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Stuntwoman Documentary Shows A Desperate Tarantino

19th April 2005

Fans of QUENTIN TARANTINO's KILL BILL movies can get a rare glimpse of the director's painstaking search for a stuntwoman to double up for UMA THURMAN - in a new documentary about Australian danger-girl ZOE...

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Thurman: 'My Childhood Was Normal'

13th April 2005

UMA THURMAN slams the assumption she enjoying a hippie-influenced upbringing simply because her parents are practicing Buddhists. The KILL BILL beauty insists her childhood years were perfectly normal because her parents - ROBERT, a...

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Tarantino Splits With Film Partner

31st March 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has split with his producing partner LAWRENCE BENDER after a 10-year working relationship. The movie duo first alerted gossips of their separation at the Hollywood premiere of SIN CITY -...

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Ling's Lost Kill Bill Role

28th March 2005

Movie beauty BAI LING was forced to miss out on a role in QUENTIN TARANTINO's KILL BILL films, after she was banned from acting in her native China. The actress horrified her fellow countrypeople...

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Thurman Gives Up On Her Looks

25th March 2005

KILL BILL actress UMA THURMAN is so at ease with her herself she has stopped worrying about other people judging her appearance. The 35-year-old beauty, who is a favourite of maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO,...

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Tarantino To Cut Up Bastards?

23rd March 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO is so happy with the success of his KILL BILLs he's planning to make his next movie in two parts, according to his favourite actor MICHAEL MADSEN. Madsen, who appeared in RESERVOIR...

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Thurman Learns From Her Mistakes

23rd March 2005

UMA THURMAN loves to watch her poorly received performances, because she can only improve herself as an actress by learning from her mistakes. Thurman remains upbeat about playing POISON IVY in much-maligned 1997 movie...

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Tarantino Picks Supermodel For New Film?

21st March 2005

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has reportedly found his next martial arts movie muse in the shape of former supermodel LI XIN. According to website MOVIEHOLE.NET, the KILL BILL film-maker is keen to cast Li...

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Tarantino Snubs Bond After Brosnan Exit

16th March 2005

Maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO abandoned plans to direct the next JAMES BOND film after PIERCE BROSNAN was fired by studio heads. The KILL BILL director was devastated when he learned Brosnan's stint as 007...

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Thurman Dreams Of A Country Life

16th March 2005

Hollywood beauty UMA THURMAN dreams about leaving her hectic New York City life behind to take up gardening in the countryside. The KILL BILL actress shares custody of children MAYA, six, and three-year-old ROAN...

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Tarantino Dismisses Links To Friday The 13th Sequel

15th March 2005

Maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has rubbished reports he intends to direct a new entry in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. But the KILL BILL creator has confirmed studio NEW LINE approached him with the...

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Schiffer Turns Down Tarantino

15th March 2005

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER has turned down the opportunity to work with maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO - so she can star in a movie made by her director husband instead. Schiffer bumped into KILL BILL...

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Liu Turns Art Collector

11th March 2005

Hollywood actress LUCY LIU was so taken by a unique piece of modern artwork she saw hanging on a friend's wall, she bought it along with three other works by British artist ANNE MORRIS....

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Tarantino Considers Friday The 13th Movie

9th March 2005

Cult movie icon QUENTIN TARANTINO is in negotiations to revive the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise after showing interest in directing THE ULTIMATE JASON VORHEES MOVIE. The KILL BILL movie maker has been asked by...

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Tarantino On Board For Csi

24th February 2005

LATEST: Movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO has confirmed he's lending his maverick talents to the US TV industry - he's signed up to direct the series finale of hit CBS show CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION. Tarantino...

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Thurman's Relief At Blood-free Producers

16th February 2005

KILL BILL actress UMA THURMAN is looking forward to filming forthcoming remake THE PRODUCERS - because there's no blood in it. Thurman starred as THE BRIDE in QUENTIN TARANTINO's violent revenge saga and is...

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Life's A Great Song + Dance For Uma

15th February 2005

UMA THURMAN has discovered she's a natural Broadway star while training for her role in THE PRODUCERS remake, because she can sing and dance with the best of them. The actress, who has replaced...

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Hannah Sued By Public Relations Firm

7th February 2005

DARYL HANNAH is locked in a money war with a group of Hollywood bigwigs, who claim the actress owes them cash after they helped revive her career. Statuesque beauty Hannah 1980s glory with such...

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Day-lewis Is The Ultimate Film Man In New Poll

4th February 2005

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has been honoured as the Best Man in top health magazine MEN'S HEALTH first Movie Awards for portraying manhood at its best in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. The GANGS OF NEW...

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Kusturica To Chair Cannes Film Festival

24th January 2005

Bosnian director EMIR KUSTURICA has been selected to chair the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL jury this year (05). The 50-year-old film-maker has won the French event's prestigious Palme D'Or prize twice previously - once in...

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Harry Potter Movie Blunders

2nd January 2005

Movie HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN contains four times more mistakes than any other films released in 2004, according to website MOVIEMISTAKES.COM. Fans spotted 232 continuity errors, actor mistakes and even cameras...

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Liu Makes Rare Return To Tv

30th November 2004

Actress LUCY LIU is set to make a rare TV show appearance - in MATT LeBLANC's new sitcom JOEY. The KILL BILL beauty, who left ALLY McBEAL two years ago, has signed to guest...

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Brosnan Turns Down Bond Spoof

17th November 2004

Former JAMES BOND hunk PIERCE BROSNAN has turned down the chance to reprise his role as the superspy in a QUENTIN TARANTINO 007 spoof. The KILL BILL director reportedly wanted the Irish actor to...

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Tarantino Turned Down By UK Star

1st November 2004

British actor PETER BOWLES inadvertently snubbed QUENTIN TARANTINO recently, when the KILL BILL director recognised him in a Nottingham, England, bar. Bowles, 68, who is a well-known TV star in the UK but has...

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Gellar Wants To Kill Bill

29th October 2004

Horror film queen SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR wished she had the chance to star in QUENTIN TARANTINO's hit KILL BILL films. The former BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER actress was amazed by 2003's KILL BILL: VOL...

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Beckham To Fight Knowles And Lopez

28th October 2004

Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM will violently attack sexy singers BEYONCE KNOWLES and JENNIFER LOPEZ in a new advert for soft drink giant PEPSI. The England captain signed a $18 million (GBP10 million) deal with...

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Bush Voted Year's Top Film Villain

27th October 2004

American President GEORGE W BUSH has topped an unlikely poll in Britain - as this year's (04) top screen villain. Bush won the dubious accolade for his unauthorised appearance in MICHAEL MOORE's anti-Bush documentary...

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Thurman The New Face Of Louis Vuitton

20th October 2004

KILL BILL beauty UMA THURMAN has signed up to replace SCARLETT JOHANSSON as the new face of luxury brand LOUIS VUITTON. The statuesque actress, who was a model as a teen, will appear in...

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Cusack Wins Top Hitman Poll

30th September 2004

JOHN CUSACK has been crowned cinema's greatest hitman for his role in dark comedy GROSSE POINTE BLANK. The American actor, 38, who wrote the screenplay for the 1997 movie where he plays assassin MARTIN...

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Hannah: Eco-friendly Lifestyle Is Easy To Follow

23rd September 2004

Hollywood actress DARYL HANNAH insists millions of people could follow her example of driving a car fuelled by vegetable oil - they just need a diesel engine. The KILL BILL beauty, based primarily in...

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