Mason Disick loves helping his little sister.

The two-year-old son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick is obsessed with his four-month-old sibling Penelope and constantly tries to help his mother care for her.

A source said: ''When someone needs something for the baby like a burp cloth Mason just wants to be a little helper. It's pretty cute.

''Kourtney spends equal time with both of them, she's such a good mom.''

Speaking recently, Kourtney said she decided to give birth for a TV show because she wanted to ''share'' it with people.

She said: ''It was our home video, which Scott filmed. I didn't have camera men and lighting guys in there with microphones on. It was just a private moment that, both times, I watched first before deciding to show it.

''But I actually loved sharing that experience because it doesn't have to be squeamish like you see in the movies. I was terrified the first time before giving birth because of seeing all the movies - it looked like torture. And I thought my experience was beautiful and wanted to share that with people.''