Kristin Chenoweth Lends Backing To Michele's Horse Carriage Ban - Comments and Message Board

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Kristin,Please educate yourself before commenting publicly. Horses spend 23+ hours each day standing around. They only lay down for short periods. Because of this normal horse behavior, they have evolved a mechanism in their legs that allows them to lock the joint like a cloumn to support one leg while allowing the other to rest. Have you ever stood with a c**ked hip, most of your weight on one foot? For humans, this still requires energy but for horses, energy expenditure is minimal and anther reason horses are different from humans. Look at horses in a field. You will see many of them with the same posture that you remarked on : " The horses are Miserable. The horses take 'rests' on each Foot. Who controls this? I call abuse." I call it "Normal Horse Behavior". How do I know? I have had horses in my backyard for 30+ years. Right now I see 2 of the 3 of them standing in this way. They are relaxed and comfortable.
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2 years 5 months ago
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