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Tony Bennett Breaks His Own Record, As Lady Gaga Duets Album Debuts At Billboard Number One Spot

By Stephanie Chase | 2nd October 2014

Tony Bennett will be celebrating hitting the top spot of the US billboard charts this weekend, beating his own record for the oldest living artist to earn a number one album. The 88 year old...

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Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Scores Number 1 Album With 'Cheek To Cheek'

By Ed Biggs | 2nd October 2014

One of the less likely musical match-ups in pop music history has caught the public’s imagination. Pop superstar Lady Gaga’s collaboration album Cheek To Cheek with legendary crooner Tony Bennett has entered the Billboard chart...

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Lady Gaga "Didn't Want To Sing Anymore" Until Tony Bennett "Saved" Her

By Elinor Cosgrave | 13th September 2014

Infamously eccentric Lady Gaga and smooth aged crooner Tony Bennett may appear to make unlikely friends, but in recent interviews the two have expressed their great affection for one another and close bond. The pair...

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Damien Rice Teams Up With Rick Rubin On His Long-awaited Third Album [Listen To My Favourite Faded Fantasy]

By Holly Williams | 9th September 2014

Eight years after the release of his acclaimed number one second album '9', Damien Rice is returning with a new record entitled 'My Favourite Faded Fantasy' - and from what we've heard, the result looks...

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Lady Gaga Shares Week Of Romance With Taylor Kinney On Instagram

By Elinor Cosgrave | 7th September 2014

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend of three years Taylor Kinney appear to have taken their relationship to the next level as the pair have been seen glued to each other's side at two events this...

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Lady Gaga Jazzes Up New York Fashion Week And Drops A Few Expletives Along The Way

By Stephanie Chase | 6th September 2014

Word to the wise, do not speak when Lady Gaga is performing. Sure if you're attending a sold out Monster's Ball tour show, she probably wont be able to hear you exchanging a few words...

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Six Of The Worst Grammatically Incorrect Song Lyrics

By Joe DeAndrea | 20th August 2014

Everybody loves a good pop song, but sometimes you can’t help but cringe when the lyrics are just bad beyond comprehension. Pop obviously isn't exactly known for its strengths in the lyric department, but...

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Lady Gaga, R. Kelly, Terry Richardson And The ‘Do What You Want’ Video We Wish We Hadn’T Seen

By Stephanie Chase | 20th June 2014

Remember that Lady Gaga and R.Kelly video which was supposed to be released last year but never materialised? Well this week we all got a pretty good idea about why the video for ‘Do What...

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Who Are Babymetal? Lady Gaga’S Artrave Support Band

By Stephanie Chase | 20th June 2014

Babymetal is a group which could only have hailed from Japan, could only have found success thanks to Youtube and could only have been chosen by Lady Gaga as a support act on her 'ArtRave'...

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Unearthed Lady Gaga, R Kelly Video Allegedly Condones Sexual Assault

By Lauren James | 19th June 2014

A new video clip has surfaced online allegedly containing content from Lady Gaga and R Kelly's scrapped 'Do What U Want' music video. The second single to be released from Gaga's latest album, ARTPOP, 'Do...

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Ava Lord Is The Dame To Kill For In The 'Sin City 2' Trailer [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th June 2014

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for has a brand new trailer, featuring an extensive look at the predominantly black & white art-house, film-noir, super-violent, based-on the-comics-of-Frank-Miller, stylised thriller. It’s Sin City; let’s all...

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You're Not "Way Too Annoying," Jennifer Lawrence! But These Celebrities Are

By Sophie Miskiw | 21st May 2014

Jennifer Lawrence recently told Marie Claire magazine that she thinks she is “way too annoying” to be popular forever. “Nobody can stay beloved forever,” she told the glossy mag, adding, “I’m way too annoying because...

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Lady Gaga In Yet Another Extreme Photoshopping Incident

By Sophie Miskiw | 14th May 2014

Remember when those untouched Versace images of Lady Gaga cropped up? The Lady’s highly anticipated Spring 2014 Versace campaign turned out to be a bigger hoax than Ray Santilli’s alien autopsy. Everything from her skin...

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From Bruno Mars To Lady Gaga: Ten Celebrities Who Have Changed Their Names

By Stephanie Chase | 23rd April 2014

What’s in a name? Well for some celebrities things might have been very different if they hadn’t have changed theirs. Think Stefani Germanotta sounds like a star? What about Caryn Johnson? Things might have been...

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Music Fans Crown Ozzy Osbourne And Lady Gaga "Hardest Artists To Understand"

By Sophie Miskiw | 18th April 2014

Music fans have named Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna in their top ten hardest artists to understand lyrically. 2000 people took part in the poll, which was created by Blinkbox music, a music streaming...

