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Grohl Grieves Twice For Cobain

5th July 2007

Rocker DAVE GROHL mourned his NIRVANA bandmate KURT COBAIN twice after mistakenly being told he had died in an earlier overdose episode. Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle, Washington in April 1994....

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Love's Lunchbox Angers Cobain Fans

5th July 2007

COURTNEY LOVE has angered KURT COBAIN fans after selling her late husband's image to lunchbox manufacturers. The Nirvana legend's face and signature now adorn a lunchbox, lighter, flask, figurine and dog tag created by the...

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Love Chooses Bandmates Based On Cobain Resemblance

13th June 2007

COURTNEY LOVE refused to base her musical recruitment skills for her forthcoming tour on raw talent - but instead how similar the candidates looked to her late husband KURT COBAIN. The former Hole frontwoman admits...

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Dr Martens Says Sorry To Love

25th May 2007

Rock royalty Courtney Love has received an apology from Dr Martens, the boot maker for teen Goths everywhere, over their use of her late husband Kurt Cobain in a new advert.The new advert, aiming to...

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Shoe Boss Apologises To Love For Offensive Ad

25th May 2007

LATEST: The boss of footwear giant Dr. Martens has apologised to COURTNEY LOVE for featuring her late husband KURT COBAIN and other dead rockers in an advertisement. David Suddens is unreservedly sorry for the campaign,...

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Love Blasts Cobain Dr Martens Shoes

24th May 2007

COURTNEY LOVE has blasted footwear giants DR. MARTENS for featuring her late husband KURT COBAIN in a recent advert. The campaign, which only appears in the U.K., shows the Nirvana legend sitting on a cloud...

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Love Chants To Decide How To Spend Cobain Proceeds

12th May 2007

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE is performing Buddhist chants to decide what to do with the money raised from auctioning her late husband KURT COBAIN's belongings. The former Hole star is trying to decide whether to hold...

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Love Reconsiders Cobain Auction

4th May 2007

LATEST: COURTNEY LOVE is having second thoughts about plans to auction off her late husband KURT COBAIN's keepsakes and clothing - because she'd prefer everything to go to just one buyer. In a posting on...

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Love Arranges Lawyers For Cobain's Mother

1st May 2007

COURTNEY LOVE has sought out legal representation for the mother of her late husband KURT COBAIN, to prevent people from "taking advantage" of her should she decided to sell his childhood possessions. Love, who was...

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Love To Sell Cobain's Things

30th April 2007

COURTNEY LOVE is set to sell off her late husband KURT COBAIN's keepsakes because she's sick of living in "a mausoleum". The rocker has revealed she has invited auction house bosses at Christie's to visit...

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Cobain's Collaboration Voicemail For Pop

27th April 2007

Late rocker KURT COBAIN once left an early morning answer phone message for IGGY POP suggesting the pair hit the studio together - only to prove impossible for Pop to contact back. Pop - real...

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Playboy Model Cast In Anna Nicole Smith Film

12th April 2007

A former Playboy model will portray the late Anna Nicole Smith, a former playmate herself, in a new movie of her life.Willa Ford will play Smith, who died from an accidental drugs overdose on February...

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Nirvana Music Inspires Dance Show

2nd April 2007

The music of NIRVANA has inspired a new dance production, which premieres in the group's native Seattle, Washington this weekend (31MAR07). Two dancers will represent Nirvana leader KURT COBAIN and his widow COURTNEY LOVE in...

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Music Memorabilia Under The Hammer

28th March 2007

LATEST: JIMI HENDRIX's flares, JOHN LENNON's glasses and BOB DYLAN's harmonica are the latest lots to be added to an auction of the iconic music memorabilia next month (APR07). The items will be sold alongside...

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Love Faces Rehab Legal Action

11th March 2007

A drug rehabilitation centre is taking legal action against Courtney Love over an unpaid bill.The 42-year-old rock singer is being sued by the Beau Monde rehab centre in California for the princely sum of $180,000...

