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Rachel Zoe Wants 'Beautiful, Wearable Clothes'

20th April 2012

Rachel Zoe wants to make ''beautiful, wearable clothes''. The stylist-turned-fashion designer says she isn't trying to compete with couture designers such as Marc Jacobs but instead hopes to create a lifestyle brand. She told LA...

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Jessica Alba: 'I'm Not Perfect'

29th February 2012

Jessica Alba insists her life isn't perfect.The 30-year-old actress constantly feels guilty that she isn't able to spend enough time with her daughters Honor, four, and six-month-old Haven - her kids with husband Cash Warren...

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Russell Crowe To Direct First Movie

26th April 2011

Russell Crowe is set to make his directorial debut in '77'.The Oscar-winning actor has wanted to helm a project for years and after deciding the police movie is the perfect film for him to get...

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La Confidential Sparks Two Sequels

1st March 2007

The creative team and original stars from cult movie LA CONFIDENTIAL are in talks to reteam for a sequel to the movie, going head-to-head with another sequel starring GEORGE CLOONEY. Director JOE CARNAHAN is also...

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Basinger Facing Jail In Bitter Custody Battle

14th January 2007

LATEST: Oscar-winner KIM BASINGER is due in court tomorrow (15JAN07) to answer 12 contempt of court charges, and faces a 60-day jail sentence and $12,000 (GBP6,100) fine if she's found guilty. The LA CONFIDENTIAL...

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Pearce Considers A Return To La Confidential Story

2nd November 2006

Australian actor GUY PEARCE is set to reprise his ED EXLEY character in the LA CONFIDENTIAL sequel, WHITE JAZZ. The Melbourne-bred actor won critical acclaim for his role as the thorough detective in the 1997...

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La Confidential Sequel Gets Green Light

31st October 2006

NARC director JOE CARNAHAN will direct an adaptation of JAMES ELLROY'S sequel to LA CONFIDENTIAL. The film, called WHITE JAZZ, will begin shooting next November (07). Carnahan tells film website Dark Horizons, "My brother and...

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Pearce Stars In New Razorlight Video

25th October 2006

Hollywood actor GUY PEARCE is to star as an ageing superhero in British guitar band RAZORLIGHT's new music video The Australian LA CONFIDENTIAL actor appears in the promo for the band's third single BEFORE...

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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges Against Basinger

12th October 2006

LATEST: A Los Angeles judge yesterday (11OCT06) refused to dismiss the contempt charges faced by Oscar winner KIM BASINGER. The LA CONFIDENTIAL actress stands accused of disregarding court orders over her ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN's visitation...

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Basinger To Go To Trial In January

5th October 2006

LATEST: KIM BASINGER will stand trial in January 2007 charged with disregarding court orders over her ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN's visitation rights with their daughter. The Oscar-winning actress, 48, and Baldwin, 52, agreed to share custody...

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Basinger Sued By Baldwin

5th October 2006

LATEST: Oscar-winner KIM BASINGER has been arraigned in a Los Angeles courtroom on contempt charges. The star's ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN instigated the proceedings by alleging that Basinger is guilty of several violations in their ongoing...

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Baldwin: 'Basinger Compared Me To Saddam Hussein'

19th September 2006

ALEC BALDWIN insists ex-wife KIM BASINGER made him feel so awful about himself and his capability as a father, he wanted to "die". The Hollywood star split up with Basinger in 2002 and has been...

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Ellroy Approves Dahlia Adaptation

5th September 2006

American novelist JAMES ELLROY is delighted with BRIAN DE PALMA's big screen adaptation of his best-selling novel THE BLACK DAHLIA. Ellroy, whose books LA CONFIDENTIAL and WONDER BOYS have also been turned into movies, is...

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Basinger 'Brainwashing' Daughter With Chocolate Bars

9th December 2005

LATEST: Actress KIM BASINGER is tempting her daughter away from her father by plying the youngster with chocolate, ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN has alleged in court. The screen star pair are locked in a vicious...

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Devito Returns To Tv

17th November 2005

DANNY DeVITO is heading back to TV after signing on to star in new sitcom IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. The LA CONFIDENTIAL actor, who played a ruthless boss in beloved TV comedy TAXI,...

