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Metallica Reduced To Tears By Lou Reed

26th August 2011

Metallica were reduced to tears by Lou Reed during the recording of 'Lulu'.The legendary New York musician teamed with the Californian heavy metal group for the collaborative album, and guitarist Kirk Hammett admitted he started...

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James Hetfield And Hammett In Tears Over Reed Song

24th August 2011

Metallica rockers James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett broke down in tears when they first heard an emotional track Lou Reed penned for their joint album.The Enter Sandman hitmakers teamed up with the former Velvet Underground...

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Metallica Unveil 30th Anniversary Shows

28th July 2011

Metallica will play four shows to celebrate their 30th anniversary.The 'Enter Sandman ' rockers are set to play a quartet of shows for fan club members only on December 5, 7, 9, and 10 at...

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Metallica Record Album With Lou Reed

16th June 2011

Metallica have recorded an album with Lou Reed. The unlikely pairing of the metal band and the avant-garde former Velvet Underground frontman has resulted in a ten track disc which Lou describes as "a marriage...

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Hammett Pays Tribute To Guitar Hero Moore

10th February 2011

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT has added his tribute to late THIN LIZZY star GARY MOORE by calling the editors of Rolling Stone magazine and cooing about his guitar hero.Hammett was on holiday at his home...

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Hammett Knocks Child Off Stage At Metallica Gig

17th November 2010

METALLICA's recent show in Sydney, Australia has been mired in controversy after guitarist KIRK HAMMETT accidentally knocked a child off the stage during a stunt.The rockers were performing in the city last Thursday (11Nov10) and...

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Hammett Facing Tour Bus Fear In Volcano Chaos

21st April 2010

METALLICA guitarist KIRK HAMMETT has been forced to face his fear of tour buses in the aftermath of Iceland's volcanic eruption - the band is back on the road 23 years after their bassist was...

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Hammett's Guitar On Auction Block For $35,000

7th January 2010

A decade-old guitar played by METALLICA rocker KIRK HAMMETT is on sale online for $35,000 (£21,875).Hammett used the ESP Flying V guitar live on stage prior to August 1998. Seller Neals Vintage Guitars is...

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Hammett Pulls In Profit On Mansion

11th December 2009

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT has pulled in a multi-million dollar profit on his Californian mansion, making a reported $6.43 million (£4 million) in the sale.The guitarist paid $2.56 million (£1.6 million) for the luxury home...

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The Things They Say 13986

3rd November 2009

"One of my favourite moments was when LOU REED turned around to the monitor guy and said, 'Hey, I need more Kirk Hammett in my monitor!' Lou Reed wants to hear more of me! That’s...

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Hammett 'Sad' To Hear About Missing Fan

30th October 2009

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT has become the first band member to publicly speak out about the hunt for missing fan MORGAN HARRINGTON.The band has offered a $50,000 (£31,250) reward for information that leads to her...

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Hammett: 'Big Four Tour Will Never Happen'

17th October 2009

METALLICA rocker KIRK HAMMETT has pulled the plug on plans for a world tour with metal rivals SLAYER, ANTHRAX and MEGADETH, insisting conflicting personalities would make it impossible.Slayer guitarist Kerry King revealed last month that...

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Metallica Cancel Stockholm Show After Singer's Illness

10th March 2009

Rock legends Metallica were forced to disappoint 16,000 fans and cancel a concert in Sweden after frontman James Hetfield fell ill.A band statement said the lead singer had contracted a stomach bug on Sunday and...

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Hammett Offers Heartfelt Thoughts About Burton In New Metallica Book

15th January 2009

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT has written the foreword for a new biography about the band's late bass player CLIFF BURTON. Joel MCIver's new tome, To Live Is To Die: The Life And Death Of Metallica's...

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The Things They Say 10795

15th January 2009

"JEFF BECK has been one of my heroes since I first picked up a guitar which is really exciting. It would be exciting to play guitar with him at some point." METALLICA guitarist KIRK HAMMETT...

