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Metallica Admit They Are No Good At Guitar Hero

9th September 2008

Rock band METALLICA have admitted that they are bad at playing Guitar Hero, despite the fact that one of their albums is set to released for the game According to NME magazine, the group's latest...

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Noel Gallagher Praises Obama's Acceptance Speech

2nd September 2008

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER has said that he wishes the US presidential candidate Barack Obama was British.Writing on a blog he created to document his band's current tour of America, the guitarist noted that he...

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The Things They Say 9329

2nd September 2008

"I'm not like some (METALLICA star) LARS ULRICH f**king character who would have all these kids locked up... As long as I can keep my swimming pool and my Rolls-Royce, that's all I'm worried about."...

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Gallagher Helped Ulrich Battle Drug Demons

28th August 2008

METALLICA star LARS ULRICH has given up cocaine - thanks to OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER. The drummer decided to quit the drug after watching Gallagher successfully battle his cocaine demons in the 1990s. Ulrich says,...

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The Things They Say 9254

22nd August 2008

"I'm 44-years-old. I argue enough with my kids about finishing their vegetables. I don't like to argue about which guitar solo should be on song nine." METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH refuses to argue with his...

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Ulrich Denies Dumping Producer

22nd August 2008

METALLICA star LARS ULRICH denies "turning his back" on longtime collaborator BOB ROCK in favour of music producer RICK RUBIN. The rockers hired Rubin for their tenth studio album Death Magnetic and Ulrich insists they...

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Metallica: 'Film Proved We Were Egomaniacs'

22nd August 2008

METALLICA stars LARS ULRICH and JAMES HETFIELD are pleased they starred in 2004 "rockumentary" SOME KIND OF MONSTER - because it forced them to quit arguing with each other. The rockers took part in the...

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Ulrich Fears Ruining Album

19th March 2008

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH is desperate to release the legendary band's new album - fearing they'll "f**k it up" if they tweak it too much. The Enter Sandman rockers are infamously fractious in the studio...

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Metallica And Kasabian Added To London Live Earth

20th June 2007

Metallica, Kasabian and Pussycat Dolls have been added to the line-up for London's Live Earth concert.They will be joined by Terra Naomi, completing the final roster of acts performing at Wembley Stadium on July 7th.The...

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Metallica Star Felt Compelled To Join Live Earth Line-up

20th June 2007

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH pushed his bandmates to take part in the upcoming Live Earth global spectacular - because he didn't want his sons to inherit an environmentally-challenged planet after his death. The green-minded rocker...

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Baby Joy For Ulrich And Nielsen

25th May 2007

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH and his girlfriend, Gladiator star CONNIE NIELSEN, are celebrating the birth of their first child together. The baby boy was born in New York earlier this week (begs21May07), but his name...

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Andersen Confirms Kid Rock Romance

6th April 2007

Danish model MAY ANDERSEN has confirmed she's dating KID ROCK, adding she thinks the former husband of her namesake, PAMELA ANDERSON, is "really sweet". Rock and Andersen were spotted together at last month's (MAR07) Rock...

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Metallica Work 9-5 On New Album

5th January 2007

METALLICA's new album is taking longer to make, because the bandmembers have had to shed their wild rocker pasts and become responsible adults. The rock legends spent almost all of 2006 writing tracks for the...

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Lars Ulrich And Connie Nielsen Expecting

7th December 2006

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH and actress CONNIE NIELSEN are expecting their first child together. The Danish-born couple have been dating for nearly two years. Nielsen's representative, JOY LIMANON, confirms the baby is due next...

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The Things They Say 2972

22nd September 2006

"I don't think there's anybody in this band who hasn't had crabs a couple of times, or the occasional drip-d**k." Metallica drummer LARS ULRICH has had run-ins with sexually transmitted infections.

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The Things They Say 2316

22nd June 2006

"I have nightmares about playing and one of my old man arms goes flying off into the audience! That would be the best souvenir from a show ever." METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH admits age isn't...

