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25th April 2011

Latoya Jackson became the latest star to be eliminated from hit U.S. TV show Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday (24Apr11).

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12th April 2011

"I keep saying to myself, 'Maybe it was him who made her do that'." La Toya Jackson thinks her late brother was behind her niece Paris' powerful tribute to her dad at his memorial concert.

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Jackson's Kids Support Japan Fundraiser

4th April 2011

Michael Jackson's three children were so moved by the images of devastation following Japan's recent earthquake and tsunami they offered to donate their clothes to survivors of the disaster, according to their aunt La Toya...

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La Toya Begged Pedestrians To Drive Her To Hospital After Michael Died

31st March 2011

La Toya Jackson was so overcome with grief when she heard her brother Michael had died she had to ask passers-by to drive her to the hospital.Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in America on...

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Nene Leakes Calls Star Jones A Disaster

24th March 2011

Nene Leakes has called her fellow 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant Star Jones "a disaster".Nene Leakes, the American reality television star, has delivered a scathing attack on her fellow 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant Star Jones, reports Access Hollywood.The...

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La Toya Jackson Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence

3rd March 2011

Singer La Toya Jackson has urged women trapped in abusive relationships to "walk away" after allegedly suffering in silence for years at the hands of her ex-husband and former manager Jack Gordon.Michael Jackson's older sister...

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Meat Loaf Not A Fan Of Judge Tyler

9th February 2011

Meat Loaf is disappointed with Steven Tyler for becoming a judge on 'American Idol'. The 63-year-old musician has recently accepted an offer to appear on reality TV show 'Celebrity Apprentice' with Donald Trump but despite...

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Michael Jackson Doctor Appears In Court

4th January 2011

Michael Jackson's former doctor was accused of trying to cover up the cause of his death in court today (04.01.11)Dr Conrad Murray appeared at Los Angeles Superior Court as the preliminary hearing into the cause...

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Dancing Brings Back Too Many Sad Memories For Latoya

14th October 2010

LATOYA JACKSON keeps turning down the chance to appear on U.S. TV show DANCING WITH THE STARS - because the programme brings back happy memories of her time with her late brother MICHAEL, and makes...

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Lohan's Dad Turns Down Celebrity Apprentice

14th October 2010

LINDSAY LOHAN's estranged father has turned down the chance to pit his business wits against stars like LATOYA JACKSON and DIONNE WARWICK on TV challenge sow CELEBRITY APPRENTICE - because he's too busy.Michael Lohan was...

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Latoya Jackson & Warwick Set For Celebrity Apprentice

13th October 2010

LATOYA JACKSON, DIONNE WARWICK and supermodel NIKI TAYLOR are among the contestants set to compete on DONALD TRUMP's hit U.S. TV series CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.The trio will face-off against rapper Lil' Jon and baseball star Jose...

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La Toya Wishes Jackson Kids Would Wait For School

25th June 2010

LA TOYA JACKSON wishes her brother MICHAEL's children would "wait a bit longer" before starting school - because the trio will find the experience completely "foreign".The late King of Pop, who died a year ago...

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La Toya Jackson Wants Idol Role

18th January 2010

LA TOYA JACKSON is keen to take over from SIMON COWELL when he leaves the judging panel on AMERICAN IDOL - insisting she wants her fans to see the "real me".The music mogul announced last...

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The Things They Say 14208

17th November 2009

"Paris' bedroom is covered with posters of her dad, Prince doesn't want to speak about it and Blanket is just very sad - he cries." LA TOYA JACKSON reveals her niece and nephews are still...

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Riley Backs La Toya's Theory Jackson Was Murdered

5th November 2009

Producer TEDDY RILEY has given weight to LA TOYA JACKSON's assertion her brother MICHAEL was murdered, after revealing the King of Pop had named potential suspects in the event of his death.Michael Jackson passed away...

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Jackson's Axed Bruno Scene Included In Dvd Release

4th November 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON's axed cameo in SACHA BARON COHEN's outrageous comedy BRUNO has been restored for the movie's DVD release.The British funnyman convinced Jackson he was an Austrian fashion journalist, called Bruno, for a skit...

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La Toya Serves Up Own Milkshake

31st October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON is to mark Halloween by stepping behind the counter at a West Hollywood milkshake store to serve customers.The late King of Pop's sister teamed up with Millions of Milkshakes to create her...

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The Things They Say 13939

30th October 2009

"When Michael did pass, he was very clean. He had been to treatment and he had nothing (drugs) in him (that hadn't been prescribed). What he had in him was what they gave him." LA...

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The Things They Say 13871

26th October 2009

"They are highly intelligent. Prince especially knows everything about everything. He can tell you fascinating things about the moon in great detail or where certain rocks come from. Michael made sure they were always reading...

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Jackson Kids Call Janet 'Mama'

26th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON may have a fight on her hands to play a maternal role in the lives of brother MICHAEL's kids - sister JANET is the favourite to raise the children when her own...

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La Toya Jackson: 'Paternity Claims Hurt The Family'

26th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON has slammed the recent legal tug-of-war over her late brother MICHAEL's kids, insisting paternity claims left the star's relatives angry and upset.When the pop superstar passed away in June (09) the spotlight...

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The Things They Say 13863

25th October 2009

"They never fight. Michael has preached nothing but love and, boy, did he instil right from wrong in those kids. He did an incredible job of raising them." LA TOYA JACKSON praises her late brother...

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La Toya Wants Jackson's Kids

25th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON wants to be named guardian of her late brother MICHAEL's children if her elderly mother dies before they are adults.The pop superstar, who passed away in June (09), left instructions that his...

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The Things They Say 13858

25th October 2009

"Paris doesn't know it yet, but she's got all the makings of a star. If she wants to go into showbusiness, I can see that happening. The boys like the idea of directing, which is...

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Stars Step Out For Charity Walk

19th October 2009

Stars including LA TOYA JACKSON and AARON CARTER took to the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday (18Oct09) to show their support for an Aids charity.Actress Felicity Huffman and Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker also joined...

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La Toya Fears For Her Life Over Murder Remarks

15th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON fears she'll suffer the same fate as her 'murdered' brother MICHAEL - because she knows too much about the details of his death in June (09).The grief-stricken Jackson sister has gone public...

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La Toya Not Sure King Of Pop Would Have Approved Of Concert Film

14th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON fears her late brother MICHAEL would have hated new movie THIS IS IT - because he wouldn't have wanted fans to see him in rehearsals.The film, featuring footage of the King of...

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La Toya Refused To Read About Michael's Death

6th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON refused to read any media reports about her brother MICHAEL following his death.The King Of Pop suffered a cardiac arrest in June (09) and shocking details about his lifestyle and drug-taking in...

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La Toya: 'I'm Still Not Ready To Accept Michael's Death'

6th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON struggled to accept a lifetime achievement award in honour of her brother MICHAEL at a British music ceremony last month (Sep09) - because she was still struggling to come to terms with...

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La Toya Recalls Mum's Screams After Michael's Death

5th October 2009

LA TOYA JACKSON fought back tears on U.K. TV as she recalled how her mother screamed down the phone when she found out her son MICHAEL had died.La Toya was on her way to hospital...

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