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Simmons: 'Naked Women Will Do Anything'

5th June 2006

KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS has enjoyed hours of endless fun with naked women - after realising they will do almost anything he asks of them. The rock legend, who was recently named number 3 of...

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Bolton Keen For Houston To Sing One Of His Songs

3rd June 2006

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON is keen for ailing WHITNEY HOUSTON to return to glory - because he'd like her to sing one of his songs, and perform it with her. Houston is reportedly struggling to overcome...

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Eurovision Entry Upsets Finnish Fans

21st April 2006

A chainsaw-wielding heavy metal band has sparked controversy in Finland after being selected to represent the country at this year's (MAY06) Eurovision song contest. LORDI, whose song ROCK HALLELUJAH got 42 per cent of the...

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Rock Icons Saluted At Vh1 Show

8th April 2006

QUEEN, DEF LEPPARD, KISS and JUDAS PRIEST will be the rock acts honoured at the inaugural VH1 Rock Honors show, which will be taped for TV in Las Vegas, Nevada next month (25MAY06). The three...

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Judas Priest Reject Reality Tv Offer

30th March 2006

Rockers JUDAS PRIEST have snubbed the opportunity to appear in a reality TV show because they fear it will cast a shadow over their other achievements. The BREAKING THE LAW hitmakers were offered a show...

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Kiss To Release Perfume Line

22nd February 2006

Eighties rockers KISS are set to take the beauty world by storm with the launch of their own range of perfume and cologne. The flamboyant band has previously sold a huge range of...

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Arcade Fire And Dylan Named, Doherty Shamed In Poll

20th February 2006

ARCADE FIRE, PETE DOHERTY and BOB DYLAN shared the spoils in the Mojo magazine 2005 Readers Poll, picking up two awards apiece. Acclaimed Canadians Arcade Fire beat THE MAGIC NUMBERS and ARCTIC MONKEYS to...

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Kiss: Vacation Goers Are 'Losers'

2nd February 2006

KISS icon GENE SIMMONS has no desire to take a break from his long-running career, because he believes holidays are a waste of time. The GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU star...

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Gene Simmons Lands Reality Tv Show

13th January 2006

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS is set to become the new OZZY OSBOURNE after opening up his home for a new reality TV show. Simmons' new show GENE SIMMONS' FAMILY JEWELS will air on American...

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Kiss To Open Coffeehouse

12th January 2006

Make-up metallers KISS are planning to open their first branded coffee shop this summer (06). The Kiss Coffeehouse will begin trading in Mrytle Beach, California, and will offer several unique Kiss blends including 'The...

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Kiss Star To Undergo Surgery

12th January 2006

KISS rocker PAUL STANLEY will have to undergo further surgery, after an hip replacement operation failed to improve his mobility. The 55-year-old singer, who has already endured two spells in hospital with the problem,...

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Ice T Takes To The Screen In 'Rap School'

7th January 2006

Rap icon ICE T is jumping on the reality TV bandwagon by planning a new show called RAP SCHOOL. US TV bosses were spurred on by recent series ROCK SCHOOL which featured KISS frontman...

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Fascinating Fact 689

20th December 2005

WEEZER star RIVERS CUOMO once fronted METALLICA, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and KISS tribute bands....

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Simmons Sued For Nymphomaniac 'Slander'

13th November 2005

KISS hellraiser GENE SIMMONS is to be sued by a former girlfriend for his alleged portrayal of her as a sex-addicted nymphomaniac in a US documentary. The 56-year-old ROCK SCHOOL teacher has been slammed...

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Simmons Concerned About Ageing Process

1st November 2005

Vain KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS is terrified he must be getting old - after twice being mistaken for rocker OZZY OSBOURNE. The 56-year-old ROCK SCHOOL teacher believes he may need a new beauty regime...

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Santana: 'Simmons Is No Musician'

14th October 2005

Latin rocker CARLOS SANTANA has slammed outrageous KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS by questioning his musical ability and branding him "Las Vegas entertainment". The SMOOTH hitmaker is appalled by the standard of Simmons' music and...

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Simmons: 'Honesty Is The Best Policy With Groupies'

7th October 2005

KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS claims he has never had a single complaint from the estimated 4,600 women he has had sex with, because of his honesty. The CRAZY NIGHTS rocker even manages to avoid...

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Simmons Will Take His Fortune Six Feet Under

1st October 2005

KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS refuses to leave any of his possessions to his wife, because he intends to take them all with him when he dies. The cult singer and bassist wants to...

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Kiss Coffin Donated To Pantera Guitarist

30th September 2005

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS sent a coffin which was made especially for him, to the family of ex-PANTERA guitarist DARRELL 'DIMEBAG' ABBOT, after he was killed on stage during a concert last year (2004)....

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The Things They Say 320

29th September 2005

"All of them. Oh yes. I don't pitch for that side." Flamboyant KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS reveals how many of the 4,600 people with whom he claims to have slept were female....

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Simmons: 'I'm Deluded'

27th September 2005

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS loves his appearance and the sound of his voice so much - he admits he must be delusional. The lothario can't wait for his new reality show GENE SIMMONS' ROCK...

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Simmons Making Second Reality Series 'For The Money'

26th September 2005

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS has committed to a second series of his reality show GENE SIMMONS' ROCK SCHOOL, because he'll "do anything for money". The flamboyant frontman attempts to turn pupils at English private...

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The Things They Say 164

8th September 2005

"If myself, MICK JAGGER, JIMI HENDRIX and MADONNA auditioned for AMERICAN IDOL, do you think we'd make it? We would fail." KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS insists it takes more than a good voice to become...

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Grohl Eyes Up A Collaboration With Herb Alpert

21st July 2005

DAVE GROHL was so pleased with the results of the acoustic half of the FOO FIGHTERS' recent IN YOUR HONOUR double album, he now plans to ditch the band's trademark hard rock in favour of...

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Mcmahon Wanted To Slit His Tongue

19th July 2005

NIP/TUCK star JULIAN McMAHON had such unconventional fashion taste when he was growing up, he once wanted to slit his tongue to resemble a lizard. The actor, who is the son of former Australian...

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Kiss Star's Rock Antics Leave Schoolchildren Unmoved

11th July 2005

KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS failed to inspire school children when he attempted to educate them in the wild ways of rock 'n' roll for upcoming British TV series ROCK SCHOOL. Young classical music students...

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Kiss Store Fails To Get Off The Ground

22nd June 2005

The members of rock band KISS have been forced to hold a closing down sale of their first official KISSWORLD retail store - even though it hasn't yet opened for business. While fans had...

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Jean Simmons Loves Kiss Postal Mix-ups

10th June 2005

Movie veteran JEAN SIMMONS is always amused when she gets KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS' fan mail by mistake - because his devotees are so extreme. The 76-year-old SPARTACUS star has always been flattered by...

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Destiny's Child Troops Show To Hit Cinemas

1st June 2005

DESTINY'S CHILD's recent concert for US Marines in San Diego, California is to be released as a movie to raise cash for returning soldiers. The trio joined rockers GODSMACK, TED NUGENT, HOOTIE + THE...

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Simmons Creates A New Generation Of Rockers

1st May 2005

KISS bassist GENE SIMMONS is teaching children how to rock in an upcoming British TV series - and network bosses are so thrilled with the concept they have already commissioned a second run. ROCK...

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