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Bilson Slams Cruise And Holmes

9th August 2005

THE OC actress RACHEL BILSON is the latest celebrity to slam TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' public declarations of love. Bilson, who is enjoying a low key relationship with co-star ADAM BRODY, believes couples...

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Bacall Slams Cruise's 'Shocking, Vulgar' Behaviour

1st August 2005

Screen legend LAUREN BACALL has brandishing TOM CRUISE's public declarations of love for fiancee KATIE HOLMES as "shocking" and "vulgar". THE BIG SLEEP actress, 80, was amazed by the movie hunk's antics on THE...

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Disney Bosses Worried About Bacall's Reaction To Cartoon Witch

12th June 2005

Disney bosses were terrified of showing movie great LAUREN BACALL her animated witch character in new movie HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, because they feared the actress would take exception at the disgusting crone. The actress...

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Disney Hire 'Stunt Grunters' For Voice-saving Tricks

10th June 2005

DISNEY bosses hire "stunt grunters" in a bid to save the stars' voices when they're making animated movies. The voice extras are called in to add vocal sound effects to save the stars from...

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Cronenberg's Swedish Accolade

18th May 2005

Cult director DAVID CRONENBERG will be awarded a lifetime achievement award at the 2005 STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in November (05). Organisers announced this week (16MAY05) the Canadian will be presented with the Bronze...

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Bacall Sets Her Sights On Owen

6th May 2005

Hollywood veteran LAUREN BACALL is keen to work with hunky CLIVE OWEN - and has saucily announced she "has her eye on him". The 80-year-old screen star is known for her fondness of British...

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Bacall's Partner Is A Dog

15th April 2005

Legendary actress LAUREN BACALL has no need for a relationship with a man,because she's so happy living with her dog SOPHIE - who she refers to her as "my partner". The single 80-year-old, who...

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Bacall Blames Father For Failed Sinatra Relationship

10th April 2005

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL blames her father's abandonment for her failed relationship to singing legend FRANK SINATRA. Bacall announced her engagement to the MY WAY star in 1957 - shortly after the death...

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Bacall Urges Britain To Abolish Quarantine Laws

5th April 2005

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL has urged the British government to abolish its strict quarantine laws - because she's furious her beloved dog is banned from sharing her flights into the country. The BIRTH star,...

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Bacall's Grant Comments Spark Controversy

5th April 2005

Film legend LAUREN BACALL has sparked controversy by insisting HUGH GRANT doesn't have to be a good actor - because he's charming and good looking. The 80-year-old recently slammed Hollywood for choosing actresses with...

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Bacall Attacks Today's Actresses

5th April 2005

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL has launched another attack on today's actresses - accusing them of being skinny, talentless and money-obsessed women who sacrifice everything for fame. The 80-year-old BIRTH star insists she's glad she...

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Bacall Unimpressed By Beckinsale's Avaitor Performance

6th February 2005

KATE BECKINSALE failed to capture AVA GARDNER's "ravishing" quality in THE AVIATOR, according to Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL. The 80-year-old Bacall was more convinced by CATE BLANCHETT's performance of her close friend KATHARINE HEPBURN...

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Bogart's Children Emotionally Scarred

6th February 2005

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL believes her children were emotionally scarred after growing up in the shadow of their late father, Hollywood legend HUMPHREY BOGART. The Hollywood couple had been married for nearly 12...

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Giamatti Seeking Stage Role

2nd February 2005

Acclaimed actor PAUL GIAMATTI is desperate to work with KEVIN SPACEY on the London stage. Spacey is currently the artistic director of the British capital's Old Vic theatre. SIDEWAYS actor Giamatti wants to...

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Bacall Helps Blanchett Form Hepburn Role

7th December 2004

Actress CATE BLANCHETT credits LAUREN BACALL with helping her create an accurate portrayal of late movie legend KATHARINE HEPBURN in HOWARD HUGHES biopic THE AVIATOR. The Australian beauty thoroughly researched Hepburn's life and achievements...

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Bacall Couldn't Prove Bogart Was Dead

5th November 2004

LAUREN BACALL was banned from marrying second husband JASON ROBARDS in Austria 1960, because she didn't have a death certificate for her first husband HUMPHREY BOGART. Bacall tried to marry Robards in Vienna, just...

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Bacall: Young Stars Don't Want To Learn

24th October 2004

Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL has slammed young movie stars as not being interested enough in the art of acting. The 80-year-old, who first made her name appearing alongside HUMPHREY BOGART in the 1944 movie...

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Lee Agrees With Bacall: 'Kidman's No Legend'

15th October 2004

LATEST: CHRISTOPHER LEE has defended LAUREN BACALL's harsh criticism of NICOLE KIDMAN, insisting the veteran actress was "100 per cent right" when she claimed Kidman was not a legend. Bacall caused a furore when...

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Beatty Takes Over Brando's Honorary Chairman Post

21st September 2004

WARREN BEATTY has taken over late actor MARLON BRANDO's long-held position as honorary chairman of the STELLA ADLER SCHOOL OF ACTING. Beatty's first job will be to oversee the 8 November (04) STELLA BY...

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Bacall Praises Young Film-makers

10th September 2004

Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL has thanked up-and-coming movie directors for maintaining her passion for acting. The 79-year-old has applauded the innovative skills of contemporary film-makers including JONATHAN GLAZER - who directed her and co-star...

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Bacall Dismisses Kidman's 'Legend' Tag

8th September 2004

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL has balked at suggestions NICOLE KIDMAN is an acting "legend" - preferring instead to dub the Australian beauty a "beginner". During an interview on British TV show GMTV this morning...

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Cindy Crawford Turns Her Back On Peta

19th August 2004

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD has dealt a blow to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) movement by becoming spokeswoman for fur giant BLACKGLAMA. Ten years ago, the former wife of RICHARD GERE...

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Townsend Captures Lost Movie Magic

18th August 2004

Irish movie star STUART TOWNSEND has a special way of recalling his film set experiences - he turns each project into a scrapbook full of photographs. The QUEEN OF THE DAMNED star, who is...

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Bacall Adds To Her Autobiography

3rd August 2004

Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL is updating her autobiography to mark her 80th birthday - 25 years after it was originally released. The 79-year-old star of THE BIG SLEEP is writing a new edition...

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Combs' Acting Impresses Franklin

2nd July 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS was dumbfounded backstage at his Broadway, New York show A RAISIN IN THE SUN on Wednesday (30JUN04) when soul legend ARETHA FRANKLIN personally praised his performance. The hip-hop...

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Bosses Of Kidman's Movie Defend Controversial Scene

28th June 2004

LATEST: Bosses of NICOLE KIDMAN's latest movie BIRTH are defending the decision to include the actress in a bathtub scene with a 10-year-old boy. In the movie, the OSCAR-winning actress' dead husband is...

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Kirk Douglas Remarries

24th May 2004

Movie veteran KIRK DOUGLAS and his wife ANNE renewed their wedding vows in California at the weekend. The couple first said their 'I dos' at a ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1954 and...

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Bacall Slams Surgery Fans

12th May 2004

Hollywood veteran LAUREN BACALL has launched a furious attack on aged celebrities who undergo cosmetic surgery to refresh their looks, branding them sufferers of "youth sickness". The 79-year-old KEY LARGO star - who married...

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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Bacall Believes Hollywood Stars Lack Style

16th April 2004

Screen legend LAUREN BACALL has slammed today's stars for lacking style and wants women her age to cover-up. The elegant DOGVILLE star, 79, is shocked by some of the outfits worn by Hollywood's...

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