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Spector's Lawyers Release Coroner's Report

7th May 2004

Lawyers for PHIL SPECTOR released a coroner's report yesterday (06MAY04) which suggests murdered actress LANA CLARKSON may have fired the gun herself. A report by the music producer's attorneys claims Clarkson - who was...

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Mystery Evidence Revealed In Spector Case

5th February 2004

LATEST: The mystery evidence PHIL SPECTOR's defence team are refusing to hand over is a torn piece of the victim LANA CLARKSON's fingernail. Spector's attorney ROBERT SHAPIRO has declined the prosecution's requests to hand...

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Phil Spector's Defence Hold Evidence

23rd January 2004

Murder suspect PHIL SPECTOR's defence team are refusing to hand over a mystery piece of "physical evidence". Los Angeles DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY DOUGLAS SORTINO wants the legendary producer's lawyer ROBERT SHAPIRO to reveal the...

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Dancer: Spector Made Me Perform Oral Sex At Gunpoint

12th December 2003

Murder suspect PHIL SPECTOR once forced topless dancer SANDY KANE to give him oral sex at gun point, she has alleged. The 46-year-old - who says the incident took place 25 years ago at...

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Death Scene Described In Spector Case

11th December 2003

Actress LANA CLARKSON died of a single gunshot wound to the mouth at PHIL SPECTOR's mansion, according to search warrants unsealed yesterday (09DEC03) in the rock producer's murder case. Clarkson's broken teeth lay scattered...

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Spector's Ex Tells Of Devastation Over Murder Charge

9th December 2003

PHIL SPECTOR's ex-wife RONNIE SPECTOR GREENFIELD is "devastated" the producer has been charged with the murder of B-movie actress LANA CLARKSON. The former RONETTES singer told reporters in New York on Monday (08DEC03) she...

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Spector Told Chauffeur He 'Killed Somebody'

21st November 2003

LATEST: Legendary record producer PHIL SPECTOR allegedly told his chauffeur he thought he had "killed somebody" on the night of actress LANA CLARKSON was shot at his Alhambra, California home. According to a newly-released...

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Spector Charged

20th November 2003

LATEST: Legendary record producer PHIL SPECTOR has been charged with murder following the 3 February (03) shooting of actress LANA CLARKSON at his Alhambra, California, home. Spector's $1 million (GBP588,235) bail was extended a...

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Actor Forced To Relive Brandon Lee Tragedy In New Tv Show

28th October 2003

The man behind the shooting tragedy that left BRANDON LEE dead on the set of THE CROW has been forced to relive the moment he pulled the trigger in a new role. Actor MICHAEL...

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Death At Spector's Home Ruled As Homicide

23rd September 2003

LANA CLARKSON, the actress who died of gunshot wounds at legendary producer PHIL SPECTOR's Californian home, was murdered according to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. The 40-year old died of wounds to the...

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Phil Spector Investigation Inspires Tv Show Episode

16th September 2003

The murder investigation surrounding music producer PHIL SPECTOR will be loosely covered in an upcoming episode of American TV detective show LA DRAGNET. Actor ED O'NEILL, who plays JOE FRIDAY in the series, says...

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Starsailor Sacked 'Strange' Spector

2nd September 2003

British band STARSAILOR sacked eccentric pop producer PHIL SPECTOR because he was too strange. The rockers tempted former BEATLES producer Spector out of retirement to work on their new album SILENCE IS EASY, just...

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James Walsh: Not Sure If Spector Guilty

27th August 2003

STARSAILOR rocker JAMES WALSH has spoken about working with PHIL SPECTOR - but says he has no idea if the legendary producer is guilty of murder or not. The ALCOHOLIC hitmaker - who worked...

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Nancy Back With Spector

7th August 2003

NANCY SINATRA has rekindled her friendship with troubled ex-lover PHIL SPECTOR - who is currently fighting accusations he shot a waitress in his Hollywood home. Sinatra and Spector fell out following their romance, with...

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Phil Spector Left Hanging On In Murder Trial

3rd August 2003

Music producer PHIL SPECTOR is still waiting to discover whether or not authorities will file charges against him for the death of an actress at his Alhambra, Los Angeles mansion. LANA CLARKSON was shot...

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Case Against Phil Spector Delayed

30th July 2003

PHIL SPECTOR's murder case has been delayed because sheriff's detectives will not be ready to present a case against the music producer at his scheduled 5 August (03) court date. Spector, 62, whose 'wall...

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Starsailor: We Never Thought Spector Was Dangerous

25th June 2003

British band STARSAILOR have spoken for the first time about the experience of being the last band to work with PHIL SPECTOR before his shocking arrest. Lead singer JAMES WALSH admits that, while the...

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Phil Spector Gatecrashes Party

16th June 2003

Troubled producer PHIL SPECTOR stunned diners at a New York eatery when he allegedly gatecrashed a private party and demanded revellers allow him to eat in peace. Spector - currently awaiting a verdict on...

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Police Fury At Spector Interview

6th June 2003

LATEST: Troubled record producer PHIL SPECTOR has angered police with his claims actress LANA CLARKSON committed suicide - because they haven't even spoken to him about the suspected murder yet. Spector, 62, is on...

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Spector: 'Clarkson Killed Herself'

4th June 2003

Legendary music producer PHIL SPECTOR claims the woman he is accused of murdering earlier this year (02FEB03) actually shot herself. Spector, 63, is currently on $1 million (GBP670,000) bail, charged with the murder of...

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Spector Case Still A Mystery

25th April 2003

LATEST: Los Angeles police are so determined to make sure there are no slip-ups in the upcoming PHIL SPECTOR murder trial they haven't even ruled on the victim LANA CLARKSON's cause of death....

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