RANDY BLYTHE, lead singer of US metal band Lamb of God has been arrested in Prague over the death of a fan at a gig in the Czech Republic in an incident that happened two years ago.
It is believed that 44 year-old singer was detained at Prague airport on Wednesday, forcing the band to cancel a scheduled performance happening the following night.
The incident, which took place at a gig in the country in 2010, involved a 19-year-old fan dying 14 days after allegedly being pushed from the stage by Blythe. Officials had been waiting for the singer's return to the country so that they could detain him for questioning. It has been reported that the singer has now been released from custody.
The incident stems from when a fan attempted to climb on stage during a concert the Abaton club in Prague on 24 May 2010. According to reports, the fan had repeatedly tried to climb onto the stage before allegedly being pushed by Mr Blythe and hitting the concrete floor, dying a fortnight later.
A post-mortem examination reportedly found that he had not been drunk or under the influence of drugs, making the fall, and Blythe's push, the major factor in the death.