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John Lithgow Verbally Abused For Bushy King Lear Beard

18th July 2014

Veteran actor John Lithgow was recently subjected to verbal abuse on the streets of New York after a fan took a disliking to the thick beard he is growing for his new stage role as...

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Frank Langella Hailed By Critics For King Lear

17th January 2014

Veteran actor Frank Langella has been hailed as "magnificent" by critics for his star turn in a revival of King Lear in New York City.The Frost/Nixon star portrays the doomed ruler in a new production...

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Fascinating Fact: 3729973

21st June 2013

Actor Frank Langella is set to play King Lear in an upcoming revival of the Shakespeare tragedy. The Frost/Nixon star will portray the titular doomed ruler at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theater in New...

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Jacobi To Return To King Lear Tour After Losing His Voice

28th February 2011

Veteran actor SIR DEREK JACOBI will resume his U.K. tour of KING LEAR in Belfast, Northern Ireland after he was forced to bow out of three sold-out performances in Wales over the weekend (25-27Feb11) due...

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New James Bond Given Release Date Confirmation

12th January 2011

James Bond is to return to movie screens next year.Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the suave British spy in the 23rd screen adventure in November 2012, after the film was finally given the...

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Jacobi's King Lear Hit By Blackout

4th January 2011

Veteran actor SIR DEREK JACOBI's performance in a London production of KING LEAR was cut short on Monday (03Jan11) when a power cut plunged the theatre into darkness.The sold-out Shakespeare play, starring Jacobi as the...

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Andrew Garfield's Spider-man Concerns

8th November 2010

Andrew Garfield is worried he will look like an "English fool" in the upcoming 'Spider-Man' movie.The 27-year-old actor - who has replaced Toby Maguire as the web-slinging hero in the upcoming fourth movie - is...

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Fascinating Fact 8829

11th February 2010

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO actor OMAR SHARIF is to star in a modern-day version of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's KING LEAR, set in Egypt.

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King Lear Cancelled

26th February 2009

A Hollywood adaptation of Shakespearean tragedy KING LEAR has been cancelled after reportedly falling victim to the current global economic crisis. The film was due to star Sir Anthony Hopkins in the title role alongside Gwyneth...

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Pacino Is Crowned King Lear

4th February 2009

Hollywood legend AL PACINO is joining forces with filmmaker MICHAEL RADFORD for their second shot at Shakespeare - the pair is planning a big screen adaptation of KING LEAR. The Oscar-winner will take on the film's...

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No Mckellen Nude Scene For Tv's King Lear

8th January 2009

SIR IAN MCKELLEN's full frontal nude scene in a stage production of KING LEAR has been cut from a U.S. TV version of the play. MCKellen stars in network PBS' adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare...

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Hopkins Confirmed As Lear

21st June 2008

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has been confirmed as the latest actor to play KING LEAR in a big screen adaptation of SHAKESPEARE's great tragedy. American newcomer Josh Michael Stern has assembled an all-star cast for the...

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Fascinating Fact 5337

20th May 2008

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is to team up with GYWNETH PALTROW to play the daughters of KING LEAR in a new movie adaptation of the Shakespearian play....

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The Things They Say 5927

22nd October 2007

"I accept that if I ever play KING LEAR, the headlines will read 'FRASIER DOES LEAR'. But it would be indecorous of me to think that's some sort of travail." KELSEY GRAMMER realises he'll always...

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The Things They Say 5849

15th October 2007

"There's a good argument for not doing it - it's distracting. How can an audience not look at genitalia on display when they have the license to do it in a darkened theatre." SIR IAN...

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King Lear Tickets Go For Big Bucks In Los Angeles

15th October 2007

LORD OF THE RINGS star SIR IAN MCKELLEN's theatrical turn as SHAKESPEARE's KING LEAR in a new production headed for Los Angeles has created a ticket furore. Seats for the beloved British thespian's six-performance stint...

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Mckellen Feared King Lear Would Turn Him Mad

19th September 2007

LORD OF THE RINGS star SIR IAN MCKELLEN fought against playing tragic SHAKESPEARE character KING LEAR onstage - because he feared the role would make him mad. The 68-year-old thespian has received rave reviews for...

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Stubbs Defends Husband

3rd June 2007

British actress IMOGEN STUBBS has leaped to the defence of her director husband SIR TREVOR NUNN after critics panned him for delaying a press night for his Royal Shakespeare Company production of KING LEAR. Nunn...

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Mckellen's Co-star Injured

4th April 2007

Critics will have to wait even longer to review SIR IAN MCKELLEN's performance in the theatre production of KING LEAR, after his co-star was injured. FRANCES BARBER, who plays the King's daughter GONERIL, damaged her...

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Mckellen Strips Onstage

26th March 2007

Veteran actor SIR IAN MCKELLEN shocked theatregoers when he stripped completely naked midway through a new production of KING LEAR. The 67-year-old was performing in a preview of the WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE play in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England...

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Kline Replaces Walken In Mother Courage Play

14th July 2006

CHRISTOPHER WALKEN has been forced to pull out of a theatrical reunion with his THE DEER HUNTER co-star MERYL STREEP due to conflicting schedules. The actor signed on to play THE COOK in The Public...

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Allen Angered Cox On Match Point Set

25th January 2006

Film-maker WOODY ALLEN upset BRIAN COX on the set of his recent movie MATCH POINT, by telling the veteran actor he wasn't projecting himself enough. Cox, 59, became even more annoyed when Allen failed...

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Hopkins To Quit After Shakespeare Role

13th January 2006

Welsh actor SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS plans to quit acting after starring in WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's tragedy KING LEAR. Hopkins has played the aging British king in the theatre and admits he wasn't completely happy with...

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Hopkins Slams British Theatre

5th December 2005

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has launched a scathing attack on British theatre's "pomposity and arrogance" - and he insists he will never return to the London stage. The Oscar-winning actor first came to prominence in...

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Beethoven Ninth Goes For A Song

22nd May 2003

The manuscript for LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN's NINTH SYMPHONY has been sold for $3.15 million (GBP2.1 million). Described as possibly the single most important musical work by the legendary composer, the document contains Beethoven's...

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