DOGVILLE director Lars Von Trier is determined to revolutionize the gay porn industry with his new homosexual adult movie.

Von Trier's production company ZENTROPA has already made three X-rated movies for heterosexuals, CONSTANCE, PINK PRISON and ALL ABOUT ANNA, which conform to the principles of his DOGMA MOVEMENT - no artificial lighting, a convincing plot and dialogue and professional acting - and he's brought his avant-garde approach to his first gay pornographic movie, HOT MEN COOL BOYZ, which is released worldwide on DVD on 6 October 04.

Zentropa representative NICOLAS BARBANO says, "Feelings, passions, sensuality, intimacy and the lead-up must be emphasized.

"Now wanting to tackle the issue of male homosexuality, Lars von Trier is pursuing his efforts to decipher human emotions, and gay sex is part of that.

"To our great surprise, Hot Men Cool Boyz, which was filmed in 2000, at first met with criticism from distributors of gay films. For a long time, they said the film was 'too different'."

29/09/2004 02:41