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Stars Pay Tribute To Lou Reed

28th October 2013

Stars have rushed to pay tribute to Lou Reed, who passed away yesterday (27.10.13).The former Velvet Underground star died from complications stemming from a liver transplant earlier this year, and ex-bandmates, friends and fans have...

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Lars Ulrich Makes His Kids Rock

19th October 2013

Lars Ulrich introduced his children to rock music at a young age.The Metallica drummer is tired of his kids - Miles, 15, Layne, 12, and five-year-old Bryce - fighting over the same favourite band, but...

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Lars Ulrich Desperate For Metallica To Play Glastonbury

15th October 2013

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has urged the boss of Britain's Glastonbury festival to hire the band as headliners amid fears he'll never get to grace the stage at the iconic event.The rockers have yet to...

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Metallica Influenced Edm?

26th September 2013

Metallica hope they have influenced dance music.The 'Creeping Death' band are known for pioneering the thrash metal genre and were one of the fastest bands around in the early 80s, which they think may have...

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Lars Ulrich: 'Metallica Is A Healthy Band'

16th August 2013

Metallica star Lars Ulrich credits the group's healthy diet and lifestyle for its longevity, insisting all his bandmates eat well and try to live balanced lives when they're not on the road.The drummer tells Nylon...

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Lars Ulrich Engaged - Report

11th July 2013

Metallica star Lars Ulrich is engaged to marry his model girlfriend, according to a U.S. report.The drummer and his partner Jessica Miller reportedly celebrated the impending nuptials by hosting an engagement party in Las Vegas...

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Metallica Tour To 'Get Out The House'

29th June 2013

Metallica's Lars Ulrich loves touring because it gets him ''out of the house''.The 'Enter Sandman' band's founder and drummer is a family man but admits playing in a loud heavy metal band is easier than...

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Jason Newsted: 'I Saved Metallica'

3rd June 2013

Jason Newsted believes he ''saved'' Metallica.The bass player joined the 'Enter Sandman' group in 1986 to replace Cliff Burton - who had died in a road accident - and left in 2001 after relationships between...

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Lars Ulrich Wants To Direct A Movie

20th May 2013

Metallica's Lars Ulrich wants to direct a movie.The 'Enter Sandman' musician is promoting the band's new 3D concert film, 'Through the Never', at the Cannes film festival in France, where he revealed his ambitions to...

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Metallica Still Searching For 'Ultimate Riff'

14th May 2013

Metallica are still searching for the ''ultimate riff''.The 'Nothing Else Matters' rockers, who are currently in the midst of travelling the world performing various gigs, are looking forward to releasing a follow-up record from 2008's...

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Lars Ulrich Comfortable On Camera

13th April 2013

Lars Ulrich doesn't mind people filming his receding hairline. The Metallica drummer has been comfortable with the camera since the band made warts-and-all documentary film 'Some Kind Of Monster', released in 2004, and he insists...

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Ex-metallica Man's 'Squillion' Dollar Reunion

28th December 2012

Jason Newsted would only re-join Metallica for a ''squillion dollars''.The bass player was added to the 'Enter Sandman' group in 1986 to replace Cliff Burton - who had died in a road accident - and...

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Metallica's 'Loud And Crazy' New Tracks

18th December 2012

Metallica's new material sounds ''energetic, loud and crazy''.The 'Master of Puppets' group are back in the studio working on tracks to follow up 2008's 'Death Magnetic', and drummer Lars Ulrich is excited about the...

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Metallica Pay Tribute To Green Day

30th October 2012

Metallica paid tribute to Green Day after replacing them at a festival. The heavy metal group stepped in for the 'Oh Love' punk band at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, after they cancelled all...

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Metallica Tour Gets Off To Explosive Start In Mexico City

30th July 2012

The start of Metallica's Mexican tour has got off to a blazing start, according to a report from Associated Press. The band's vocalist, James Hetfield, had warned their fans that things could get 'perilous' and...