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Spacey Touts Crowe For London Theatre Role

27th July 2005

American actor KEVIN SPACEY is reportedly in talks with fellow Oscar-winner RUSSELL CROWE to star in a play at his London theatre. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star - the artistic director of the Old Vic...

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Hartnett And Wahlberg Sign Up For Thriller

14th January 2005

Hollywood hunks JOSH HARTNETT and MARK WAHLBERG will uncover the dark side of LA in new film THE BLACK DAHLIA. The twosome have signed up to play boxers-turned-cops in the movie, which is based...

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Basinger Contemplates Quitting

14th September 2004

KIM BASINGER is so sick of the "hard life" she's led as an actress, she constantly wants to quit the movie industry. The LA CONFIDENTIAL veteran, 50, is delighted her eight-year-old daughter IRELAND...

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Collette To Launch Singing Career

6th August 2004

ABOUT A BOY star TONI COLLETTE has shocked fans by turning her back on movies to launch a singing career. The 31-year-old decided to quit acting to make her first album, after the devastating...

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Oscar-winning Goldsmith Dies

22nd July 2004

OSCAR-winning composer JERRY GOLDSMITH died at his Los Angeles home yesterday (21JUL04). He was 75. The STAR TREK music supremo had fought a long battle with cancer but died peacefully with his wife CAROL...

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Alec's Post-oscars Bash

3rd March 2004

OSCAR nominee ALEC BALDWIN had no time to lament his defeat at the glitzy ceremony - he had to settle his court battle with ex KIM BASINGER and fly to New York to prepare for...

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Media Banned From Baldwin And Basinger's Custody Trial

27th February 2004

Lawyers for warring ex-couple ALEC BALDWIN and KIM BASINGER have won their battle to keep the media out of the courtroom during's their upcoming custody battle. Judge ROY PAUL ruled that no press will...

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Crowe's Tiny Apartment

6th January 2004

RUSSELL CROWE rented the tiniest apartment he could find in Hollywood when he filmed LA CONFIDENTIAL in 1997, in a bid to find his character. The 5 feet 11 inches (1.82 metres) actor had...

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Crowe's Arty Aspirations

30th October 2003

OSCAR winning actor RUSSELL CROWE always picks projects with a strong story - insisting that box office potential is low on his list of requirements. The screen star is grateful that movies such as...

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Gilbert Standing For Sag Presidency Again

4th July 2003

SCREEN ACTORS GUILD (SAG) president MELISSA GILBERT is fighting for a second term in the prestigious office - and will try and finally unify the organisation with its rival. SAG's nomination committee yesterday (03JUL03)...

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Legally Blonde Stylist Picks Basinger As Best Blonde

1st July 2003

The man behind REESE WITHERSPOON's look in the LEGALLY BLONDE films has named KIM BASINGER Hollywood's leading blonde. Hairstylist FREDERIC FEKKAI admits he grew up loving all the famous movie blondes, but it was...

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Size Matters For Guy Pearce

27th June 2003

Antipodean star GUY PEARCE thinks the huge budget afforded to his blockbuster movie THE TIME MACHINE caused it to flop. The LA CONFIDENTIAL actor thinks if a director has too much money to spend...

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Guy Pearce Would Consider Bigger Budget Roles

27th June 2003

MEMENTO star GUY PEARCE has rejected big-budget films simply because he has not been offered any good ones. The Australian actor has put in many acclaimed performances in smaller films such as THE ADVENTURES...

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Guy Pearce Avoids Fame

26th June 2003

Hunky actor GUY PEARCE loves making movies - but he'd hate to be more famous. The Australian heart-throb, who assaulted the dizzy peaks of stardom after 1997's LA CONFIDENTIAL, insists he's quite happy avoiding...

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Basinger Eyes Wilde Role

16th May 2003

LA CONFIDENTIAL actress KIM BASINGER is set to star in an adaptation of OSCAR WILDE's play LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN. The blonde OSCAR-winner will play the lead character in BEST LAID PLANS director MIKE BARKER's...

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