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Stewart + Fishburne Compete For Prestigious Tony Award

14th May 2008

PATRICK STEWART and LAURENCE FISHBURNE will go head-to-head for the Best Actor award at the annual Tony Awards in New York next month (Jun08). The ceremony will see stage actors, directors and performances compete for...

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Fishburne Slams Self-obsessed Hollywood

28th April 2008

Movie star LAURENCE FISHBURNE hates Hollywood's celebrity culture - insisting his counterparts are too consumed by the limelight to make intelligent decisions that keep them out of trouble. Fishburne claims too many stars are more...

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Fishburne Reunited With Estranged Father

17th April 2008

Actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE was overwhelmed when he was reunited with his estranged father of 15 years - on a New York stage. The Matrix star was appearing in Thurgood at the city's Booth Theatre on...

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The Things They Say 7806

31st March 2008

"I am elated and inspired by it. the same way I am inspired by Senator Clinton's campaign. The fact that we have a woman and an African-American man who are campaigning to become President of...

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The Things They Say 7725

25th March 2008

"It's always Laurence, not Larry. Not since I was a kid. My friends call me Fish." LAURENCE FISHBURNE clears up any confusion about his name.

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Fishburne's Broadway Nerves

1st March 2008

Actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE is sweating about his return to the Broadway stage, because he's starring in a one-man show with no castmates to rescue him if he slips up. The Oscar nominee will appear on...

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Fascinating Fact 4172

25th October 2007

Actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE is returning to the Broadway stage for the first time since 1999 to play late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in Thurgood.

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Fishburne Wins Rights To The Alchemist

27th June 2007

Actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE has won the movie rights to the much lauded novel THE ALCHEMIST. The What's Love Got To Do With It actor was cast as the lead in 2003, but the film was...

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Fascinating Fact 3139

19th April 2007

LAURENCE FISHBURNE is voicing the The Silver Surfer in upcoming sequel Fantastic Four And The Silver Surfer....

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Fascinating Fact 2653

7th January 2007

THE MATRIX star LAURENCE FISHBURNE and his actress wife GINA TORRES are expecting their first child together. The couple wed in 2002. Fishburne, 45, has two children from a previous marriage....

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Penn Blasts Bush During Racy Speech

19th December 2006

Oscar winner SEAN PENN stunned audience members when he called for the impeachment of US PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY and used the words "blow job" and "c*m stain" during a...

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Kilmer: 'Career Slump Was My Fault'

15th December 2006

VAL KILMER blames himself for his years in the Hollywood wilderness, because he didn't send Christmas cards to the right directors. After setting the movie scene alight in the 1990s, Kilmer's career tailed off abruptly....

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Rodriguez Amazed To Be Part Of Star-studded Bobby

28th November 2006

SIX FEET UNDER star FREDDY RODRIGUEZ was overjoyed to land a role in political drama BOBBY after finding out about the movie's star-studded cast. Rodriguez was asked to appear in the film by director EMILIO...

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Eastwood Returns As Dirty Harry In New Videogame

21st October 2006

CLINT EASTWOOD has reprised his iconic DIRTY HARRY character for a new videogame. The movie mogul will recreate the gritty detective's most famous lines in a new Dirty Harry game, which will also feature GENE...

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Akeelah Wins At Film Awards

17th October 2006

AKEELAH AND THE BEE was the big winner at the 2006 Black Movie Awards on Sunday (15OCT06), taking home four gongs. The film, which follows a young girl's journey to the National Spelling Bee, was...

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Hollywood's Ike And Tina Reunite For Play

7th July 2006

WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT stars LAURENCE FISHBURNE and ANGELA BASSETT are set to team up again for a new play in Pasadena, California. The stars, who played IKE and TINA TURNER in...

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Hutton Plans Hang Gliding Adventure

6th July 2006

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON's serious motorcycle crash in 2000 hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for adventure - she's now taken up hang gliding as a hobby. The AMERICAN GIGOLO star is an avid motorcycle enthusiast...

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Fishburne Is Too Old To Play Hendrix

15th June 2006

LAURENCE FISHBURNE has finally given up hope of ever playing his hero JIMI HENDRIX on film, because he's too old. A movie about the rock legend has long been planned, with Fishburne considered in the...

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Fishburne Stunned By Matrix Fans

29th May 2006

LAURENCE FISHBURNE is stunned by the lengths fans of THE MATRIX will go to after learning of a fan who has his image tattooed on his back. The star played MORPHEUS in the sci-fi...

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Fishburne, Stallone And Ricci Honoured At Film Festival

24th May 2006

LAURENCE FISHBURNE, SYLVESTER STALLONE, HELEN MIRREN, CHRISTINA RICCI and director TAYLOR HACKFORD will all be honoured at the annual CineVegas Film Festival. The eighth annual film festival will be held from 9-17 June (06) in...

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Jackson Sick Of Mistaken Identity

2nd May 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON is fed up with being mistaken for fellow actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE. The PULP FICTION star feels embarrassed to correct talk show hosts who introduce him correctly but start asking about Fishburne's movies...

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New Dad Cruise Accomplishes Premiere Mission

25th April 2006

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE made a mad dash to attend the world premiere of his latest film MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III last night (24APR06), after his fiancee KATIE HOLMES convinced him she could cope with their...

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Freeman Enrols Co-stars For Luther King Charity

28th March 2006

Oscar-winning actor MORGAN FREEMAN and his celebrity friends BRAD PITT, BEN AFFLECK and LAURENCE FISHBURNE have all donated custom-built motorcycles to raise funds for a memorial to be built in honour of Reverend MARTIN LUTHER...

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Lecter Beats Vader In Battle Of The Bad Guys

27th March 2006

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS' portrayal of sinister cannibal HANNIBAL LECTER has topped DARTH VADER and FREDDY KRUEGER in a new hip-hop magazine poll to find the ultimate movie bad guy. Vibe magazine editors call THE SILENCE...

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Fascinating Fact 1192

10th March 2006

LAURENCE FISHBURNE will be honoured with the ShoWest Decade of Achievement award at the annual cinema bosses' convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tsotsi Wins Pan African Festival Prize

23rd February 2006

GAVIN HOOD's multi-award nominated film TSOTSI has been given the Best Feature jury prize at the 14th annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles. The story of a South African...

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Fishburne Sued For 'Firing Pregnant Assistant'

18th January 2006

Hollywood actor LAURENCE FISHBURNE is being sued by his former personal assistant for allegedly firing her for being pregnant. The MYSTIC RIVER star confronted KRISTEL CREWS when he discovered she was expecting a child...

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Starbucks To Promote Fishburne Movie

16th January 2006

Starbucks coffee shops have signed a deal to promote LAURENCE FISHBURNE's latest movie AKEELAH AND THE BEE. Branches of the caffeine chain will sell the movie soundtrack, DVD and tickets for previews. Starbucks...

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Will Smith And Heavy D Put Show Back On For Hurricane Victims

5th October 2005

WILL SMITH is re-teaming with fellow rapper HEADY D to bring back their popular play MEDAL OF HONOR RAG, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Smith will...

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Williams And Cosby Blast Bush Over Katrina Response

20th September 2005

A series of celebrities including ROBIN WILLIAMS and BILL COSBY have slammed US President GEORGE W BUSH for his response to last month's (AUG05) Hurricane Katrina. Speaking at New York's Higher Ground benefit on...

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