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Metallica Head Back To The Studio

27th July 2012

Metallica are recording a new album later this year. The 'Enter Sandman' group are set to head back into the studio to follow up 2008's 'Death Magnetic' in autumn, as soon as they complete work...

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Metallica's Lars Ulrich 'Regressed' At Drumming

28th June 2012

Metallica's Lars Ulrich feels he's ''regressed,'' when it comes to playing drums. The sticksman may have been with the band for 30 years, but joked he doesn't feel like he's getting better with age. When...

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Metallica Headline Download

10th June 2012

Metallica closed the second day of Download festival last night (09.06.12).The iconic 'Master of Puppets' group played a two-hour set which incorporated a performance of their entire iconic self titled album - known to fans...

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Lars Ulrich Touched By Disabled Fan's Metallica Documentary

8th June 2012

Lars Ulrich has heaped praise on a disabled fan who made a movie about his attempts to meet Metallica, calling the documentary "deeply moving".Rock devotee Tom Spicer - who suffers from Fragile X syndrome, a...

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Arctic Monkeys Are 'Heavy Metal In Disguise'

6th June 2012

Metallica think Arctic Monkeys are a ''heavy metal band disguised as an indie band.''The 'Enter Sandman' group have signed the British rockers to appear at their Orion festival in the US, and while some think...

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Metallica Have Plenty Of Riffs For Next Album

1st June 2012

Metallica have ''846 riffs'' ready for their next album. The ''Enter Sandman' group have been in the studio looking to record the follow up to 2008's 'Death Magnetic' album, and frontman James Hetfield was surprised...

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Metallica Can't Afford Break

29th May 2012

Metallica can't afford to take time off.The 'Enter Sandman' hitmakers - who earn a reported $90 million from their tours - claim the music industry has changed so much, they are no longer able to...

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The Things They Say 25102

4th May 2012

"When Metallica do impulsive riffing and Lou Reed is reciting abstract poetry about German bohemians from 150 years ago, it can be difficult to embrace." Rocker Lars Ulrich understands why so many people weren't fans...

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Metallica Want To Headline Glastonbury

23rd April 2012

Metallica want to headline Glastonbury. The 'Enter Sandman' heavy metal group would love to headline the British festival - one of the biggest in Europe - but have never been invited by organisers Michael and...

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Ulrich: 'I Didn't Ask Hulk Hogan To Be A Metallica Member'

12th April 2012

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has no recollection of asking U.S. wrestling icon Hulk Hogan to join the band, dismissing remarks the fighter made in January (12).Hogan told The Sun newspaper that Ulrich had once asked...

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Metallica Exploring Release Strategies

2nd March 2012

Metallica are thinking of ''wacky'' ways to release new music.The 'Enter Sandman' hitmakers' record deal with Warner expired following the release of 2008's 'Death Magnetic', but they have been recording new songs and are currently...

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Corey Taylor To Debut Solo Acoustic Set At Download Festival

1st March 2012

Download Festival has announced a further 22 acts to its line-up; including Cancer Bats, Rise To Remain and Saxon, who will join the headliners The Prodigy, Metallica and Black Sabbath on 8-10 June 2012, which...

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Ulrich: 'Reed Took Metallica Album Criticism Personally'

24th February 2012

Lou Reed struggled to deal with criticism over his recent collaboration with Metallica as he took fans' negative comments "personally", according to Lars Ulrich.The veteran musician teamed up with the heavy rockers to record 2011's...

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Metallica Working On 3d Film

9th January 2012

Metallica are working on a 3D concert film. The 'Enter Sandman' heavy metal band are in the "very early stages of production" for the self-financed movie, expected to be released in summer next year. The...

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Metallica Release Beyond Magnetic

13th December 2011

Metallica have released a new EP, 'Beyond Magnetic', in celebration of their 30th anniversary. The 'Enter Sandman' heavy metal band celebrated their landmark birthday with four shows in their hometown, San Francisco, last week, where...

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