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Directors Share Movie-going Memories

21st February 2007

Legendary filmmakers including ROMAN POLANSKI, THE COEN BROTHERS, DAVID CRONENBERG and LARS VON TRIER have all signed up for a Cannes Film Festival project to reveal what it means to go to the movies. The...

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East Of Bucharest Wins Best Film Award

2nd October 2006

Romanian director CORNELIU PORUMBOIU had double reason to celebrate this weekend (30SEP06) after his political film 12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST clinched two top prizes at Copenhagen's Fourth International Film Festival. The movie picked up the...

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Von Trier Embraces Horror

27th September 2006

DOGVILLE director LARS VON TRIER has confirmed his horror project ANTICHRIST will go ahead - despite a plot leak two years ago (04) seeing the film shelved. The maverick movie-maker is determined to try his...

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Bryce's Dad Warned About Von Trier

8th August 2006

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD was "upset" when her director father RON HOWARD warned her against working with demanding film-maker LARS VON TRIER - because she insists he's "the sweetest little man". The 25-year-old actress was auditioning...

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Kidman Confirmed For Compass

31st July 2006

Newlywed NICOLE KIDMAN is set to star as MRS COULTER in THE GOLDEN COMPASS, the film version of the first of PHILIP PULLMAN's bestselling HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy. ABOUT A BOY movie-maker CHRIS WEITZ will...

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The Things They Say 313

29th September 2005

"I think maybe his mum didn't do a very good job of bringing him up, and he wanted me to go in there and fix him, which I did. When he was being a spoiled...

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Emily Watson Turned Down Amelie

26th September 2005

Hit French movie AMELIE was originally written for British actress EMILY WATSON - but she couldn't speak the language. Movie maker JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET felt sure Watson could master the language when he created his...

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Deneuve Recalls Bjork's 'Wild' Behaviour On Movie Set

21st September 2005

BJORK's wayward behaviour angered director LARS VON TRIER when she failed to turn up to rehearsals for his 2000 film DANCER IN THE DARK, according to her co-star CATHERINE DENEUVE. Deneuve claims the Icelandic...

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Bjork Pleased She Broke Acting Promise

5th September 2005

Icelandic pop star BJORK is thrilled she broke her promise to ditch acting, because her collaboration with artist lover MATTHEW BARNEY in DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 has been a staggering success. The eccentric singer, who...

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Bell Exposes Trier's Nude Habits

4th August 2005

Award-winning teen star JAMIE BELL had an unforgettable time filming with LARS VON TRIER on the new drama DEAR WENDY, as the eccentric film maker spent his entire time on set in the nude....

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Kidman To Complete Von Trier Trilogy

20th May 2005

Screen beauty NICOLE KIDMAN will work with maverick director LARS VON TRIER again for the final part of his cinematic trilogy - despite complaining making his 2003 film DOGVILLE was her "craziest" movie experience....

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Trier: 'Black Americans Shunned My Slavery Film'

17th May 2005

LARS VON TRIER was forced to take his hunt for black actors to Britain, because hordes of African-American stars refused to play slaves. MANDERLAY - Von Trier's tale of slavery in the cotton fields...

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British Tv Channel Slammed For Airing Graphic Film

15th March 2005

British TV network CHANNEL 4 has been slammed by moral groups for screening sexually explicit scenes featured in director LARS VON TRIER's controversial movie THE IDIOTS. The cult 1998 Danish film was aired unedited...

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Von Trier Cuts Dogville Sequel

3rd March 2005

Danish director LARS VON TRIER is furious he's been forced to cut a scene featuring a donkey being slaughtered from DOGVILLE movie sequel MANDERLAY - after receiving hundreds of complaints. The controversial footage, which...

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Lars Von Trier Reinvents Gay Pornography

29th September 2004

DOGVILLE director LARS VON TRIER is determined to revolutionize the gay porn industry with his new homosexual adult movie. Von Trier's production company ZENTROPA has already made three X-rated movies for heterosexuals, CONSTANCE,...