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Reading '92 Voted Nirvana's Top Moment

20th February 2007

NIRVANA's performance at the 1992 Reading Festival has been voted the band's greatest moment by fans in the NME.The magazine's poll, conducted to honour what would have been the 40th birthday of lead singer KURT...

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Kaiser Chiefs Hate Dancing Reputation

19th February 2007

KAISER CHIEF frontman RICKY WILSON regrets his high energy performances on stage - as it's the only thing journalists talk about. The I PREDICT A RIOT hitmaker is famed for his high jumps at concerts,...

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Courtney Approached To Judge Nirvana Night On American Idol

7th February 2007

LATEST: The confusion surrounding COURTNEY LOVE's alleged approach to appear on TV talent show AMERICAN IDOL has been cleared up - by a programme insider. Love posted a message on her website recently claiming she...

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Mcgregor's Anti-ageing Secret

4th February 2007

Scottish actor EWAN MCGREGOR has found the secret to staying young - shaving his entire body. The MOULIN ROUGE star - who is reportedly being lined up to play late NIRVANA frontman KURT COBAIN in...

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Thurston Defends Pitt's Music Project

25th January 2007

SONIC YOUTH rocker THURSTON MOORE has defended actor MICHAEL PITT's ambition to become a music star - insisting it's not a vanity project. Pitt played a character based on KURT COBAIN in the 2005 movie...

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Mcgregor To Play Kurt Cobain?

17th January 2007

LATEST: Scottish actor EWAN MCGREGOR is reportedly being lined up to play late NIRVANA frontman KURT COBAIN. Cobain's widow COURTNEY LOVE has acquired the rights to CHARLES CROSS' celebrated biography on her late husband and...

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Wood Saved By Thirteen

16th January 2007

Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD credits her casting in the movie THIRTEEN with saving her from her own teen agony. The Golden Globe nominee, now 19, went through a painful growing up process, suffering with depression...

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Love Plans Cobain Biopic

12th January 2007

COURTNEY LOVE has acquired the rights to CHARLES CROSS' celebrated biography on her late husband KURT COBAIN, HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN, and plans to turn it into a movie. Love is now reportedly in talks with...

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Love And Cobain's Christmas Drugs Hunts

23rd December 2006

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE and NIRVANA frontman KURT COBAIN often spent the festive season on a drugs hunt - but not before they'd showered each other with personal Christmas gifts. The pair used to give self-penned...

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Cobain Wanted To Divorce Love

12th December 2006

Late NIRVANA rocker KURT COBAIN started divorce proceedings against his wife COURTNEY LOVE shortly before his suicide, according to a new book. EVERETT TRUE, who is an old friend of the SMELL LIKES TEEN SPIRIT...

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The Things They Say 3562

11th December 2006

"I appreciate the guy was in pain... and anybody shacked up with COURTNEY LOVE would want to f**king die, but still, you've got a duty as a rock star to inspire kids." OASIS star NOEL...

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Love: 'I'll Dismember Coogan If I Have An Std'

9th December 2006

COURTNEY LOVE has threatened to dismember her former lover STEVE COOGAN if he has given her a sexually transmitted disease. Love, the widow of NIRVANA singer KURT COBAIN, dated the ALAN PARTRIDGE star last year...

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Love Hails Buddhism

29th November 2006

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE has credited Buddhism with turning her life around after practicing the religion saw her career and love life bloom. The former HOLE singer recently turned to the ancient doctrines to overcome her...

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The Things They Say 3459

29th November 2006

"KURT COBAIN used to listen to YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH." MEAT LOAF is still boasting about late NIRVANA star Cobain's pre-show listening pleasure.

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Love Takes Over Radio Show

28th November 2006

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE is taking over digital radio station BBC 6 Music for a day next month (DEC06). Love will pick her favourite songs, openly discuss her tragic relationship with late husband KURT COBAIN, and...

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