steal the limelight. Branagh,...

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Leigh Tormented By Sexual Jealousy

9th August 2005

Late screen siren VIVIEN LEIGH's spiralling mental instability often took the form of furious sexual jealousy during her marriage to SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER, despite the fact she was having affairs herself. The GONE WITH...

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Leigh And Olivier Enjoyed Open Marriage

9th August 2005

Troubled screen siren VIVIEN LEIGH was so open about her rampant affair with actor PETER FINCH, she often approached them and asked which one wanted to have sex with her. According to author TERRY...

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Leigh's High Sex-drive Broke Olivier Marriage

8th August 2005

Late screen siren VIVIEN LEIGH and her former husband SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER separated because the actress' sexual demands emotionally and physically drained the WUTHERING HEIGHTS star - according to the pair's previously unpublished letters....

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Marilyn Monroe Planned To Do Shakespeare

7th August 2005

Screen siren MARILYN MONROE dreamed of starring in a film based on a play by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE and enlisted LAURENCE OLIVIER to help her achieve her dream. Monroe was determined to revamp her image...

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Wuthering Heights Star Dead At 91

20th July 2005

Movie veteran GERALDINE FITZGERALD has died after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. She was 91. The actress appeared in a series of classic movies including DARK VICTORY, NOBODY LIVES FOREVER and WUTHERING HEIGHTS,...

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Burton's Family Angry He's Missed From List

6th July 2005

The family of late acting legend RICHARD BURTON are furious his name has been omitted from a new poll of Britain's best actors. The poll, conducted for British TV network Five and voted for...

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Burton Left Off Britain's Finest Actors List

4th July 2005

Movie legend RICHARD BURTON has missed being named as one of Britain's ten finest actors - even though PETER SELLERS and CARY GRANT both made the list. The omission of the late former...

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O'toole Slams Contemporary British Theatre

30th March 2005

Veteran actor PETER O'TOOLE blames the declining state of British theatre for the sudden surge of promising UK actors seeking out movie work. The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA legend is convinced aspiring stars would stay...

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Olivier's Son Plans Film Biopic

19th January 2005

LAURENCE OLIVIER's son TARQUIN has written a biopic about his father's stormy marriage to screen beauty VIVIEN LEIGH. The 68-year-old, born during the HAMLET actor's first marriage to actress JILL ESMOND, has already attempted...

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Collins Defends St Tropez

9th August 2004

Hollywood actress Joan Collins has slammed recent reports the southern French resort of St Tropez has lost its flare. The former DYNASTY star is astonished at newspaper articles last week (begs2AUG04) revealing that people...

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Olivier Makes Hollywood Comeback

26th July 2004

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER is making a Hollywood comeback 15 years after his death - old footage has been used to give him a cameo role in new movie SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW....

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Kline Turned Down Clouseau

21st June 2004

A FISH CALLED WANDA star KEVIN KLINE turned down the lead role in the new PINK PANTHER movie - because he felt he couldn't follow PETER SELLERS. Ironically, Kline plays INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU's boss DREYFUSS...

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Hepburn Auction Expected To Raise Over A Million

18th March 2004

An auction of KATHARINE HEPBURN's possessions is expected to raise over $1 million (GBP600,000) - and reveal many of the late Hollywood great's secrets. Items including love notes from tycoon HOWARD HUGHES, address books...

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Mariah Looking For Her Leading Man

3rd February 2004

MARIAH CAREY is scouting Britain for a leading man to appear opposite her in the superstar's London stage debut. The EMOTIONS diva is playing ELSIE MARINA, the part made famous by MARILYN MONROE in...

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Sir Alan Bates Dies

28th December 2003

British actor SIR ALAN BATES has lost his long battle with cancer at the age of 69. The Derbyshire-born star, who was nominated for an OSCAR for his performance in THE FIXER, passed...

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Gwyneth Married At Olivier Nuptials Hotel

10th December 2003

LATEST: Movie beauty GWYNETH PALTROW married COLDPLAY lover CHRIS MARTIN at the same ranch where acting legends SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER and VIVIEN LEIGH wed. The expectant couple reportedly tied the knot at the San...

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Witherspoon To Star In Bunny Lake Remake

8th October 2003

Movie golden girl REESE WITHERSPOON will star in the remake of 1965 classic BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING, which previously starred SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER and SIR NOEL COWARD. In the OTTO PREMINGER-directed original, a young...

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Hoffman Helped Diamond Twice

1st October 2003

DUSTIN HOFFMAN twice saved NEIL DIAMOND from making a fool of himself on the big screen - by giving him good advice and taking a role from him. Diamond asked the movie star for...

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