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Twin Peaks Set For A Return

25th November 2005

Cult movie and TV series TWIN PEAKS is set for a triumphant return with KYLE MacLACHLAN planning a comeback as AGENT DALE COOPER. Twin Peaks co-creator MARK FROST reveals he has been in talks...

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Fascinating Fact 41

22nd August 2005

Maverick movie maker DAVID LYNCH and actor KYLE MacLACHLAN are in negotiations to make a series of TV movies based on their cult TWIN PEAKS show. Canadian MacLachlan played Special Agent DALE COOPER in the...

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Spears Serves Chicken To The Stars

1st March 2005

BRITNEY SPEARS landed her dad JAMIE an OSCARS catering contract much to the delight of Best Actor winner JAMIE FOXX. The TOXIC beauty went out of her way to give her father's fledgling catering...

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Berkley 'Refuses' To Answer Spit Question

26th November 2004

Hollywood actress ELIZABETH BERKLEY reportedly left an American journalist speechless recently, when he asked her if she could spit as well as she did in SHOWGIRLS. Berkley repeatedly spat on co-star KYLE MacLACHLAN's face...

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Klum Gets Literary

13th October 2004

German beauty HEIDI KLUM will spread her newfound wisdom since giving birth in a self-help book. The supermodel, 31, welcomed her first child, daughter LENI, into the world in May (04), is in love...

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Maclachlan: I Was Only Ever Good At Acting

20th July 2004

Former SEX AND THE CITY star KYLE MacLACHLAN had a simple factor motivating his decision to become an actor - he wasn't good at anything else. The Washington native admits that while he excelled...

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Maclachlan Golfs With Dad For Father's Day

22nd June 2004

Former SEX AND THE CITY star KYLE MacLACHLAN gave his dad the ultimate surprise Father's Day gift on Sunday (20JUN04), by flying up to his hometown to play golf with him. MacLachlan made his...

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Evangelista Finds Love Again

19th March 2004

Canadian supermodel LINDA EVANGELISTA has found love again with an Italian oil magnate. The M.A.C. model had a high profile on/off relationship with French soccer star FABIEN BARTHEZ. They were expecting a baby together...

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Maclachan's Film Insecurities Turn Into House Obsession

16th June 2003

Actor KYLE MacLACHLAN's obsession with interior decorating stemmed from insecurity about his movie career. The hunky BLUE VELVET star claims working in the movie industry left him feeling isolated, because he wasted his days...

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Heather Learns From 10 Guys She Has Lost

11th May 2003

Romantic idealist HEATHER GRAHAM has learnt from the mistakes she has made in past failed relationships. The pretty 10 WAYS TO LOSE A GUY star has previously dated names including KYLE MACLACHLAN, ED BURNS,...

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