The killer of Charice Pempengco's father has handed himself into authorities three days after committing the murder. Angel Capili Jr had stabbed Mr Pempengco in the back and the chest after the construction worker had brushed into him at a convenience store.
The Associated Press reports that Capili turned himself in to the chief in his home village south of Philippines capital Manila, admitting his crime and saying to reporters, "I had really planned to surrender because what I did was wrong," he told reporters. "I am seeking forgiveness from the family left behind by Mr. Pempengco. ... I am prepared to suffer whatever is the judgment." The news however came as scant consolation to the grieving Glee star Charice - who'd cancelled a performance in Singapore to return to her family - she commented, "He should not defend himself. He cannot bring back my dad," whilst before Capili's surrender she'd said on radio, "whoever did this must be brought to justice. Justice must be served, not just for my father but for everyone concerned."
Pempengco had been estranged from her father, recounting an incident when she was just three years old in which he'd held a gun to her mother's head. However as news of his death broke, the actress and singer took to Twitter to declare "I loved him and I still love him . he is still my father after all".