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The Things They Say 1845

13th April 2006

"Women ask me, 'How was it to kiss MICHAEL DOUGLAS?' It was phenomenal... but that's CATHERINE's (ZETA-JONES) department." KIM BASINGER enjoyed making out with Michael Douglas in new spy thriller THE SENTINEL.

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Douglas Takes Steps To Avoid Misquotes

11th April 2006

MICHAEL DOUGLAS has started recording his own interviews because he's sick of being misquoted in print. The BASIC INSTINCT star recently blasted GQ magazine after claiming he was misquoted poking fun at BRAD PITT and...

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Baldwin: 'Get A Pre-nup'

6th April 2006

Actor ALEC BALDWIN warns all couples to sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage to avoid drawn out legal battles. The PEARL HARBOR star, who is currently penning a book detailing his messy divorce from actress...

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Baldwin Educates Parents On Custody Cases

2nd March 2006

Actor ALEC BALDWIN is writing a book about child custody cases after enduring a heartbreaking custody battle for his daughter, IRELAND. The COOLER star has been battling ex-wife KIM BASINGER for joint custody during a...

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Bardot Petitions For Seals

16th February 2006

Silver screen icon BRIGITTE BARDOT has called on the Canadian Embassy to abolish the country's annual baby seal massacre. The actress, backed by a 200,000 signature strong petition and support from the likes of...

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Whedon Wants Baccarin As His Wonder Woman

11th January 2006

Brazilian actress MORENA BACCARIN has emerged as the new favourite to play WONDER WOMAN on the big screen. The action movie's writer/director JOSS WHEDON has let it slip that the actress is his new...

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Basinger's Mum Speaks Out About Custody Battle

29th December 2005

KIM BASINGER's mother has blasted her own daughter for wrecking relations between her ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN and the couple's daughter. Baldwin recently took Basinger to court in a bid to extend his custody terms...

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Baldwin Builds A Home In New Orleans

17th December 2005

Actor ALEC BALDWIN took a week out from his recent custody battle with ex-wife KIM BASINGER to learn how to build a house. The PEARL HARBOR star, who has now settled the ongoing legal...

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Bitter Baldwin Plans To Write A Book About His Custody Battles

17th December 2005

Actor ALEC BALDWIN is planning to tackle California's "dysfunctional" custody laws in a new book after settling his latest court spat with ex-wife KIM BASINGER. The movie star dragged Basinger through the courts in...

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Basinger/baldwin Court Battle Over

14th December 2005

LATEST: KIM BASINGER and ALEC BALDWIN's epic two year custody battle for their daughter has come to an apparent end after a hearing in a Los Angeles court. The screen stars have been locked...

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Baldwin Promotes His Own 'Gay' Movie

12th December 2005

Hollywood actor ALEC BALDWIN poked fun at HEATH LEDGER and JAKE GYLLENHAAL's new movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, by appearing in a skit promoting his own gay-themed movie. Ledger and Gyllenhaal have generated a lot of...

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Basinger 'Brainwashing' Daughter With Chocolate Bars

9th December 2005

LATEST: Actress KIM BASINGER is tempting her daughter away from her father by plying the youngster with chocolate, ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN has alleged in court. The screen star pair are locked in a vicious...

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Basinger New Face For Prada

1st December 2005

Academy award-winning actress KIM BASINGER has been enlisted by Italian fashion designer MUICCIA PRADA to model her new spring/summer (06) Mui Mui collection. Basinger, 51, who was a successful model before turning to acting,...

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Baldwin's Custody Battle Is Costing Him A Fortune

17th November 2005

LATEST: Actor ALEC BALDWIN has dropped another bombshell in his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife KIM BASINGER by claiming in new legal papers that he has spent over $1 million (GBP555,000) fighting the case....

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Basinger Blasts Baldwin

3rd November 2005

LATEST: Actress KIM BASINGER has broken her silence over the bitter custody battle between herself and ex-husband ALEC BALDWIN, insisting the actor's anger problems have led to her fighting against him spending more time with...

