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Adam Deacon Gets Stopped By Police Because Of Fashion

20th August 2012

Adam Deacon gets stopped by police regularly.The 'Kidulthood' actor - who is from Hackney, north east London - says that, despite being famous, he still gets pulled over because he wears a hoodie and a...

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Adam Deacon Shocked By Award

17th June 2012

Adam Deacon ''never thought'' he'd win a BAFTA Award.The 'Payback Season' actor was stunned when he scooped the BAFTA Rising Star accolade earlier this year and though he has always been confident with his work,...

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Adam Deacon Sets His Sights On Hollywood

15th June 2012

Adam Deacon has set his sights on Hollywood. The BAFTA Rising Star winner 2012, who first found fame in Noel Clarke's Box office smash 'Kidulthood', believes that recognition from the British academy has paved the...

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Adam Deacon 'Too Street'

21st February 2012

Adam Deacon was told he was ''too street'' by casting directors who couldn't understand his accent.The actor - who was brought up in Hackney, north east London - found he came up ''against a wall''...

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Jaime Winstone Embarrassed By Dad's Love Scenes

29th January 2012

Jaime Winstone hates watching her father kiss other women on screen. Although Ray Winstone's wife Elaine isn't bothered by his movie love scenes, including making out with Angelina Jolie for the 2007 movie 'Beowulf', his...

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Adam Deacon Wants To Work With Michael Caine

13th January 2012

Adam Deacon "looks up" to Sir Michael Caine and Ray Winstone. The 28-year-old actor - best known for his roles in gritty urban movies 'Kidulthood' and 'Adulthood' - takes inspiration for his career from fellow...

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Mena Suvari Praises Noel Clarke

28th August 2011

Mena Suvari would "love" to work with director Noel Clarke again.The American actress came over to the UK to work on forthcoming movie 'The Knot' - which British star Noel directs and stars in -...

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Winstone's Daughter Struggles With Fame

1st February 2007

RAY WINSTONE's aspiring actress daughter JAIME WINSTONE is struggling with her new found fame, and wishes she received more media advice from her famous father. Despite being the daughter of Hollywood hard man Winstone, Jaime...

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Winstone Lets Daughter Find Own Path

10th September 2006

British actor RAY WINSTONE allows his daughter JAMIE to take on controversial roles, because she is only following in his footsteps. The SEXY BEAST star struggled to watch his 20-year-old daughter's role in violent British...

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Doctor Who's Sidekick Will Return

9th July 2006

BILLIE PIPER's character ROSE TYLER is set to return to the BBC cult classic DOCTOR WHO at Christmas (DEC06), despite making a dramatic exit at the end of the British show's second series last night...

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Fascinating Fact 1275

26th March 2006

Rap star EMINEM is planning to team up with former N*E*R*D star PHARRELL WILLIAMS for the US soundtrack to British movie KIDULTHOOD.

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The Things They Say 1484

3rd March 2006

"I came up on the train with my mum and my aunt and then we got on the tube (London underground railway). We were running really late, so my mum did my hair and make-up...

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Kidulthood Stars Defend Film

2nd March 2006

The young stars of controversial new movie KIDULTHOOD leaped to the film's defence after its Wednesday night (01MAR06) London premiere, insisting it addresses real life issues. British hardman RAY WINSTONE's daughter JAMIE, who stars in...

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