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Kid Rock's Beer Sales Soaring

29th January 2015

Kid Rock's beer brand is going from strength to strength and he is now selling millions of bottles a year.The All Summer Long hitmaker launched his Badass Beer through the Michigan Brewing Company in 2009...

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Kid Rock Clashed With Elton John Over Camp Banter

28th January 2015

Right-wing rocker Kid Rock clashed with Sir Elton John at a party after the veteran pop star repeatedly called him "sweetheart" and "gorgeous".The All Summer Long hitmaker was invited to an event at the Rocket...

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The Things They Say: 4555051

27th January 2015

"What do I think of him? F**kin' great actor. Sometimes it's fun hobnobbing with these big names because it makes you think you're powerful. I'm sure Jay Z thinks he's King S**t because he's buddies...

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Kid Rock Fired Up About Moore And Rogen's American Sniper Remarks

23rd January 2015

Kid Rock has fired back at moviemakers Seth Rogen and Michael Moore for remarks they made earlier this week (beg19Jan15) about Clint Eastwood's new film American Sniper, insisting they both deserve a "fist to the...

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Kid Rock Kills Mountain Lion And Poses With Corpse

21st January 2015

Kid Rock has angered animal rights groups after posing with the corpse of a mountain lion he had killed. The 'All Summer Long' singer - whose real name is Robert James Ritchie - was pictured...

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Kid Rock Blasted By Peta For Posing With Dead Cougar

20th January 2015

Kid Rock has been criticised by bosses at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) for posing for a photograph with a dead cougar.The picture, which shows the All Summer Long hitmaker holding up...

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Kid Rock Criticised By Gay Rights Campaigners

6th January 2015

Kid Rock has been criticised by campaigners for using the word gay as a "derogatory term".The musician risked sending shockwaves through the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (Lgbt) community when he called rap-rock, the genre...

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The Things They Say: 4521427

5th January 2015

"I'm 43 and about to become a grandfather, but it keeps my redneck street cred up. I could be a great-great-great-grandfather by the time I'm 80. I am excited, but also nervous for my son."...

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Kid Rock: Legalise Drugs

5th January 2015

Kid Rock thinks all drugs should be legalised.The 43-year-old rapper admits smoking marijuana makes him ''dumb'' but he believes it makes sense for substances such as cocaine and heroin to be decriminalised so governments can...

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Kid Rock: 'Legalise Heroin'

5th January 2015

Kid Rock wants officials in the U.S. to legalise heroin and cocaine because the war on drugs has failed.The All Summer Long hitmaker is adamant the prohibition of narcotics does not work because drugs are...

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The Things They Say: 4521175

5th January 2015

"I'm not just wealthy, I'm loaded. I can say that because I'm not embarrassed - I've made a f**k-ton of money, but I've never made a dishonest dollar. I try to do right by the...

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The Things They Say: 4521070

5th January 2015

"I don't FaceTweet or whatever people do. I understand that I'm the old guy now. I turn on my computer and look at porn a little bit, see what's going on in the news, but...

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Kid Rock Explains Why He Doesn’T “Facetweet,” And Talks Being A Young “Old Guy”

By Nick Hill | 5th January 2015

As the release date for his upcoming tenth studio album 'First Kiss' approaches (February 24th), Kid Rock seems to be more than happy to share his opinions on a number of issues regardless of who...

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Kid Rock Boasts Of Being 'Loaded'

3rd January 2015

Kid Rock is ''loaded''.The 43-year-old star has earned a fortune through the course of his career, but insists he isn't embarrassed about his wealth because he has amassed his earnings in an honest way.He said:...

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Kid Rock To Receive Patriot Award For Military Support

12th December 2014

Kid Rock is set to be feted for his support of the U.S. military both in America and abroad.The All Summer Long hitmaker, who has been a long-time supporter of the military and has performed...

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Kid Rock Attends Fan's Birthday Party

30th October 2014

Kid Rock thrilled a fan with Down syndrome by surprising him at his 30th birthday party.The All Summer Long hitmaker turned up announced at a special dinner thrown by Dan MCGurk in Clarkston, Michigan on...