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Baldwin And Basinger Back In Court

1st November 2005

LATEST: Former couple ALEC BALDWIN and KIM BASINGER's bitter custody battle is back in court as the stars fight over their 10-year-old daughter, IRELAND. Basinger attended court in Los Angeles yesterday morning (31OCT05) with...

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Baldwin Questions Basinger's Mental Health

29th October 2005

LATEST: ALEC BALDWIN's custody battle with KIM BASINGER over their daughter IRELAND has taken another nasty turn, with the actor raising questions about his ex-wife's mental health. In new court papers obtained by entertainment...

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Baldwin: 'Custody Battle Is Like Cancer'

26th October 2005

ALEC BALDWIN is struggling to cope with his bitter custody battle with ex-wife KIM BASINGER and has described the ordeal as like a "cancer". The actor admits he is learning to deal with the...

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Angry Baldwin: 'Basinger's A Child Snatcher'

21st October 2005

Actor ALEC BALDWIN is accusing his ex-wife KIM BASINGER of "child snatching" in the latest round of their bitter custody dispute over daughter IRELAND. The court battle boiled over last month (SEP05) when PEARL...

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Dushku Adds Her Name To Wonder Woman List

3rd October 2005

LATEST: Sexy ELIZA DUSHKU has come from nowhere to lead the race for the new WONDER WOMAN movie. After months of speculation, the actress has declared she wants the superheroine role - and experts...

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Baldwin And Basinger Fight Over Custody Again

28th September 2005

ALEC BALDWIN's messy custody battle with former wife KIM BASINGER is about to get nastier after the actor called the police on the actress for not handing over their daughter. Baldwin, who filed legal...

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Linney Accepts On-set Diva Demands

1st September 2005

Movie star LAURA LINNEY has learned to forgive her peers their apparently crazy on-set demands because she has learned there's always method among the madness. The LOVE ACTUALLY star accepts there are actors and...

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Longoria Keeps Career Focus On Housewives

22nd May 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA may be focusing on hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but she is keen to branch out into film full-time when her schedule becomes less hectic. The 30-year-old Latina is...

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Superstitious Stone Snubs Horror Role

15th May 2005

Screen siren SHARON STONE has shunned a lead role in an upcoming thriller - because she would have had to portray a woman haunted by the death of her adoptive son. The sexy 47-year-old,...

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Longoria Looks Forward To Wearing Clothes Onscreen

14th April 2005

Actress EVA LONGORIA is elated to have landed a role opposite MICHAEL DOUGLAS and KIM BASINGER in upcoming movie THE SENTINEL - because she'll get to appear onscreen fully dressed. Longoria is set to...

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Whedon's Wonder Woman Plans

17th March 2005

Director JOSS WHEDON jumped at the chance to make the new WONDER WOMAN movie, because he's convinced no-one has done the Amazonian Princess justice yet. A leading lady has yet to sign to slip...

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Baldwin And Basinger Messed Up Banderas Proposal

12th March 2005

Former couple ALEC BALDWIN and KIM BASINGER messed up ANTONIO BANDERAS' romantic proposal to MELANIE GRIFFITH by interrupting their moonlit beach stroll. The Spanish star had planned the proposal perfectly, but hadn't counted on...

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Silver Wants Basinger For Wonder Woman

22nd February 2005

Movie producer JOEL SILVER is pursuing KIM BASINGER for the heroic title role in his film remake of classic comic book WONDER WOMAN. After months of negotiations WARNER BROS have finally given DIE HARD...

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Dennis Rodman Naked In Fashion Week Blitz

6th February 2005

Basketball star-turned-actor DENNIS RODMAN is set to shock at next week's (07FEB05) New York Fashion Week, by revealing all. The tattooed wildman will front a new PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS anti-fur...

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Baldwin Rejects Stunning Nanny

15th December 2004

Hollywood actor ALEC BALDWIN once refused the services of qualified nanny - because she was too attractive. Baldwin and then-wife KIM BASINGER were seeking out a young woman to take care of their daughter...

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