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Duvall Chides Church For Cat Collection

23rd June 2006

SIDEWAYS star THOMAS HADEN CHURCH was mortified when co-star ROBERT DUVALL made fun of him for owning five female cats. The pair were filming the western mini-series BROKEN TRAIL when his gruff co-star questioned him...

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Knightley Misses Pride And Prejudice Sisters

7th October 2005

British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY struck up a close friendship with her PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 'sisters' - it was one of the few films where she worked with women her own age. The PIRATES OF...

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Starsky + Hutch: A Homoerotic Affair

18th June 2003

The new STARSKY + HUTCH movie will be filled with homoeroticism, according to castmember JULIETTE LEWIS. The actress says the currently-shooting film, starring BEN STILLER and OWEN WILSON as the title characters, will be...

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Williams Joins Bruce Pardon Campaign

28th May 2003

Hollywood star ROBIN WILLIAMS has joined a campaign to try and grant controversial comedian LENNY BRUCE a posthumous pardon for obscenity charges. The foul-mouthed funnyman, who died of a drugs overdose in 1966, aged...

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