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Bacall: 'Hollywood Is A Zoo'

23rd August 2009

Screen legend LAUREN BACALL has hit out at the current state of Hollywood, insisting modern movie stars are only interested in fame.The How To Marry A Millionaire actress, who is considered part of Hollywood's golden...

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Bogart And Bacall's Son Sues Bosses

28th January 2009

The 60-year-old son of silver screen legends HUMPHREY BOGART and LAUREN BACALL has launched a lawsuit against his former employers - alleging they owe him money. Stephen Humphrey Bogart claims Moda Entertainment bosses hired him because...

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Bacall Takes Aim At Top Gun Tom

8th October 2008

Movie great LAUREN BACALL has blasted TOM CRUISE in a tribute to his ex-wife NICOLE KIDMAN. Outspoken Bacall reveals her Aussie pal was "unhappy" on the set of their movie Dogville, which Kidman made after...

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Righteous Kill Double Act Voted The Greatest In Film

25th September 2008

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, soon to be seen together in cop drama Righteous Kill, have been voted the ultimate pairing in film.Though the New York actors have only ever shared one scene together,...

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Bacall And Sarandon Honoured By University

10th September 2008

LAUREN BACALL and SUSAN SARANDON are to be honoured by Boston University as part of the institution's BETTE DAVIS Centenary Tribute. Davis was born in nearby Lowell, Massachusetts, and the university is marking what would...

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Bacall: 'I Will Only Make Great Movies'

12th December 2007

Screen legend LAUREN BACALL is determined to keep working at 83, but not if it means tarnishing her glittering career with mediocre roles. The Oscar nominee refuses to compromise her standards to stay in the...

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Jolie Tops 100 Sexiest List

6th December 2007

Angelina Jolie has been named the sexiest movie star ever in a new vote carried out by Tomb Raider star defeated V For Vendetta actress Natalie Portman to take the number one spot -...

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The Things They Say 6316

28th November 2007

"I'm called LAUREN by people who don't know me well. My friends all call me Betty... although NICOLE KIDMAN calls me Lauren and we're friends, so I suppose it's the way you feel about somebody....

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Bacall Wants A Male Escort

28th November 2007

Veteran actress LAUREN BACALL is on the hunt for a male escort after playing an aging socialite who hires one in new film THE WALKER. The movie icon, 83, has always admired women like former...

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The Things They Say 5892

17th October 2007

"I was just hoping to see her naked, so I could see what Bogey saw. But I saw nothing!" Moviemaker ROB REINER on hoping to catch his hero HUMPHREY BOGART's lover LAUREN BACALL nude while...

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Fascinating Fact 4064

10th October 2007

KATE BOSWORTH, JENNIFER CONNELLY, DIANE LANE, AMY ADAMS and LAUREN BACALL have been named among the recipients of this year's (07) Elle Magazine Women In Hollywood awards....

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Bacall Threatens To Haunt Her Kids

8th August 2007

Movie icon LAUREN BACALL has vowed to haunt her children from beyond the grave if they ever allow a film of her life to be made. The 82-year-old star admits she has turned down countless...

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The Things They Say 5273

28th July 2007

"The old days were great, but they don't exist any more. So why upset myself thinking about them?" Veteran actress LAUREN BACALL refuses to waste her time reminiscing over her career....

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The Things They Say 5248

24th July 2007

"Sex? I don't even remember the word." Legendary actress LAUREN BACALL's love life has slowed in her old age....

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Bacall Hates Hollywood

23rd July 2007

Legendary actress LAUREN BACALL has branded modern day celebrities "stupid" insisting they have ruined the industry. The 82-year-old star - who was once married to Humphrey Bogart - says she only has respect for serious...

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Bacall Surprised By Bogart

23rd July 2007

Veteran actress LAUREN BACALL was pleasantly surprised her co-star-turned-husband HUMPHREY BOGART wasn't a real life bad boy, unlike his reputation onscreen. The To Have and Have Not star never thought twice about marrying Bogart, despite...

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Bacall Puckers Up And Blows At Current Movie Fare

14th February 2007

Lauren Bacall, who made her starring debut in the film adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's To Have or Have Not 63 years ago, said Tuesday that movies have fallen victim to "mediocrity" over those years, "and...

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Bacall Refuses To Retire

14th February 2007

Legendary actress LAUREN BACALL refuses to retire from filmmaking because working helps to keep her feeling vital. The 82-year-old, whose career spans over 60 years, keeps making films, but is not happy about the current...

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Teen Star Simpson's Premiere Overshadowed

30th January 2007

Teenage actor ANDREW SIMPSON was left devastated when SYLVESTER STALLONE robbed him of his chance to chat up PARIS HILTON. Simpson recently jetted to New York City for the premiere of his new movie NOTES...

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Bacall And Danner Pick Up Inaugural Hepburn Awards

11th September 2006

Veteran actresses LAUREN BACALL and BLYTHE DANNER have been honoured with the inaugural awards at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania college's new KATHARINE HEPBURN centre. The Bryn Mawr College officially opened its Katherine Houghton Hepburn Center, set...

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The Things They Say 2506

24th July 2006

"LAUREN BACALL will do the one-armed push-up bit to ELTON JOHN's ROCKET MAN. WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN will take the staff down to the basement and teach them how to freebase myrrh (corr). It's...

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Bogart Honoured By New York City

27th June 2006

HUMPHREY BOGART has been immortalised in stone in New York City after the stretch of street outside his childhood home was renamed in his honour at the weekend (24-25JUN06). A section of pavement outside 245...

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Thornton And Bates In Candid Oscars Chat

18th April 2006

BILLY BOB THORNTON realised a career-long dream recently when he interviewed pal KATHY BATES for OPRAH WINFREY's TV show. The two Oscar winners got together in the library at Bates' Hollywood home to chat about...

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Harrelson To Play Gay Gigolo

24th March 2006

WOODY HARRELSON is to play gay as an ageing bisexual escort in what is being touted as the follow-up to cult 1980 film AMERICAN GIGOLO. The former CHEERS star will pick up where RICHARD GERE's...

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Bacall Hates Modern Technology

15th March 2006

Legendary actress LAUREN BACALL resents the abundance of modern technology in today's world because it destroys the human element in life. The DOGVILLE star insists people are losing touch with their emotions because they no...

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Fascinating Fact 647

9th December 2005

Hollywood veteran LAUREN BACALL joined fans outside the Dakota building in New York City paying tribute to late BEATLE JOHN LENNON on the 25th anniversary of his murder yesterday (08DEC05)....

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Bogart's Mistress Stays Put In New Orleans

1st September 2005

Silver screen legend HUMPHREY BOGART's 87-year-old former mistress has refused evacuation from her New Orleans home and has vowed to stand up to the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina. VERITA THOMPSON, Bogart's lover for...

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Etheridge And West Prepare To Lecture Students

24th August 2005

MELISSA ETHERIDGE, KANYE WEST and MARTHA STEWART are among the list of stars set to give lectures on college cable network mtvU. The stars will appear on STAND IN, which showcases celebrities as surprise...

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Fallon Defends Cruise And Holmes

10th August 2005

ALMOST FAMOUS actor JIMMY FALLON has leapt to the defence of Hollywood couple TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES, insisting their romance is real. While stars including SIR MICHAEL CAINE, LAUREN BACALL and JESSICA ALBA...

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Bilson Slams Cruise And Holmes

9th August 2005

THE OC actress RACHEL BILSON is the latest celebrity to slam TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' public declarations of love. Bilson, who is enjoying a low key relationship with co-star ADAM BRODY, believes couples...

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