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David Hasselhoff Slapped With Speeding Ticket On Gumball Rally

9th June 2014

Actor David Hasselhoff was held up during the London leg of the Gumball 3000 rally on Sunday (08Jun14) after police pulled over his famous Knight Rider sports car for speeding.The former Baywatch star is among...

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David Hasselhoff Sells Knight Rider Car For $150,000

27th May 2014

David Hasselhoff raised $150,000 (£90,000) for charity by selling off his personal Knight Rider car at auction.The Baywatch star was given a 1986 Pontiac Firebird - based on the computer-controlled Knight Industries Two Thousand (Kitt)...

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David Hasselhoff's Kitt-style Car Goes On Sale

24th February 2014

David Hasselhoff's personal Knight Rider car is to be sold at auction to raise money for charity.The Baywatch star was given a 1986 Pontiac Firebird - based on the computer-controlled Knight Industries Two Thousand (Kitt)...

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Saved By The Bell And Punky Brewster Return In Comic Book Form

3rd July 2013

Saved By The Bell, Knight Rider and Punky Brewster are among the Tv series set for a return to pop culture in the form of comic books.The shows, as well as Miami Vice and Airwolf,...

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David Hasselhoff Lands Parking Ticket On Knight Rider Car

14th December 2012

David Hasselhoff was left red-faced on Wednesday (12Dec12) after landing a parking ticket on his famous Knight Rider sports car.The actor turned heads after pulling up to the Opera House in Manchester, England, in his...

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David Hasselhoff Celebrates 60th Birthday With Hollywood Party

23rd July 2012

David Hasselhoff was joined by the former co-stars from his TV hits Baywatch and Knight Rider as he celebrated his 60th birthday in Hollywood on Saturday night (21Jul12).The veteran actor reached the milestone last week...

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David Hasselhoff Signed Royal Autographs

10th March 2012

David Hasselhoff once signed autographs for Britain's Princes William and Harry.The former 'Baywatch' actor says the royals' mother Princess Diana - who died in a car accident in 1997 - admired his appearance when they...

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David Hasselhoff Wants Cowell To Voice Knight Rider

11th October 2011

David Hasselhoff wants to resurrect 'Knight Rider' with Simon Cowell voicing the show's iconic talking car. The actor-and-singer wants to make a film of the 80s TV series and he wants his crime-fighting character Michael...

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The Things They Say 23058

6th October 2011

"It’s a great show, it was a fun show. I’ve got quite a few quid to buy the rights so we'll see what happens." David Hasselhoff is hoping to buy the rights to his former...

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David Hasselhoff Wants To Work With Tinie Tempah

16th August 2011

David Hasselhoff is desperate to team up with British rapper Tinie Tempah to make a dance track sampling the theme tunes to his iconic shows Knight Rider and Baywatch.The eccentric TV star met up with...

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Knight Rider Creator Sues Over 'Unpaid Profits'

14th July 2011

The TV guru who created classic shows including Knight Rider, Battlestar Galactica and Magnum, P.I. is suing over allegations of unpaid profits.Mogul Glen A. Larson is taking legal action against Universal Studios executives, claiming he...

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David Hasselhoff Kicks Off Gumball Rally

26th May 2011

Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff climbed back behind the wheel for the kick off of the famous Gumball 3000 Rally in London on Thursday (26May11).The flag dropped in the British capital's Covent Garden and Hasselhoff...

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Hasselhoff: 'I've Only Met Two People Who Didn't Know I'm Famous'

5th May 2011

David Hasselhoff is so famous he's only met two people who had never heard of him - and reveals his own father still calls him by his Knight Rider alias Michael.The actor has enjoyed massive...

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David Hasselhoff Has Knight Rider Nickname

5th May 2011

David Hasselhoff's dad calls him Michael after his 'Knight Rider' character.The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge is so well-known for playing crime-fighter Michael Knight in the 80s TV series - which featured David driving a super-powered...