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Watson Refutes Trier's 'Difficult' Tag

16th September 2004

British actress EMILY WATSON is sceptical about director LARS VON TRIER's 'difficult' reputation - she's convinced he perpetuates it himself. While NICOLE KIDMAN and BJORK both had challenging experiences working with the Danish film-maker...

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Bjork: Dancer Set Was 'Nasty'

8th July 2004

Wacky pop star BJORK had a "nasty" experience filming the 2000 film DANCER IN THE DARK. The IT'S OH SO QUIET singer admits she clashed with other cast members on the set of the...

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Von Trier Quits Rings Spectacle

9th June 2004

Maverick film-maker LARS VON TRIER has thrown an opera festival tour into chaos after pulling out of directing composer RICHARD WAGNER's classic RING cycle, insisting he's not up to the task. The DOGVILLE director...

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Manderlay Producer Defends Donkey Decision

4th May 2004

LATEST: Bosses of LARS VON TRIER's movie MANDERLAY have defended their decision to portray the slaughter of a donkey - insisting the animal they used was due to be put down anyway. Actor JOHN...

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Lars + Lauren Fall Out Over Tv Volume

12th April 2004

LARS VON TRIER and LAUREN BACALL fell out on the set of arthouse film DOGVILLE because the Hollywood icon refused to turn the volume on her TV set down. The Danish director struggled to...

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Bettany Learns American From Nicole's Coach

12th April 2004

British movie star PAUL BETTANY was so desperate to sound like a real American in new movie DOGVILLE, he begged NICOLE KIDMAN's voice coach to help him. The actor arrived in Denmark for the...

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Dafoe Signs Up For Dogville Sequel

8th April 2004

Hollywood actor WILLEM DAFOE has inked a deal to star in LARS VON TRIER's sequel to 2003 drama DOGVILLE. In MANDERLAY, Defoe will play the father of NICOLE KIDMAN's character GRACE, who will be...

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Osama's Brother Keeps His Name Off The Credits

10th March 2004

OSAMA BIN LADEN's movie producer half-brother YESLAM BINLADIN (corr) has been forced to leave his name off film projects for fears his surname will drive cinemagoers away. The Switzerland-based businessman is on the board...

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Maine City Hopes Stephen King Book Will Boost Tourism

3rd March 2004

An upcoming STEPHEN KING mini-series about a haunted hospitals has high expectations pinned on it - officials in Lewiston, Maine, are hoping it will boost the city's tourism. The 15-hour KINGDOM HOSPITAL, which begins...

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Von Trier: I'm 'Perverted' Like The British

29th January 2004

Danish director LARS VON TRIER likens the British habit of making life difficult for themselves to his own complex movie methods. The film-maker describes his new movie DOGVILLE, which stars NICOLE KIDMAN, as...

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Von Trier: I Make Films For Me

28th January 2004

DOGVILLE director LARS VON TRIER refuses to respond to audience reactions to his off-beat movies - because he makes films that he wants to see. The controversial Dane has been much criticised by film...

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Ron Howard's Daughter To Replace Nicole Kidman In Trier Trilogy

3rd December 2003

Film-maker RON HOWARD's daughter BRYCE is expected to replace NICOLE KIDMAN in LARS VON TRIER's next two films in the trilogy he started with DOGVILLE. The 21-year-old actress, who's currently shooting M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's...

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Paul Bettany: I Fought With Lars Von Trier

21st November 2003

British actor PAUL BETTANY had an onset stand-off with Swedish director LARS VON TRIER after disagreeing with his style of working. The pair had a brief falling out on the set of new movie...

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Bettany Tricked Into Von Trier Film By Pal Skarsgard

18th November 2003

Actor PAUL BETTANY was tricked into joining the cast of Swedish director LARS VON TRIER's film DOGVILLE by his desperate pal STELLAN SKARSGARD. GOOD WILL HUNTING actor Skarsgard convinced Bettany working with the...

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Nicole Kidman Can't Watch Her Own Movie

2nd October 2003

NICOLE KIDMAN fled a cinema screening of her latest movie DOGVILLE - because she couldn't cope with watching a shocking rape attack on her character. The MOULIN ROUGE! star was at a preview screening...

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