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Lauren Hutton's Signature Style Tips

16th May 2014

Lauren Hutton thinks people aren't born with style.The veteran model, who has graced the cover of VOGUE magazine an impressive 28 times, believes looking good takes effort and advises women to spend time discovering what...

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Lauren Hutton: 'Retouched Photos Make Me Look Like A Barbie Doll'

3rd September 2013

Model-turned-actress Lauren Hutton is not a fan of a digitally retouching old photos after discovering one of her classic shots has been reworked to make her look "like a Barbie doll".The Gambler star, 69, recently...

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Georgia May Jagger's Tooth Gap Worries

1st July 2013

Georgia May Jagger worries her tooth gap will make her look ''scary'' when she's older.The stunning model - who is the daughter of runway icon Jerry Hall and Rolling Stones musician Sir Mick Jagger -...

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Lauren Hutton's Nude Modelling Shots Up For Sale

19th June 2013

Nude snaps of a teenage Lauren Hutton taken in 1962 are set to go under the hammer.The collection of risque modelling shots featuring the then-19-year-old beauty posing in various stages of undress are now up...

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Lauren Hutton Blames Her Blues For New Short Crop

15th June 2012

Former supermodel Lauren Hutton chopped off her long locks after growing depressed over the world's economic and political problems.The ageing beauty showed off a new crop earlier this month (Jun12), and admits her decision to...

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Brad Pitt Face Of Women's Perfume

9th May 2012

Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No.5.The 48-year-old 'World War Z' actor will make history as the famous fragrance's first male model.According to E! Online, Pitt will shoot his first campaign in London...

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Olsen Twins' 39,000 Handbag Sells

3rd October 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's $39,000 alligator backpack was the first item to sell from their new handbag range. The fashion design duo - who celebrated the luxury collection, which launched under their fashion label The...

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Mary-kate And Ashley Olsen Create Luxury Handbag Collection

13th July 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have created a luxury handbag collection under their fashion label The Row. The 25-year-old twins will launch a nine-bag line including a day tote, backpack, doctor bag and shoulder bag made...

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Olsen Twins' 'Timeless' Label

17th May 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion label The Row is successful because it is "timeless and directional".The 24-year-old twins - who have recently been nominated for Best Newcomer at the forthcoming CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers...

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Tom Ford Plans Low-key London Show

8th February 2011

Tom Ford is planning a low key presentation for London Fashion Week this month. The designer will show his eagerly-anticipated second womenswear collection at the prestigious UK fashion event by holding intimate press and sales...

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Tom Ford Wary Of Celebrity Endorsement

15th November 2010

Tom Ford is choosy over which celebrities wear clothes from his new line. Although the designer - who has returned to womenswear after a six-year break - put on a show at New York Fashion...

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The Things They Say 18229

1st October 2010

"I'm still in the Guggenheim motorcycle gang, but I ride behind (Laurence) Fishburne or Jeremy (Irons)." LAUREN HUTTON rides pillion on her celebrity motorbike treks across America after losing control of her own ride in...

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The Things They Say 18227

1st October 2010

"I'm always dating. I really love men... Don't think you have to just sleep with 20 year olds. Try to pick someone your own size - it'll make you smarter. The real point of love...

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Hutton Planning Hunter-gatherer Guide Book

30th September 2010

Beauty icon LAUREN HUTTON is planning to write a new book about primal man.The ageing model and actress is hoping the tome about her travels in Africa and her love of gardening will help explain...

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Tom Ford's Womanly Designs

15th September 2010

Tom Ford wants his latest collection to appeal to "real women".The designer - who has returned to womenswear after a six-year break and put on a show at New York Fashion Week with a cast...

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Victoria Beckham's Curvy Collection

13th September 2010

Victoria Beckham's latest clothing collection is for "the curves of a woman's figure". The singer-turned-fashion designer - who unveiled her fifth collection during New York Fashion Week on Sunday (12.09.10) - revealed the range of...

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Hutton Shocked By Mclaren's Death

26th April 2010

Actress LAUREN HUTTON was stunned by the death of her ex-lover MALCOLM MCLAREN earlier this month (Apr10) - because the punk legend didn't tell her he was suffering from cancer.The former Sex Pistols manager died...

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Hutton Bared All At 61 To Show Off Real, Fit Body

20th April 2010

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON waited until she was 61 to strip off for a men's magazine - because she didn't want to embarrass her younger sisters at the height of her fame.The 66 year old...

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Hutton Owes Modelling Comeback To Olsen Twins

20th April 2010

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON has credited young fashion moguls MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN with helping her find her photoshoot skills in her 60s - after agreeing to pose in their Row designs.The Olsen Twins asked...

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Hutton Turned Down Cigarette Deal

19th April 2010

Modelling icon LAUREN HUTTON once turned down a lucrative cigarette ad deal, even though she was a smoker - because she didn't want to "push" nicotine on young girls.The 66-year-old fashion queen reveals she was...

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Hutton Recovering After Surfing Accident

30th April 2009

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON's recent vacation in Hawaii almost ended in tragedy after she collided with a fellow surfer. The 65 year old was paddling in the shallow waters off the coast of Hawaii earlier this...

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Fascinating Fact 6966

7th March 2009

EVA LONGORIA PARKER, BROOKE SHIELDS, LAUREN HUTTON, CARRIE UNDERWOOD and ANJELICA HUSTON are to appear in a new print ad celebrating the 20th anniversary of clothing giants Badgley Mischka. The women, all big fans of...

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Olsens Pick Hutton As Top Model

24th October 2008

Celebrity twins ASHLEY and MARY-KATE OLSEN asked 64-year-old supermodel and actress LAUREN HUTTON to become a lead model for their new clothing line - because she's their style icon. The 1970s and 1980s fashion icon...

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Hutton Blasts Sex And The City

29th May 2008

Model LAUREN HUTTON has hit out at SEX AND THE CITY's portrayal of promiscuous women - blaming "gay writers" for creating the stereotype that single women are "sluts". During a bizarre rant on U.S. breakfast...

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Hutton Helps Elderly Woman After Airport Collapse

16th April 2008

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON came to the rescue of a woman who collapsed at New York's JFK Airport on Tuesday (15Apr08). The 64-year-old beauty was waiting to board a flight to Los Angeles when she...

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Hutton Has Champagne Cup Breasts

8th November 2007

Sexy 60-something LAUREN HUTTON has created a new breast term after baring all on plastic surgery drama NIP/TUCK - 'champagne cups'. The model/actress came up with the phrase to describe her character's breasts on the...

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Hutton To Star In Nip/tuck

27th June 2007

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON will guest star in at least three episodes of U.S. hit show Nip/Tuck. The model/actress, 63, will play a Hollywood publicist bringing her star client to have plastic surgery. The show's...

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Hutton Plans Hang Gliding Adventure

6th July 2006

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON's serious motorcycle crash in 2000 hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for adventure - she's now taken up hang gliding as a hobby. The AMERICAN GIGOLO star is an avid motorcycle enthusiast...

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Fascinating Fact 1736

6th July 2006

LAUREN HUTTON used mortician's wax to fill in the gap between her teeth when she began modeling.

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Lauren Hutton Weeds Away Stress

18th November 2005

Movie veteran LAUREN HUTTON opts for a natural alternative to therapy - she uses gardening to relieve stress. The 62-year-old actress takes all her frustration out on the weeds that infest her private green...

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