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David Hasselhoff Heads To Vegas

1st April 2010

David Hasselhoff is set to headline his own Las Vegas show.The former 'Baywatch' actor - who has also had a pop career, and has achieved chart success in Germany - is currently working on a...

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Hasselhoff Making A Play For Aussie Star Monk

28th December 2009

Model/actress SOPHIE MONK has a new Hollywood admirer - former BAYWATCH and KNIGHT RIDER star DAVID HASSELHOFF.The Australian stunner, who was once engaged to rocker Benji Madden, has revealed she has been hassled by The...

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David Hasselhoff Back At Home

30th November 2009

David Hasselhoff has been released from hospital.The former 'Baywatch' star - who has a history of alcoholism - was admitted to Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Friday (27.11.09) after allegedly suffering a seizure at...

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Ratings Continue To Climb For Nbc's Mercy

19th November 2009

NBC's hospital drama Mercy continued its impressive ratings rise Wednesday night as it averaged 7.8 million viewers and placed first in the 8 00 p.m. hour. One of the worst-reviewed new shows, Mercy has managed...

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David Hasselhoff's Ear Problem

22nd September 2009

David Hasselhoff claims he was rushed to hospital because of an ear infection.The former 'Baywatch' star claims rumours he was taken to Encino Hospital by paramedics because of a heavy drinking session on Sunday (20.09.09)...

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Silverman Out At Nbc

27th July 2009

After months of denials that he was going anywhere, Ben Silverman is stepping down as Co-chairman of NBC Universal Entertainment to start up a new production company for Barry Diller's IAC. Neither the name of...

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The Things They Say 11911

16th April 2009

"I suppose you are wondering why we called him KITT? Well - I can tell you now it wasnt after the car in KNIGHT RIDER!" SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR on the unusual name she picked for her...

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The Things They Say 11341

20th February 2009

"I called my dad and I said, 'This script is like the American James Bond; it's got a sense of humour and it's, like, glowing in my hand,' and he said, 'What is it about?'...

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Bullitt And Knight Rider's Mustangs Rev Up On Top Car List

5th February 2009

The Ford Mustangs raced by STEVE MCQUEEN in BULLITT and DAVID HASSELHOFF in KNIGHT RIDER have made a new top 10 list of cars driven by TV and film law enforcers. The Green Hornet's 1966 Chrysler...

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Knight Rider Ends Season Early

5th December 2008

TV bosses have sparked reports hit 1980s show KNIGHT RIDER is on the verge of cancellation - after ending the series mid-season. The show, which originally starred David Hasselhoff, did not feature the actor in...

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Knight Rider Sideswiped

4th December 2008

Industry observers who expressed surprise when NBC announced in October that it would order a full season of Knight Rider despite its lackluster ratings were likely even more surprised when the network said that it...

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Knight Rider Stars Sacked

4th December 2008

SYDNEY TAMILA POITIER and X-MEN star BRUCE DAVISON have been axed from the KNIGHT RIDER remake in an effort to keep costs down on the show. The pair completed the first 13 episodes of the...

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Rosie Throws In The Towel

1st December 2008

Rosie O'Donnell's attempt to breathe life back to the mordant televisionvariety format has failed, something that she has acknowledged on herwebsite. "There will b [sic) no more" variety specials, she said. Herspecial last Wednesday drew...

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Rosie Live! Deadly In Ratings

28th November 2008

Rosie O'Donnell's live variety special on NBC Wednesday turned out to be a loser not only with critics but with viewers as well. According to Nielsen Media Research, Rosie Live! attracted just 5.04 million viewers...

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Peacock Plucked

13th November 2008

NBC's peacock shed another couple of feathers Wednesday as My Own WorstEnemy and Lipstick Jungle were removed from the network'sschedule because of poor ratings. Other shows that were introduced thisseason by the network's entertainment co-chairman,...

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Knight Rider Heading For A Crash?

7th November 2008

Ben Silverman, the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, who had ordered a fullseason of Knight Rider episodes even as the initial ones werefloundering in the ratings, may be heading for a crash as new seasonprograms, sponsored...

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