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'Motown The Musical' Tours The Us - But What Else Do We Love About Detroit Music?

By Holly Williams | 21st August 2014

If anywhere has a legendary music scene in North America, it's Detroit, Michigan. With a culture so rich in genre from Motown to rock, it's no wonder people write songs about it - even if...

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Kid Rock To Be A Grandfather

18th August 2014

Kid Rock is to be a grandfather for the first time.The 'All Summer Long' hitmaker's son Bobby Ritchie Jr. - who he has with ex-girlfriend Kelley South Russell - is expecting a baby with his...

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Kid Rock Distances Himself From Insane Clown Posse Lawsuit

5th August 2014

Kid Rock has moved to distance himself from a messy legal battle involving hip-hop stars Insane Clown Posse by publishing the expletive-laden letters he sent to the attorneys involved.The rocker has been dragged into a...

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Kid Rock Ordered To Testify In Suit Against Insane Clown Posse

23rd July 2014

Country rocker Kid Rock has been subpoenaed to testify against hip-hop stars Insane Clown Posse and their label employees in an ongoing lawsuit filed against the duo by a former publicist.Andrea Pellegrini, who also served...

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Pamela Anderson To Reconcile With Rick Salomon

11th July 2014

Pamela Anderson isn't ruling out a reconciliation with Rick Salomon.The 'Baywatch' star - who filed for divorce from the 46-year-old earlier this week - is reportedly prepared to give Rick another chance if he curbs...

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Pamela Anderson Pens Poem About Break-up

9th July 2014

Pamela Anderson has written a poem about her heartbreak.The 'Baywatch' favourite posted a cryptic stream of consciousness piece on her Facebook page after news broke that she was divorcing Rick Salomon for the second time,...

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Pamela Anderson Files For Divorce From Ricky Salomon (Again)

By Elinor Cosgrave | 9th July 2014

Pamela Anderson is divorcing her fourth husband Ricky Salomon after six months of marriage.Pamela Anderson and Ricky Salomon in Cannes in May.Read More: Pamela Anderson and Paul McCartney Win Elephant Campaign.The couple married on January...

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Pamela Anderson Files For Divorce From Rick Salomon

8th July 2014

Pamela Anderson has allegedly filed for divorce from Rick Salomon. The 'Baywatch' star, 47, has reportedly decided to legally terminate her six-month marriage with the film producer for the second time, according to The...

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Robin Thicke's New Album Titled 'Paula': Ten More Cringe-worthy Album Titles

By George Percival | 13th June 2014

In perhaps the most audacious and downright ridiculous move the music business has witnessed in the last few years, singer Robin Thicke has announced his new album will carry the title of Paula, which by...

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Morrissey And Pamela Anderson In New Video

2nd June 2014

Morrissey appears with Pamela Anderson in a spoken word video for his latest song 'Earth Is The Loneliest Planet'. The singer, who will release his new album 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' on...

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Ellie Goulding, Goo Goo Dolls And Pretty Lights Are Among The Acts To Look Forward To At Florida's Sunfest 2014

By Holly Williams | 30th April 2014

SunFest is back in Florida once again with another impressively diverse line-up and non-stop activity for five days. This year, the bill is headlined by Kid Rock, Ellie Goulding and Robin Thicke.Probably the best sun-soaked...

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Celine Dion Wants Fun-loving Family To Buy House

27th December 2013

Celine Dion wants a young family to buy her Florida home.The 45-year-old singer recently listed her mansion - which comes complete with its own water park and lazy river - for $72.5 million because she...

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Nashville Pays Its Respects To The Late George Jones With Star-studded Concert

By Victoria Pavlova | 23rd November 2013

The late, great George Jones was honored this Friday at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena Friday. The night was originally intended to celebrate the country icon’s retirement, but after his death last April, it was held as...

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More Than 100 Artists Honour George Jones At Tribute Show

23rd November 2013

More than 100 artists including Garth Brooks, Dierks Bentley, Kid Rock, Megadeth and Brad Paisley took to the stage in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday night (22Nov13) to honour late country legend George Jones.The date at...

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