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Ulrich Explains 2004 Download Festival No-show

12th June 2006

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH has spoken out about his no-show at England's Download Festival in 2004, insisting he was so shocked at finding his wife in bed with prostitutes, he was unable to perform. Ulrich...

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Metallica Go Back On Their Word

1st March 2006

LATEST: Rockers METALLICA have recruited RICK RUBIN to producer their next album - after vowing not to replace longterm collaborator BOB ROCK. Drummer LARS ULRICH recently refuted claims Rubin was being courted, insisting, "I would...

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Metallica To Stick With Bob Rock

22nd February 2006

Rock veterans METALLICA have rubbished rumours they plan to sack longterm producer BOB ROCK and hire RICK RUBIN to make their new album. Drummer LARS ULRICH insists Rock with be in the driving seat...

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Ulrich Slams Mustaine

17th February 2006

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH has attacked former bandmate DAVE MUSTAINE, accusing him of using the band to promote his own group MEGADETH. Mustaine recently complained about a recent Metallica documentary he appeared in -...

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Metallica Fulfill Stones Dream

24th November 2005

Rock legends METALLICA fulfilled a lifetime ambition last week (ends18NOV05) when they performed alongside their music heroes THE ROLLING STONES. The band took to the stage in their hometown of San Francisco, California, on...

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Metallica's Ulrich 'Breakdown' On Plane

24th February 2005

METALLICA's LARS ULRICH pulled out of a major British rock festival last year (04) after suffering a mental collapse in a plane on the way to the event. Two drummers - SLAYER's DAVE LOMBARDO...

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Ulrich: 'I Am An Obsessive Perfectionist'

23rd February 2005

METALLICA rocker LARS ULRICH is doing his best to control his quest for perfection, because his obsessive behaviour often alienates those around him. The ENTER SANDMAN drummer, who was shown in therapy with the...

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Ulrich Confirms Metallica Computer Game

23rd February 2005

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH has confirmed the heavy metal band will be immortalised in a computer game. Poking fun at last year's (04) Metallica documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER, Ulrich has also made it...

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Ulrich: 'Some Kind Of Monster Outtakes Are A Possibility'

22nd February 2005

Rocker LARS ULRICH has hinted METALLICA are considering releasing outtakes from their documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER - featuring lengthy sessions of the band in therapy. Drummer Ulrich is keen to allow fans to...

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Nielsen Still Smoking

3rd February 2005

CONNIE NIELSEN has started smoking again even though she's campaigning to raise awareness of heart disease amongst women. The GLADIATOR beauty, who is dating METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH, gave up the unhealthy habit for...

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Ulrich Remembers Dimebag

13th December 2004

METALLICA rocker LARS ULRICH has paid tribute to guitarist 'DIMEBAG' DARRELL ABBOTT and the other victims of last week's (08DEC04) DAMAGEPLAN concert killings. Drummer Ulrich was devastated when he heard ex-Marine NATHAN GALE had...

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Metallica Worried About Sober Hetfield

27th September 2004

METALLICA rockers LARS ULRICH and KIRK HAMMETT dreaded the moment frontman JAMES HETFIELD returned to the band after recovering from alcoholism - because they didn't want to record an album of "rehab songs". Drummer...

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Metallica Star Splits With Wife

20th July 2004

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH has split with his wife SKYLAR, following reports he's dating actress CONNIE NIELSEN. The NOTHING ELSE MATTERS star was spotted kissing the GLADIATOR beauty in New York recently, sparking fears...

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Sharon Osbourne: The Most Important Person In Rock

21st June 2004

Music manager SHARON OSBOURNE has been named the Most Important Person in rock by Britain's KERRANG! magazine. The wife of former BLACK SABBATH singer OZZY beat out competition from tragic NIRVANA frontman KURT COBAIN...

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