Khloe Kardashian started screaming when she found out she landed the 'x factor' hosting job.

The reality TV star will co-present the live finals with Mario Lopez and she and her sisters couldn't contain their excitement when she discovered she had gotten the role.

She told E! News: ''I was with Kourtney and Kim, we were in Miami, I was screaming in the car everyone was screaming it was kind of chaos''

Even Khloe's nephew Mason got excited, although he had no idea why.

She added: ''Mason was there, he had no idea what was happening. He was screaming, and he was just imitating anything we were doing. It was really funny.''

Khloe's husband Lamar Odom also made sure he helped his wife celebrate when she got back to their Los Angeles home.

She said: ''Lamar had champagne waiting for me, and we just celebrated him and I.''

It was recently revealed that Khloe has turned to 'American Idol' presenter Ryan Seacrest- who produces her family's reality TV shows - for advice on her new job.

A source said: ''Khloe has been leaning on Ryan for hosting tips. Ryan has been advising her to not speak too fast while on camera because when people get nervous they tend to speed up their speech. He is also reminding Khloe not to take things too seriously and to always have fun.''