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Lady Gaga Startling Unedited Versace Ad Snaps Leaked

By Lauren James | 16th April 2014

Lady Gaga has become the latest celebrity to find themselves in the middle of the ongoing Photoshop debate after un-retouched photos from the pop singer's new Versace campaign leaked online. As the new face of...

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Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Who Knew These Celebrities Were Also Godparents?

By Stephanie Chase | 10th April 2014

For most of us being asked to be godparent to a friend’s newborn is one of the greatest honours you can be given and it seems celebrities feel the same. We all know the rich...

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Has Lady Gaga Lost Her Appeal?

By Sophie Miskiw | 10th April 2014

There’s nobody out there that can argue with us when we say that Lady Gaga aims to be shocking. Since she first burst onto the scene with her debut album The Fame in 2008 she...

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Lady Gaga, David Letterman, Bill Murray Pose For 'Late Show' Selfie

By Elinor Cosgrave | 3rd April 2014

Lady Gaga, Bill Murray and David Letterman are perhaps some of the most unlikely people you'll find taking a selfie together yet that's just what happened when Murray and Gaga joined the talk show host...

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Lady Gaga Bids Farewell To Ny's Roseland With "Funeral" Gig

By Victoria Pavlova | 30th March 2014

Let’s talk about Lady Gaga and her outrageous fashion choices again because what else is there to do on a lazy Sunday? The singer, who hasn’t quite managed to recover the level of infamy of...

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Lady Gaga Celebrates Birthday In Birthday Suit - Plus A Few Roses! [Pictures]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 30th March 2014

Lady Gaga knows how to celebrate her birthday in style - sort of. The Mother Monster and queen of all things bizarre joined fans in New York on Friday (28th March) to celebrate her 28th...

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Was Lady Gaga Right To Admit Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Is "In Charge"?

By Sophie Miskiw | 26th March 2014

We were pretty surprised to hear Lady Gaga admit that her boyfriend wears the trousers in their relationship. During a recent radio interview Gaga admitted that her boyfriend Taylor Kinney is “totally in charge”, adding,...

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Angelina Jolie And Meatloaf? Celebrity Music Video Cameos

By Sophie Miskiw | 25th March 2014

We all know that Lady Gaga loves to shock, so no one was actually that surprised to see the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make a cameo appearance in her new ‘ARTPOP’ music video for...

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Lady Gaga G.u.y. Video: We Try And Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

By Stephanie Chase | 24th March 2014

Far be it from us to try and analyse anything Lady Gaga does, but when she unleashed her new eight minute ‘G.U.Y.’ video, we just had to have a go. ‘Real Housewives’, a resurrected Michael...

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Lady Gaga Struggling To Sell Summerfest Tickets? "Ridiculous!" Says Live Nation

By Michael West | 24th March 2014

Live Nation executive Arthur Fogel says rumors of poor ticket sales for Lady Gaga's Summerfest headlining show are "ridiculous", and that Mother Monster is all set for a triumphant summer show at the Marcus Amphitheater...

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Lady Gaga Releases 'G.u.y. - An Artpop Video': What Was She Thinking? [Video]

By Lauren James | 24th March 2014

Lady Gaga has bestowed her brand new music video, G.U.Y. - An Artpop Video, upon the world, showcasing a handful of the songs from Gaga's latest album whilst the singer and her Haus of Gaga...

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Lady Gaga's Bizarre G.u.y. Music Video: Jesus, Michael Jackson & Ghandi Return Whilst Real Housewives Lip Sync

By Elinor Cosgrave | 23rd March 2014

Lady Gaga's latest music video for 'G.U.Y.', which stands for 'Girl Under You', is too bizarre for words. But here's a few on the Pop diva's latest Artpop creation:Lady Gaga released her new music video...

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Lady Gaga Defends Vomit Artist. What Is Going On.

By Holly Williams | 22nd March 2014

In her perennial quest to push boundaries that often don’t need pushing, Lady Gaga let ‘vomit artist’, Millie Brown, do her thing all over her at SXSW festival on March 13. The singer foresaw the...

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Lady Gaga Vs Demi Lovato, Who's Right In The Vomit War?

By Stephanie Chase | 20th March 2014

We’ve all got our views on Lady Gaga’s ‘vomit’ performance at SXSW’ festival, was it art or was it just well, sick? But one person who’s been very vocal about their objections to Gaga’s onstage...

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Lady Gaga: Ten Of Her Best (Or Worst) Wonderfully Wacky Outfits

By Stephanie Chase | 18th March 2014

Lady Gaga has appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show wearing a dress made out of coffee filters - are we surprised? In a word, no. Where else is there to go once you wear a...

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