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The Things They Say 9670

29th September 2008

"I don't go up there because LARS (ULRICH) spits a lot. It's an unconscious thing... and you'll catch some of it. I only go up on the riser during mellow songs like NOTHING ELSE MATTERS."...

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Hammett Lost First Porsche In A Wager

29th September 2008

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT lost the Porsche he treated himself to when he first became rich in a bet over record sales. The rocker admits he had no idea of fiscal responsibility when he first...

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Metallica Call On Bandmates Cousin To Keep Them Healthy

26th September 2008

Heavy rockers METALLICA tour with guitarist KIRK HAMMETT's chiropractor cousin, so the bandmates can make sure they are all in top shape for every show. Bass player Robert Trujillo admits he and the other members...

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Metallica Star Hammett Considered Solo Career

18th September 2008

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT almost quit the band to launch a solo career following the recording of their 2003 album ST ANGER. The guitarist admits he could not handle the tension which arose during the...

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Fascinating Fact 5674

24th July 2008

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT, SLAYER'S KERRY KING, SCOTT IAN and JERRY CANTRELL will lead an all-star tribute to slain PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN guitarist DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT at the Ozzfest festival in Dallas, Texas next month...

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Metallica Star Drops House Price

5th December 2007

METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT has dropped the price of his San Francisco, California estate to $10 million (GBP5 million) after failing to sell it. The Georgian mansion was put on the market for $12.5 million...

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Metallica Star Caught Neighbour Having Sex With His Dog

12th July 2007

METALLICA guitarist KIRK HAMMETT is still scarred by the childhood memory of his neighbour having sex with his dog. The rocker was just 11 when stumbled across his pet dog Tippy being penetrated by his...

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Metallica Star Hammett Celebrates Becoming A Dad

20th October 2006

METALLICA guitarist KIRK HAMMETT celebrated becoming a first-time dad earlier this month (OCT06) when his wife gave birth to a baby boy. The ENTER SANDMAN rocker's wife-of-eight-years LANI and their son ANGEL RAY KEALA HAMMETT...

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Metallica To Appear On The Simpsons

4th July 2006

Heavy rockers METALLICA will appear in an episode of the hit US TV show THE SIMPSONS in September (06). THE UNFORGIVEN hitmakers will be special guests in the first episode of the cartoon's 18th season,...

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Metallica Stars Voice Cartoon Rockers

14th June 2006

METALLICA stars JAMES HETFIELD and KIRK HAMMETT have formed a cartoon band for a new TV show. The rockers have voiced characters for upcoming Cartoon Network series METALOCALYPSE, which follows the exploits of a Norwegian...

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More Solos For Metallica

23rd December 2005

Rockers METALLICA have vowed to re-instate their legendary guitar solos on forthcoming albums - after fans voiced their disappointment with recent records. The ENTER SANDMAN hitmakers plan to begin work on their ninth album...

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Metallica Worried About Sober Hetfield

27th September 2004

METALLICA rockers LARS ULRICH and KIRK HAMMETT dreaded the moment frontman JAMES HETFIELD returned to the band after recovering from alcoholism - because they didn't want to record an album of "rehab songs". Drummer...

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Jordison Thrilled To Replace Ulrich

18th June 2004

SLIPKNOT drummer JOEY JORDISON was thrilled when he was asked to temporarily replace METALLICA's legendary sticks man LARS ULRICH who was too ill to perform. Ulrich became ill on the plane journey to the...

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Metallica's Pre-performance Tantrum

3rd June 2004

Heavy metal rockers METALLICA horrified Scottish concert organisers this week (ends4JUN04) - by throwing a tantrum over the stage layout just hours before their performance. The legendary trio, LARS ULRICH, JAMES HETFIELD and KIRK...

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Black Sabbath Iommi Is Top Guitarist

2nd February 2004

BLACK SABBATH star TONY IOMMI has eclipsed JEMI HENDRIX to the title of Greatest Metal Guitarist Of All Time. Music publication GUITAR WORLD named OZZY OSBOURNE's bandmate Iommi as the top guitarist ahead of...

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