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Jolie Bonds With Child Alexander

26th November 2004

Hollywood beauty ANGELINA JOLIE formed such a close bond with ALEXANDER child actor JESSIE KAMM on set of the historical epic, she felt like a mother to him. The LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER actress...

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Jolie Snubs Voight At Hotel

12th November 2004

Hollywood beauty ANGELINA JOLIE stayed in the same Californian hotel as her estranged father JON VOIGHT last weekend (06-07NOV04) - but the pair never spoke a word to each other. The brunette actress, 29,...

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Jolie's Club Investment

7th November 2004

Actress ANGELINA JOLIE is putting her huge Hollywood salary to good use by investing in an exclusive London nighclub. The LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER beauty is regarded as a good business woman and her...

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Actor In Seagal Movie Lands Payout

24th October 2004

A British actor has received a $18,000 (GBP10,000) payout after he was injured while filming a fight scene with martial arts star STEVEN SEAGAL. SANG CAM LUI was dropped on his head after a...

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Hurley Got Me Arrested, Claims Director

15th October 2004

Actress ELIZABETH HURLEY landed her director in trouble with the police in the United Arab Emirates, when she broke the law by stripping off. Early in her career, the sexy star was touring the...

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Craig Sets Moss Record Straight

13th October 2004

British actor DANIEL CRAIG has ended speculation he is dating supermodel KATE MOSS - insisting they have only ever been friends. The LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER star was widely rumoured to have been romancing...

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Craig More At Home In Britain

1st October 2004

DANIEL CRAIG has turned his back on Hollywood, because he feels more at home making smaller British films. The star - who was recently linked to supermodel KATE MOSS - has ventured across the...

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Jolie Vows: 'No More Tomb Raider'

17th September 2004

ANGELINA JOLIE has made her last TOMB RAIDER movie and is happy to leave the action heroine behind. Jolie was keen to reprise her role as LARA CROFT in last year's (03) sequel to...

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Jolie Slams Flop Sequel

9th August 2004

TOMB RAIDER 2 flopped at the box office because advertising posters were "unsexy", according to the film's star ANGELINA JOLIE. The actress blames the film's marketing managers for overly airbrushing images of her as...

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Timberlake To Sue Newspaper Over Cheating Story

22nd July 2004

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's lawyers have been instructed to sue British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD over a "bogus" story the pop star cheated on his girlfriend, CAMERON DIAZ, with a model. LARA CROFT impersonator LUCY...

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Blaine Spotted With Model Hall

21st June 2004

Magician DAVID BLAINE has been spotted getting close with RALPH LAUREN model BRIDGET HALL - even though he is still dating German girlfriend MANON VON GERKAN. The New York-born illusionist has already been...

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Gigli Heads Up The Razzie Nominations

26th January 2004

Love split couple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ look set to sweep the board at this year's RAZZIE AWARDS (04) - their flop film GIGLI has picked up an impressive nine nominations. The MARTIN...

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Craig Hated Tomb Raider Role

19th January 2004

DANIEL CRAIG hated starring in the original LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER action movie - because it stopped him acting. The 35-year-old is more known for his 'serious' roles in films such as ELIZABETH and...

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Angelina Ponders Tomb Raider Return

28th October 2003

Action babe ANGELINA JOLIE is considering returning to the critically-panned TOMB RAIDER franchise - because she loves the LARA CROFT character so much. Both audiences and reviewers responded unenthusiastically to the sequel, LARA CROFT...

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Uma Thurman Eager To Take On Lara Croft

5th October 2003

KILL BILL babe UMA THURMAN believes she would have no problem tackling the action role of TOMB RAIDER legend LARA CROFT, played by ANGELINA JOLIE. The blonde actress has won much acclaim for her...

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Vanessa Wants Lara Role

29th September 2003

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON is desperate to take over ANGELINA JOLIE's TOMB RAIDER role when the actress hangs up her action costume. Carlton hates videogames, but she'd happily take on the LARA CROFT role...

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China Bans Tomb Raider Sequel

29th August 2003

LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER - THE CRADLE OF LIFE has been banned in China because it portrays the country "negatively". The ANGELINA JOLIE-led film has failed to win the approval of Chinese censors,...

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Jolie Visits Refugees Near Chechnya

22nd August 2003

Hollywood heroine ANGELINA JOLIE has visited a Chechen refugee camp. The LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER star was engulfed by refugees at the tent camp earlier today (22AUG03), but many were frustrated in their attempts...

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Angelina's Home Woes

20th August 2003

ANGELINA JOLIE may be a Hollywood A-lister but she still has mundane domestic worries - she's waiting for curtains to be delivered to her new house. The TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE star...

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Meg Ryan's Flick Makes Way For Blockbusters

3rd August 2003

Movie beauty MEG RYAN has found herself in the company of stars including CHRISTINA RICCI and VAL KILMER after her new movie had its release date pushed back to next year (04). AGAINST THE...

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Lara Croft Sequel Disappoints Movie Executives

28th July 2003

LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE has failed to set American box offices alight as expected. The ANGELINA JOLIE starring sequel has disappointed movie executives by entering the box office charts in...

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Britney Spears Heads To The Races

24th July 2003

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS has released details of her second acting role - despite movie debut CROSSROADS being panned by critics. The OVERPROTECTED singer will produce as well as star in TRADING PAINT -...

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Jolie Revels In Asian Attention

22nd July 2003

ANGELINA JOLIE's adoption of a Cambodian boy has sparked excitement across Asia - from swarms of men hoping to land a date with the actress. Sexy TOMB RAIDER star Jolie, 27, adopted orphan MADDOX...

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Stallone Criticises Today's Action Flicks

21st July 2003

RAMBO star SYLVESTER STALLONE is thoroughly unimpressed by this summer's (03) action blockbusters - he reckons they're so formulaic they could all be mixed together and no-one would know the difference. The muscle-clad screen...

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Video Director's Tomb Raider Hell

11th July 2003

Ace video director DAVID MEYERS will be thinking twice about taking charge of anymore movie videos after struggling with ANGELINA JOLIE and PINK while making promos. The hot director, who has won awards for...

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2003 Box Office Takings Fall Behind 2002

8th July 2003

This year's (03) Hollywood blockbusters are failing to turn around a box-office slump following the record year of 2002, despite a handful of mega-budget sequels. The likes of THE MATRIX RELOADED, TERMINATOR 3: RISE...

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Jolie Gets Real For New Look Lara

8th July 2003

ANGELINA JOLIE owes her sexy new look in the TOMB RAIDER sequel to "real foods" and breakfast fry-ups. The curvy actress wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of having to diet and get back...

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Lucy Liu Kicks A**

2nd July 2003

LUCY LIU's character in new QUENTIN TARANTINO film KILL BILL would easily beat TOMB RAIDER tough girl LARA CROFT or THE MATRIX's TRINITY, according to the actress. The 34-year-old isn't so sure if her...

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Jolie Milks It For Campaign

19th June 2003

Eccentric actress ANGELINA JOLIE has taken to promoting the health benefits of milk - while wearing her skimpy LARA CROFT gear. The tattooed beauty, who divorced second husband BILLY BOB THORNTON last month (MAY03),...

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Angelina Jolie "Hated" Lara Croft

30th May 2003

Sexy babe ANGELINA JOLIE hated her famous LARA CROFT character at first - because she was just a "cartoonish cute girl in hotpants". The 27-year-old star wowed cinema audiences with her portrayal of the...

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